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Wolf of the South (The Stairs of Eternity Book 1)
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Fantasy > WOLF OF THE SOUTH, just released fantasy romance by Isa Day

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Isa Day | 2 comments Hi everybody!

My name is Isa Day. I am a fantasy, fantasy romance, and historical (regency) romance author.

If you like heart-warming, yet suspenseful books, you might be interested in my May 1, 2018 fantasy romance release WOLF OF THE SOUTH. (I add the cover text further below.)

I am only starting to build my author presence on Goodreads and would love to make friends. (This also is my very first post in this group, and I hope I am doing everything correctly.)

If you have questions regarding my books, I will be happy to answer them.

Love, Isa


WOLF OF THE SOUTH (book description)

Assassin, dare the Stairs of Eternity for a second chance, but beware! Should you fail to prove your worth, your soul will be obliterated as if you had never lived.

Emilio, the Wolf of the South, is feared as the continent's most dangerous assassin until he finds himself set up, incarcerated, and offered an unexpected choice—to be beheaded or to go down the Stairs of Eternity into the past and build himself a new life.

Leaving behind everything he has ever known, he dares the stairs and wakes up in an ancient kingdom—a hostile, icy cold place terrorized by an evil sorcerer and populated by tall, fearsome warriors who write him off as a weakling. Morayn, the land's temperamental queen, loathes him at first sight and makes his new life hell.

Emilio reluctantly joins Morayn and her people in their desperate struggle, trying to find the truth beneath layers of treachery and unraveling secrets from the dawn of time. Soon, he realizes that the stairs are offering him everything he has ever dreamed of. But will his intelligence and professional skills be enough to save the kingdom, his new family, and the woman he loves?

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