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message 1: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments ((Pretend)) Time: 7 to 10 P.M. ((May 5th to May 31st))

Entry Fee: $20

Food: Steak, potatoes, and carrots are available for dinner. A chocolate fountain pours with strawberries and marshmallows for dipping. Chocolate truffles and cupcakes are in a tiered display. Sparkling lemonade, sweet tea, water, and sodas are available to drink.

Decoration: Cardboard human-sized Oscars stand on either side of a red arch with a sign reading "Prom 2018" at the entrance to the dance. Gold and silver balloons with numbers are attached to the back of each chair; tickets will read your seating assignment. The tables are draped in gold and silver, and dark red cloth covers the walls and ceiling to set the mood. "Paparazzi" are present to take photos.

((Please remember to put the name of the character you are roleplaying with in parenthesis. Not the one you're controlling, the one the person you're roleplaying with is controlling. This helps prevent confusion.))

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(( Anyone.))

Gwen sat down in a seat, not bothering to even look and see if it was hers. Her feet were already in pain from wearing stilettos and the dance had barely even started. Gwen didn't even know why she decided to show up. She hated school dances. They were just full of people trying to impress other people by wearing fancy clothes while girls shoved pounds of makeup on their faces and guys wore cologne that made them more "manly." More like more self conscious. Gwen knew that all of these lies were simply their to cover up the truth. She knew though that she couldn't make fun of all of the idiots around her to much though because tonight she was one of them and that thought was even more painful than her shoes.

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(( Gwen))

Noah walked into the dance, taking the time to pose for the paparazzi as he walked by them. Every pose was complemented with his dashing smile and his charisma. He hadn't been to a school event in a while but he knew that he couldn't miss prom. He even opened a bottle of cologne and put just enough on where the great scent of the outdoors trailed behind him.

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(( Noah))

Gwen decided that she might as well stay since she'd already paid the entrance free. She looked up and noticed a boy hogging all of the people pretending to be paparazzi. She knew though that he had to be hiding something for she could smell the scent of desperation from a mile away.

She pulled her phone out of her small black clutch knowing that her feet wouldn't allow her to stand for even a second. She turned on her phone and began to check her text messages. Just as expected their weren't any new ones that weren't from people on her automatic ignore list.

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(( Gwen.))

"That's enough pictures." Noah said while stopped the paparazzi. Frowns appeared on their faces as the slowly backed away from him. "Don't worry. I'll be back for more pictures later." Their frowns turned back into smiles as they quickly walked back towards the entrance of the dance.

Noah began to look around at who else was at the dance. He recognized a lot of the people as being his friends and he waved to them. Before they had a chance to call him over though his eyes landing on a beautiful girl with luscious black hair and a striking red dress. She was sitting at one of the tables on her phone. Noah couldn't believe that a girl all dolled up like her was sitting alone at a table on her phone. Noah knew that he had to change that. He walked over to the girl and said, "Hi!"

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Gwen was just about to check her Instagram when her time alone was interrupted. She looked up to see a boy. Not just any boy though. The same boy that hogged the paparazzi and reeked the vile scent of desire for attention.

"What do you want?" Gwen asked. She wasn't in the mood to try and spare anyone's feelings. She wanted time alone and that was that.

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(( Gwen.))

Noah was a bit shocked by the girl's response. He wasn't expecting her to be annoyed. If anything he was expecting her to be the exact opposite of annoyed. Noah decided though that he wouldn't give up. He hated the idea of someone spending prom sitting on their phone, especially when they took the time to look as stunning as she did. "I couldn't possibly watch someone sitting and on their phone during prom."

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(( Noah.))

"So you're admitting that you're a really bad stalker?" Gwen asked, cunningly. She looked up at the boy in front of her and rested both of her arms on her leg that was crossed over the other. It was obvious that this boy wasn't going to disappear as easily as she hoped.

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"No but I will admit that I'm really good at getting people off of their phones." Noah replied before flashing his dashing smile. Noah stomach started to grumble but before he could even think about food an idea popped into his head that he knew would get the girl out of her chair. "How about we grab a bite to eat?"

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(( Noah.))

Gwen immediately looked down at her phone when the boy mentioned it and realized that what they boy stated was true. He may have won a small victory but she knew that she would win the war. Part of her almost admired him for that but all feelings of admiration immediately disappeared when Noah smiled. It wasn't one of those natural smiles that you get from saying cheese but instead it looked like something carved straight out of a movie filled with cookie cutter characters right before all of the girls both literally and metaphorically fall for the "handsome" male lead.

Gwen couldn't believe what she was hearing. Despite being a bit hungry she'd rather eat her shoe then eat with this boy. "How about no." Gwen replied before getting out of the chair and walking away. Each step felt like a thousand knives stabbing her already wounded feet.

message 11: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Anyone))

Woodrow walked in through the fake paparazzi and smiled for them, but didn't stop. He does not enjoy having his picture taken. In his all-black attire, he walked over to the food and started to pick out some items to munch on while he listens to the music.

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(( Gwen.))

Noah watched as the girl got up and walked past her, refusing his offer. At least he got her off of her phone and out of her seat but the situation he watched her leave in wasn't any better. He wanted her to remember her prom experience as something wonderful instead of something dreadful. He knew that he wouldn't give up until he helped her achieve a perfect prom memory. He knew that giving her that would make his prom experience even better.

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(( Noah))
(( Hi Marissa! Woodrow can join the roleplay with Noah and Gwen if you want as long as Abbigail's alright with that.))

Gwen knew that she would have to sit down again soon or take her shoes off. She knew though that taking her shoes off sadly wasn't an option so she continued her hunt to find another chair where she could be in peace. She noticed another chair not to far from the snack table. She decided that she'd sit there for a few minutes before getting a snack from the table.

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(( Gwen))
(( I'm alright with Woodrow joining the roleplay.))

Noah was about to follow the girl when a large group of people blocked his path. He recognized most of them but in the process of saying hi to those he knew he lost the girl. After finally managing to clear a path for himself in the group of people he knew that the hardest task had only just begun. The only thing he knew about the girl was that she was wearing a striking red dress but he didn't think that that would help him very much in his quest to find her. It also didn't help that his stomach was grumbling. He finally decided that he would get a bite to each and then he would find the girl.

message 15: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen, Noah))

Woodrow noticed a girl sit down in one of the chairs next to the buffet, but didn't recognize her... Wait a minute. He looked back at the girl in the red dress and realized it was Gwen. "Hey, Gwen!", he greeted with a friendly smile. "Would you like something to drink?" Woodrow had been raised to treat females with respect and he liked to show it in the oddest ways, but at least he tried.

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(( Gwen and Noah))

Gwen couldn't believe her night. First some random guy came up to her and now when she finally thought he might couldn't get any worse Woodrow shows up. What next?! His little sister shows up to?! She hid her feelings behind a fake smile as she waved to Woodrow. "I actually would like a drink. Do you know what the options are?"

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(( Gwen and Woodrow. Also Maya I think you meant to say Woodrow and Noah.))

Noah walked over to the snack table and looked at all of the delicious looking snacks in front of him. He didn't know where to start. Everything looked so delicious. Once he saw the chocolate fountain though he knew exactly what he wanted. He was about to take a strawberry to dip into the chocolate fountain when he decided that he wanted the marshmallow instead. He picked up the marshmallow and dipped it into the chocolate before eating it. The flavours immediately melted in his mouth as he let them envelope him in happiness.

message 18: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow looked around at the drinks, "There is sparkling lemonade, sweet tea, water, and all kinds of sodas." He looked back at her and waited for her answer.

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(( Woodrow and Noah.))

"Sparkling lemonade please," Gwen replied as sweetly as possible as she crossed her legs. Her feet still hurt and at this all she wanted to do was go back to her dorm and read.

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(( Woodrow and Gwen.))

After tasting the marshmallow with the chocolate Noah started to wonder what the other snacks tasted like. He decided that he'd try one of each and bring the best two back to the girl, once he found her of course. Noah took a chocolate truffle and a cupcake off of the display.

message 21: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) | 867 comments ((Anyone))

Sienna entered the room, a bit uncomfortable on her dress. She didn’t really liked it, but it was the only one she had for such occasion. Nevertheless, she walked down the red carpet imagining she was a real celebrity.

She wished she had come with friends... but she was on her own. She hadn’t even decided to come until that same morning. Sienna strolled across the tables looking for her seat. She was nervous, she hadn’t socialized a lot the past few months, and it was almost certain that she would have to share table with complete strangers.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

"Coming right up!", Woodrow got a cup and started to fill it with some sparkling lemonade. Once it was filled enough, he handed it to Gwen. "So, are you enjoying Prom?" Making small talk was how he got rid of awkwardness since their first time meeting started bad.

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(( Woodrow and Noah))

"It's alright I guess." Gwen replied. "I've never been a fan of events like these. I always run into people I don't want to see."

Although Gwen actually remotely enjoyed Woodrow's company she had a feeling that the guy she met earlier would return which she didn't want to happen.

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(( Gwen and Woodrow.))

After tasting two cupcakes, two truffles and a strawberry dipped in the chocolate he'd finally made his decision. He'd simply get the girl one of everything. He carefully laid everything onto the plate a grabbed a couple napkins before he started his search for the girl. His great search lasted a total of about five seconds when he spotted the girl sitting in a nearby chair. She was talking to another boy and she was holding a drink. Noah wondered if the boy was her boyfriend. He wouldn't be surprised as she was very beautiful. Maybe his quest was going to end short. A small glimmer of hope appeared in him and he decided to walk over to them.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow laughed, "I know what you mean. I don't fancy dances like these." He took a sip of his drink and looked around. There was this guy walking towards them with a plate full of dessert. As he looked closer, he noticed that there was one of everything on the small plate. The guy looked determined and had his eyes set on Gwen.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Anyone))

Melitta walked down the red carpet into the big room. Man there are a lot of people here. She walked over to the buffet and saw all the food but she didn't feel hungry. She was actually wondering why she came in the first place. With no one to really come with, she had no reason. She didn't even have many friends at the school yet. Ugh. I wish I was in my bed right now.

After seeing all the different foods, she grabbed a glass of sweet tea and walked around the dancing mob to the, mostly, empty tables. Wondering if she will ever find a COMPLETELY empty table, she sighed and decided to walk further away from all the commotion. After FINALLY finding an empty table, she sat and took a drink of her tea.

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(( Woodrow and Noah.))

"I don't like dances at all." Gwen replied, seriously. She glanced over at the entrance of the dance briefly, trying to think of a reason to leave when she glanced back to see a guy carrying a plate full of desserts. Not just any guy though, the annoying guy from earlier. Is this guy actually stalking me? Gwen couldn't believe that her night was getting worse and worse by the minute. She now was completely regretting coming.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

(( Gwen and Woodrow))

"I brought you some treats to brighten up your mood." Noah said as he put the plate of desserts on the table beside Gwen. He then stepped back so that he was standing beside Gwen's friend. Noah still wondered if the guy was Gwen's boyfriend but he shook the question out of his head. That wasn't something you asked a girl right away even if she was one of the most gorgeous girls he'd ever seen.

message 29: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow watched as the guy put the plate on the table next to her and raised his eyebrows as he took an awkward sip of his sparkling lemonade. I wonder how this will play out.

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(( Woodrow and Noah.))

Gwen could hardly believe this guy. Was his goal in life to ruin her night? First he was stalking her and now he brought her a plate of cavities. She was so frustrated that all thoughts of it bring a nice gesture were out the window.

“I don’t like sweets.” Gwen responded as she pushed the plate away from her. She then took of sip of her sparkling lemonade.

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(( Gwen and Woodrow))

“You don’t like sweets?!” Noah exclaimed. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could someone not like sweets? That was like not liking your birthday.

message 32: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow watched as Gwen pushed the sweets back and turned away from the guy. Maybe I should go... He wanted to say this out loud but didn't want to get in the middle of another quarl. She gets in a lot of fights with people.

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(( Woodrow and Noah))

"Why am I being accused for my own personal choice?!" Gwen exclaimed as she crossed her arms and looked back at Noah briefly. "If anything I'm lucky that I don't have a sweet tooth. Liking candy is like liking cavities."

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(( Gwen and Woodrow))

Noah stopped himself from responding despite the fact that he was offended and hurt but her words. Maybe this girl just wasn't meant to have a good day at prom after all. Part of him still wondered though if her having one of the sweets would sweeten her bitterness.

message 35: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow's eyes grew wide and Gwen's outburst. Should I go... He decided to stay although his instinct said otherwise.

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(( Gwen and Woodrow))

Noah hated the awkward silence between them so he decided to lighten the mood. He also knew that he couldn't let perfectly good sweets go to waste.

"Well I'm going to have them if you don't want them." he said as he picked up the plate.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow felt his stomach growl, "That's a lot to eat by yourself. Can I have one?" He didn't want Gwen to think he "liked cavities" but he was hungry. He also already thinks that she hates him so what's the use.

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(( Woodrow and Gwen.))

Noah took the marshmallow covered in chocolate off of the plate before offering the leftover sweets to Woodrow. "Sure," Noah responded. "Take as many as you'd like."

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Woodrow took the plate, "Thanks." He took off a chocolate covered strawberry and took a bit of the deliciousness.

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(( Noah and Woodrow.))

"Pigs," Gwen muttered under her breath as she watched Woodrow and the boy eat the sweets.

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(( Gwen and Woodrow.))

"Are you absolutely positively sure you don't want one?" Noah asked as he offered Gwen the plate one last time. "It could brighten up your mood."

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

(( Woodrow and Noah))
(( I had an idea for the roleplay if you’re both on board with it. I was thinking that the characters are talking and they end up getting onto the topic of if any if them are dating anyone. Woodrow then remembers Gwen saying that she had a boyfriend and he asks her who she is dating. Gwen says that she is dating Noah and a fake relationship sparks between Gwen and Noah which eventually turns into a real one.))

“I think I’m good,” Gwen replied as she pushed away the plate once again. This guy was just desperately trying to annoy her wasn’t he.

message 43: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((I LOVE THAT IDEA. But I think Noah should start that conversation by asking Woodrow? To try make Gwen jealous that she is out of the conversation or something))

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

(( Sure. I’m cool with that idea and what Marissa suggested.))

Noah shrugged before saying, “Your loss.” and eating the rest of the treats on the plate. Then an question that he had earlier returned to his mind. He knew that if he asked Gwen it would look like he liked her, which he didn’t, so he decided he’d ask Woodrow instead.

“Did you bring a date with you to the dance?”

message 45: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Gwen and Noah))

Suprised by the sudden question from Noah, Woodrow said, "No one. I am single." Thinking of the only thing he can ask or even say after that is, "Did you bring anyone?" and that is exactly what he did. Small talk is not his strong suit.

message 46: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments ((I'm extending Prom a few days because the king and queen polls were delayed. The king is Woodrow Olkin, and the queen had a three-way tie. One of the characters was mine, and I'm willing to take her out, so that leaves Sienna Cross and Melitta Reed. Would either Marissa or AutreMoi be willing to allow the other character to be queen so we don't need a tie-breaker poll?))

message 47: by Squirrelleap (new)

Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((I am willing to back out of Queen because Woodrow is king and that would be a little unfair to others, I think.))

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

(( Woodrow and Noah.))
(( I didn’t even know there was a poll.))

Gwen started to panic inside when dates were mentioned. When telling her little white lies she’d never thought she’d see Woodrow or his bratty yet somewhat interesting little sister ever again. She knew that she couldn’t reveal the truth, especially since Woodrow and this annoying guy were here. She couldn’t have either of them developing feelings for her. She stayed quiet and kept her thoughts hidden behind her fake smile.

message 49: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments ((Oh, I probably should have sent out a broadcast. Anyway, thank you very much Marissa!!))

Jason hopped up on a chair. Time for another announcement of kings and queens. The crowns were extra elaborate for this one. Prom was apparently a big deal.

"May I have your attention, please?" he called, waiting for it to get quieter. When he was satisfied, he continued. "I'm just going to jump right into it. Would Woodrow Olkin and Sienna Cross please come up here? Yes, that's right. Our Prom king and queen have been determined, and they're Woodrow and Sienna!"

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

(( Woodrow and Gwen.))

Before Noah could respond to the question someone called the crowd’s attention. He turned his head and listened to what they had to say. When the prom king and queen were revealed he turned to Woodrow and said, “Congratulations!”

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