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What is everyone currently reading?

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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (lastnightsbook) | 20 comments Mod
Hello everyone!

What is everyone currently reading?

I am reading Where the Past Begins: A Writer's Memoir by Amy Tan slowly. Very slowly. Sometimes I feel there is a school of thought that books must be read fast so we can move onto the next best book that is oh so trendy. I felt that way with the Game of Thrones series. This time I am taking my time with Amy Tan, especially since she is a favorite author of mine.

Hope everyone is taking delight in their books!

message 2: by Guylou (new)

Guylou (Two Dogs and a Book) | 4 comments Hi Stephie! I just started an ARC of "Her Pretty Face" by Robyn Harding. I am not very far in the book, but find it very interesting so far.

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 19 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

I'm a bit late to this post, but I'm reading an interesting book this week. It's American War by Omar El Akkad American War by Omar El Akkad. This book has had great reviews since it was published last year. Written by an Egyptian-Canadian, it's a tale of the near future in the US, after the seas have risen and fossil fuels are outlawed. The South rises up against the North, in a long Civil War. It's really the story of the victims of war: families, kids, refugees, resistance fighters. Very on the nose about refugee camps, the influence of foreign powers, terrorism and profiteering. I'm not quite finished, but I do recommend it.

Guylou, have you read anything else by Robyn Harding? She seemed to come out of the blue onto the bestseller list last year (if I'm remembering the right name).

Stephanie, it's been a long time since I read any Amy Tan. She seemed to be pretty mad at her mother in the novels I read. Are you getting that impression?


message 4: by Guylou (last edited May 15, 2018 08:05AM) (new)

Guylou (Two Dogs and a Book) | 4 comments Hi Elizabeth!
Robyn Harding wrote "The Party" in 2017 and it was well received. I did not read it personally, but my girlfriend read it and liked it. This is why I requested an ARC of "A pretty face". I enjoyed it. If you are familiar with the Paul Bernardo's case, you will find a lot of similarities. It will be available in July.

message 5: by Guylou (new)

Guylou (Two Dogs and a Book) | 4 comments Hello everyone! Today is publication day for a great book I had the opportunity to read in advance: How to Walk Away! by Katherine Centre. It has a 4.39 star rating on Goodreads! I enjoyed this book a lot and recommend it.

Here's my review of the book:
Margaret Jacobson has it all, an MBA, a dream job and a boyfriend whom she thinks will pop the question any moment. Chip has been taking flying lessons and is one step away to get his pilot license. On Valentine's Day, in an all romantic gesture, he decides to take Margaret on a plane ride and asks her to marry him. Margaret is terrified of flying but reluctantly agrees to go with him. Everything is going according to Chip's plans. He pops the question, she says yes and they are the happiest they can be until the weather changes. Chip is still new at flying and he is relying on his training to land the Cessna safely. After a few attempts to land, he loses control and the plane crashes. He is able to get out, but Margaret is pinned down and cannot move. Disaster strikes and leaves Margaret with a multitude of health and physical challenges. While in the hospital, she meets Ian, a Physiotherapist, who always appears to be upset, frustrated, and annoyed. Margaret is dealing with her own demons, but she sees Ian as a challenge and is determined to make him smile.

Katherine Centre delivers a wonderful story of courage and silver lining. She has thoroughly researched her medical topics and does not spare the reader with the uncomfortable subjects. The story is beautifully written and structured. The characters are amazing and believable. This is a fantastic romance story which will uplift you. In Katherine Center’s words: “You get one life, and it only goes forward. And there really are all kinds of happy endings”

Here's the link to the book on Goodreads:

message 6: by Wendy (new)

Wendy | 23 comments Mod
Hi everyone,

I have to agree with Elizabeth - I read The American War and I would recommend it. Climate change is just a fact of life in the book and what I found fascinating is how the process of radicalization is depicted and how this is a deliberate process on the part of those with power. It also shows the absolutely devastating power of hate.


message 7: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Northover | 6 comments Hello fellow Readers!

I'm struggling with "We have always lived in the castle" by Shirley Jackson. It is published as a Penguin classic and it seems to have an unsettling air about it, but it's the style of writing that is slowing me down.

The other title I'm reading at home when I'm not watching the NHL playoffs is "The Flight attendant" by Chris Bohjalian. Quoting the review "Unveils a spellbinding story of memory, of the giddy pleasures of alcohol and the devastating consequences of addiction, and of murder far from home".
Another one of those "unreliable narrators"!

message 8: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (lastnightsbook) | 20 comments Mod
Guylou wrote: "Hi Elizabeth!
Robyn Harding wrote "The Party" in 2017 and it was well received. I did not read it personally, but my girlfriend read it and liked it. This is why I requested an ARC of "A pretty fac..."

Hi Guylou! I will be adding The Party to my reading list. I am a big reader of true crime cases and books so this sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the rec! Looks like I got a July read waiting for me :)

Also Elizabeth,

I don't get the sense of anger in her novels towards the mothers, I find it more of frustrations and the ability to cope with the past to weave together a future. But her memoir does explore her anger, much more than the mother-daughter relationships in her novels. It also explains so much of how she just naturally ends up writing on the topic again. Regardless I still enjoy her writing very much.

Hi Heidi,

I always found Shirley Jackson a challenge. Perhaps try listening to an audiobook version instead? I find that horror audiobooks intrigue me because it really does become the creepy tale around the campfire. The last one I read was Red Rain by R.L. Stine. I highly recommend the audiobook.

Also have you read The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman? It's a collection of short stories but the writer is famous for The Yellow Wallpaper.

I'll have to check our Chris Bohjalian, I'm finding as I get older I like unreliable narrators more. Before I couldn't stand them.


message 9: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 12 comments Very late to the game, but I figure this is an ongoing thread :)

I’m about to start I Know Why The Caged Bird Songs by Maya Angelou. I haven’t read anything by her yet but am so interested in her life story!

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