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Arya Dröttningu | 37 comments Mod
post any of the stated things in the title here

message 2: by ladybug (new)

ladybug Maybe you could post a cover image thingy for this group? Like...the profile picture?

Arya Dröttningu | 37 comments Mod
I tried to but couldn't figure it out lol I'm working on it, thanks Mina!!

message 4: by ladybug (new)

ladybug : )

message 5: by ladybug (new)

ladybug I know how. Go to the home page, click on the image that is the group picture (which is gray and empty, currently) and it'll show the description and groups and all the details. To the right, there should be the group image, and under that are the options for uploading files.

Arya Dröttningu | 37 comments Mod

message 7: by ladybug (new)

ladybug Your welcome : )

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