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A large expanse of forest

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The forest is damp with morning dew, dripping wetness and becoming alive with song birds.

Ana is in her secret cabin plop dab in the middle of the forest. She usually rose early to race the sun, but after the late night hunting the night before, she had chosen to sleep in early.
As she cracks her eyes open, there is a low rumble from her cabin window. Rolling over, she comes face to face with the large night fury, who had shoved his face in the window to greet her.

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Rose started running around the forest for her usual routine. She loved to run during the night to have a peace at mind. She did this only to annoy her parents. Her parents didn't want her being by her self at night but she ignored them many times. She went through her hair when she stopped running looking around where to next.

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"Bayod!" Ana laughs as the night fury shoves his head in further, nostrils flareing with a happy snort. She rolls out of bed to place a palm on his snout in greeting. "Get out from there, you will get stuck!"

Bayod grunts, withdrawing his head, happy to have greeted his rider, before unfurling his wings, stretching them, and then lunges into the air, leaving his rider.

Ana rolls her eyes, going to the kitchen to grab some grub.

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Rose heard something from a far and suddenly whisteled. Her Night Fury, Lucemina, appeared infront of her and gave her a grin. Rose put her hand on top of Lucemina's head gently. Rose took the rope around her neck and guided her towards the noise, "Who goes there?"

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Ana freezes, hearing a noise. "Bayod?"

From above, the territorial N'fury snarls, diving down tackling the dragon to the ground before leaping off, flashing his fangs, growling menacingly.

Sensing his anger, Ana drops what she is doing and lunges out of the house twords where she heard the commotion.

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"Hey get off of Lucemina" Rose said looking at the dragon on top of hers.

Lucemina snarls back at the dragon with pure hatred flashing her fangs as well.

"I said get off" Rose said before she balanced her energy shooting a light spear at the dragon, "Right now!"

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Ana breaks into the clearing, crying out at the scene.

"Bayod no!"
She lunges in front of her snarling dragon, grabbing an ear to yank his attention to her. At first Bayod snarls, but seeing it is his rider, growls and curls a tail around her protectively, snarling silently at the other night fury.

Ana pants, keeping a cautionary hand on her dragon to stay him. " so sorry..about this," she pants. " so...territorial..."

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"Its fine" Rose said with a small smile when Lucemina went behind her, "I apologize for shooting a spear at your dragon"

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"He had it coming," Ana says lightly, and Bayod gives her a disgruntled rumble.
"What brings you here?" Nobody had ever found her secret hiding place in the forest, and it made her nervious. She hadn't dealt with people in awhile, not after her tragic past, so she could understand her dragon's reaction.

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Rose looked at her with a smile before petting Lucemina, "I usually come here to run and also to get on my parent's nerves. I run here to let some steam off but I have never seen you here before"

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A flicker of relief shows on Ana's face before it is quickly replaced with a casual look. Good, they weren't looking for us...
She forces a smile. "So then you' on your way, then?"

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"If you would like me to ofcoure but my name is Rose and this Lucemina" She said with a smile, "It was nice to meet you"

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"Likewise," Ana lies, fudging, and then remembing her manors, sticks a hand out to shake.
Growling lightly, Bayod sticks his neck out to scent the other night fury, tail stiff in tense caution..

Ana realizing she had been rude. "I'm sorry, its just...we'eve been on the run for so long..." she drifts off, staring at Bayod gloomily.

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"Its alright I wont tell anyone I saw you" She said with her thumps up, "Don't worry we will leave as soon as possible"

Lucemina ignored the other dragon and snarled in annoyance.

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Ana bites her lip, feeling bad. "Well I mean, you are here to join us for some breakfast?"

Bayod huffs through his nostrils, flicking a tail at Luce before withdrawing, crouching by Ana's side again, keeping his weary gaze on Luce. He hadn't seen another ngiht fury in years...

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"Um we would like that" She said answering for her and Luce. She looked at the girl with a grateful smile looking at the small cabin.

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Ana leads them back to the cabin, Bayod trailing after them, still eying the other dragon with curiousity.

"You'll have to forgive us," Ana says, speaking for her and Bayod. "We had... a rough past," she admits

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Eona and Favnir soared through the air. Come Favnir, let's see how fast we can go! she tells her dragon. Favnir sent agreement back to her. Though he was able to send his feelings to her, her could not communicate with words as she could. Favnir pumped his wings up and down, straining his wing muscles as he flew.

Tiring, he corkscrews in the air, to land in a meadow. He stands there panting. Eona jumps off and walks to Favnir's head. Good job. I think that's the fastest we've ever gone! She lays down next to him, watching clouds race across the sky.

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((ummmmm,...not sure how to respond to that, you might have to keep going until they interact with my charries))

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((ok it was kinda also a bit of an intro piece. i had to look up their names to write it cause i'd forgotten them lol))

Favnir lifted his head up suddenly, throwing Eona into shadow. He sent her an image of fire with food cooking. Eona's stomach growled. She did not like to take food from others but they had been flying for a long time.

"Maybe...." she contemplated out loud. "Alright, lets follow that nose of yours, you glutton." Favnir laughed his dragon laugh and lead the way to a small cabin. Outside were two night furies. Favnir growled at them.

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Seeing the intruders, Bayod tosses his head at them, snarling ferally, claws splayed, daring them to move closer.

Ana spins around, gasping in panic. "Not more!" she cries, as Bayod arches a wing over her protectively, the both of them now certain it is an invasion, or her historial enemys had finally found her.

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Favnir roars, and sets himself on fire. He prepares himself to leap at the night fury to protect Eona. "Favnir, knock it off." She scolds. "Sorry about him. Sometimes I think he just likes to set himself on fire because it looks cool. Idiot." She shakes her head and swats Favnir on the head. "He smelled your fire and glutton that he is, he followed his nose."

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Bayod rears, arching his wings and roars at the air, swiping his clawed paws to display his power. Ana is uncertain beside him, mistrustful.

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Sighing, Eona closes her eyes. Come now. We mean you and your rider no harm she thinks to the night fury. It was harder to speak with dragons she had never meet before and it took all her concentration.

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Snorting, Bayod falls to all fours again, crouching and growling uneasily at her.

Ana's eyes flicker from her dragon to the girl. "What do you want?" she demands, not trusting anyone.

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"We want nothing from you. Favnir here is a glutton who eats all the food he can get his claws on." Eona shakes her head. "No matter how hard I try, I can't get him to stop."

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Ana is stiff, eyeing them over, wanting nothing but to shoo them all away, but she was once raised to have manners.
"PLeanty to go around," she then says carefully.

Tail stiff, Bayod steps forward, extending his neck to greet Favnir

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Favnir extends his neck as well, the fire on his skin out since Eona had swatted him. He sent feeling of greeting and of friendliness.

Eona smiled. "You are too kind. I am Eona and this big fireball is Favnir."

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Ana nods curtly, trying to relax her clenched muscles. "Ana, and that is Bayod."

Bayod sniffs Fav over carefully, and then snorts, twitching a tail before trotting proudly over to his rider again. Ana absently lays a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm herself, convince herself they were NOT who she thought they were.

"Bayod went hunting yesterday, we have some venison dethawing...if you would join us at that fire pit..."

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Eona winced slightly. "I'm sorry, but why did you think we were after you?" She rubbed her temples and stumbled as Favnir nudged her back in concern.

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Ana stiffens, casting a glance at Bayod, who keeps his gaze on the other fury, kneading his paws in the ground.
"A long story," she admits.

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((favnir is a nightmare))

Eona shook her head to clear it. "I apologize. You see I'm telepathic. You are casting your feelings out very strongly right now." She shook her head one more time.

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((oops >.< ))

Ana quirks her eyebrow in surprise. Another telepathic!
She found comfort that she was able to hide her own powers from the telepath.
She glances at Fav. "You like fire?"

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Favnir opened his jaws and lit himself on fire. He sent his love of fire to Ana. Unlike most emotions he could convey, this one usually overwhelmed those he sent it to, even other dragons.

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Ana laughs, feeling the waves, and then steps forward bravely, snapping her finger, conjuring a small flame.

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Eona cocked her head. She had expected Ana to fall to her knees over her dragon's excitement. Perhaps I am not the only telepath here. she sent to Ana, her eyebrow raised.

Favnir had fixed his eyes on the flame Ana had conjured. Slowly, his tongue snaked out and touched the flame.

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Ana feels herself stiffen as the broadcast is sent to her, breaking through her barriers. The fire sputters out in her panic, and she backs up again.
Getting wind of her emotions, Bayod growls again, narrowing his eyes.

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((sigh i looked at my character in the creation thingy and realized even i had gotten it wrong. i fixed it though to the nightmare. gosh i'm an idiot))

Eona backed away, her hands raised to show she meant no harm. "Oh I am so sorry! I though you were...please forgive me I did not mean to frighten you!"

Favnir pouted when the flame went out and swung his head around to glare at Eona.

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Ana grits her teeth, not feeling very happy with herself or her dragon.
"I'll make the food." turning on her heels, she stalks to the campfire, boots stomping.

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Eona sighed and sat down, hard. "Stupid telepathy" she grumbled. "Always ruins everything" She crossed her arms and glared at Favnir. "This is your fault you know. You and your stupid nose."

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Bayod sprawls out near them, laying his heads on his paws, studying them.

Ana sighs, her mind wandering, wanting to trust them, but not knowing if she can. So she busies herself with chopping up the meat and skewering it over the fire.

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Eona got up and offered her hand to Bayod to smell. I'm sorry I frightened your rider. I did not mean to.

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Bayod eyes her with intelligent eyes, and then with a glance at Ana, presses his muzzle to her.
He sends an image to her; fire, screams, crying, terror, blood, running, hiding. He draws back, hoping it would convey their past enough for her to understnnd Ana's hostility and suspicion.

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Eona's eyes were sad. She understood what Bayod told her more than he knew. Eona walked slowly to the door of the cabin. "Ana, may I come in?"

Favnir crawled over to Bayod. He stuck his tongue out, tasting the air around him. He then began to hum.

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Bayod raises his chin proudly over the dragon, twitching is tail.

Ana flinches at the sound of Eona's voice. "Yeah, come on in."

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Eona entered cautiously. She looked around the cabin before settling her gaze on Ana. "I am sorry. I had not realized...." She tried several times to say what she meant before sighing and saying in a gush of words, "I was chased from my home for raising a dragon and getting into people's minds. I can speak with humans as well as dragons and that scared them. They chased us out and we have been alone since. For 5 years we have been out of sight of other humans." Eona paused then. She had never told this much to the few people they had encountered before. Her confession shocked her.

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Ana listens carefully, separating bits of meat. "Ah," she says gently. "I see. Well..." she glances out the window at her dragaon.
"Bayod and I ran parents were dragon hunters....I was...I was forced to kill my own parents."
She leaves it at that.

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Eona stared at her before extending her arms towards her. "I am so so sorry." Cautiously she stepped towards Ana, wanting to hug the younger girl, despite the small age difference.

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