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A mountain several leagues away from the forest

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dreaмcнιld Coal was laying on the ground playing a word game with Tempest. Tempest was kinda confused over some word but got over it.

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Ana grits her teeth in concentration from rock climbing as she stands on the ledge, her finger tips gripping the rocks jutting out. She was stuck, and too proud to admit it.

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dreaмcнιld Tempest looked over at the ledge smoke raising out of her nose. "Tempest ya stop that." Coal sat up and started petting her.

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Ana struggles to pull herself up on the ledge, failing to do so.
"Ok, Bayod," she calls. "I need help."

Above her several feet, the night fury peeks down at her with a fang filled grin, not going to her aid

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dreaмcнιld Coal walked over to the ledge seeing a girl. "Need some help." She reached her hand out to the girl offering her help.

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Bayod growls at the girl lightly, protective.
Huffing, Ana risks reaching up an arm, grabbing the girl's wrist.

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dreaмcнιld Coal pulled her up. "Tempest take to the sky." Coal sighed at the dragon now flying. "I'm Coal."

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Ana shakes her hand firmly, wiping her brow with her other arm. "Ana. And this oversized lizard is Bayod."

Bayod growls lightly at Coal, crouching beside Ana protectively, though his gaze wanders to the flying dragon.

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dreaмcнιld Tempest flow down. "This pretty girl is Tempest. And it's nice to have met you." Coal smiled and petted tempest head.

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Bayod growls at Temptest, tails stiff.

Ana smiles at the both of them. "Thanks for saving me; it was my idea to go climbing, and I THOUGHT I had a spotter," a jab at Bayod, who snorts, "But obviously not!"

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dreaмcнιld Tempest growled at the night fury in front of her.
"Tempest you calm down before ya burn me again." Coal petted her head. "Ya a rider I assume."

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Ana nods, laying a palm on Bayod's shoulder to stay him. "Yes, I...we...rouges, but riders," she admits

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dreaмcнιld "Oh well I'm a rider and trainer. My father wants me to train but I love to ride." Coal smiled and petted Tempest's head.

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"Dragon whisperer, if we are being exact," Ana mutters.

Beneith her palm, she can feel Bayod vibrating in excitement as he extends his neck to scent the other dragon.

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dreaмcнιld "Ya heard of Fireflight training?" Coal leaned against Tempest's side.

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Ana shakes her head. "No?"

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dreaмcнιld "Good they're methods and crazy and aggressive." Coal felt Tempest stretched her neck.

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Ana laughs, as Bayod stretches behind her to greet Temptest.

"Well...I don't train exactly, I just...get along real well."

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dreaмcнιld "Yea that's way I train by myself." Coal smiled and rubbed Tempest's tail.

Tempest greeted him in return.

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Ana shifts her weight, feeling awkward. Her social skills were not up to par.

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dreaмcнιld "How does your night fury trust ya." Coal asked curiously.

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Ana glances at Bayod, who blinks back at her.
" off well right away. I saved him, he saved me."

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dreaмcнιld "That's good. Tempest found me. I was attacked by a boneknapper she saved me." Coal smiled as tempest licked her.

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Ana glances at her dragon again. "Yeah, parents killed his kin, and he was there for me when I was forced to kill my own parents. So."

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dreaмcнιld "That's kinda sad." Coal half smiled as Tempest nudged her.

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Ana shrugs. "It is."

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dreaмcнιld "I left my brothers and father." Coal sighed as petted Tempest.

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Ana tilts her head. "How come?"

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dreaмcнιld "I don't believe in their methods." Coals shrugged.

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"of training?" Ana's eyes darken for some reason

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dreaмcнιld "I'm a Fireflight and I train on my terms not my father's" Coal sighed.

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Ana snorts. "Training in itself, I don't agree with. you cant TRAIN dragons. They aren't DOGS, they are intelligent individuals that deserve more respect than that."

Bayod rumbles in agreement, pressing against Ana

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dreaмcнιld "I agree but my father believes different that's why I left." Coal rubbed Tempest side.

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Ana snorts, as Bayod pads over, shoving his face into Coal's curiously, sniffing her, never one for tact

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dreaмcнιld Tempest stepped in front of Coal. Tempest didn't like Coal hurt she's protective.

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Bayod rears a bit, growling in assurance that he was not about to hurt his rider

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dreaмcнιld Coal petted Tempest's tail. "It's ok girl."

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Bayod sniffs Temptest over carefully, before sweeping his wings open with a playful growl

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dreaмcнιld Tempest followed his suit. She let out a small puff of fire out.

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Growling, tail twitching, Bayod lunges into the air, gaining altitude, circling overhead, waiting for Temp.

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dreaмcнιld Tempest flow up swooshing down then back up. She had a good speed for her size.

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Bayod croons into the air, picking up speed, circling the summit of the mountain.

Ana gazes up them with passion. "Beautiful creatures, aren't they?"

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dreaмcнιld "Yea. I'm helping Tempest control her fire." Coal sighed looking at Temp.

Temp played with her fire a bit as she flow. She would do spirals in the air.

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"That's always good," ana nods.

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dreaмcнιld "I love and care for her. She's like my family." Coal smiled.

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Ana nods. "Same with me."

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dreaмcнιld "Yea." Coal smiled at Tempest.

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[I guess ill just jump in and start]

Kydon stands on Titans back as they soar threw the sky. All that can be seen from below is a silver streak. Kydon sits down and the pair plummets toward the ground. Right before they hit the ground Titan spreads his wings as they hover there then land.
"Hmmmm, I don't think we've been here before...C'mon lets look around!" Kydon begins to walk a steady pace up the mountain.

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dreaмcнιld Tempest flow over head and looked down upon them. She didn't like not being with Coal. She flow down land beside her.
"What's wrong girl?" Coal asked as she petted the dragon beside her.

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