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White Monkey Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy
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Isabella Ides | 5 comments White Monkey Chronicles tells of a rogue order of nuns, tucked away in California's Humboldt County, who are raising an undocumented deity on the down-low. The abandoned infant has spectacular origin issues. The offspring of the famous bachelor Jew of the Bible and an A-list Hindu, the biracial, bicultural deity is unwelcome in a world that only wants one God and one religion. Expect a plague of prayer eaters, ecclesiastical terrorists, a hotbed of heresies, a feminist insurgency, and plenty of monkeyshines in this transcendent tale of redemption and karmic justice.

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Mark Kloss (markkloss) | 63 comments Aw I was going to enter but it seems to be US only. Good luck though.

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Isabella Ides | 5 comments We'd love to get a copy of the book to you! In what country do you reside?

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Jamie Stewart | 69 comments Hi, folks. I'm selling my newly published short story, Insular, for cheap prices worldwide. If anyone's interested in a good read that topped the UK Amazon Best Seller's List in less than a week, grab a copy. The book blurb can be found people.

‘Remember now, the others and I were working people, working to get by, month to month. They keep their heads down and push through, and when they can, they dream.
Their dreams are an escape. That wasn't possible with Julian stalking the aisles, his ever-grey pallor, his wasted figure serving as a reality check. That's what was scary.
When there were no dreams anymore.’

Julian Kensi is about to start his first day in retail.

What he doesn’t know is that to his supervisor, Peter Smith, he is just another pawn to be used in his rise to the top. That is until Julian begins to act strangely.

As Peter attempts to learn more, his ruthless methods cause events to take a macabre turn beyond control.

Insular a short story about one man’s life-long fear and regret. It’s a story about obsession, the power of a person’s imagination, and the terrible consequences once this imagination has been unleashed. It is perfect for fans of Stephen King, Dean Kootnz, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Joe Hill, H.P Lovecraft and Shirley Jackson.

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