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Book: Guilt Trip
Number of copies available: 10 Mobi, PDF, or Epub
Genre: YA Paranormal Thriller

The voice on the wind.
The presence in her dreams.
The feelings she can’t control.

Sixteen-year-old Melissa has been diagnosed with Survivor Syndrome, the guilt of having escaped from a car crash in which her mother died.

However, when on holiday in the rugged moorlands of the English countryside, she begins to see and hear things she can’t explain. And so she must ask herself: are these also symptoms of her illness? Or are they signs that her mother is reaching out to her from beyond the grave?

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Before anyone requests any more books, please be sure to check out our new R2R rules.

Samantha Clysdale I would like to read and review your book.

epub please

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Erin Lynn | 2727 comments Mod
Samantha wrote: "Here is my review"

Thanks, Samantha! :)

I'd go in and mark your request as complete, but I can't because Robin posted this one.

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