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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name:






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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Kodiak Walden

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Nephilim - Shadow hunter


Weapon: Sword


Name: Melisande Laperriere "Pierre"

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Fae



Lix Tetrex

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (So how do you want to start this off??)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Mmmm well how do you feel well have a strong beginning?

Name: Rue Rose
Age: 17

Race: Shadowhunter, but a bit more ;)

name: Santiago Blackthorne
age: 19

race: shadow hunter half fae

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Hmm maybe the trio is on a mission at a downworlder hot spot. My girl can be there delivering something unaware it is a downworlder hot spot since she doesn't know she is a fae.)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Okay so club? Like in the book? So you want her being half fae and human or full fae??)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Yea that would work! She is technically all fae since changelings are fae babies that are swapped with human babies and raised by humans. She thinks she is completely human though and doesn't know that she is a fae.)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Okay okay! How long are you going to be awake?)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (I'll probably be up for another hour or so since I can sleep in tomorrow :) )

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Woo hoo me too! Okay can you start ya off?

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sure!)


"Rue you got eyes on the target?" I ask softly into my ear piece as I lean against the bar walking the crowd. Santiago was around here as well scoping things out while Rue was out on the dance floor keeping an eye out for our target.


I huff as the guy at the front door gives me a hard time about getting in. "Look my boss send me here to drop off this stuff. If want who ever is in charge of you pissed off then by all means keep me out here. Your job on the line." I say crossing my arms.

The meathead grunts and finally lets me in. "Thanks." I say with a smirk and a little annoyed glare as I head into the club with a few boxes. I make my way through the crowd trying not to bump into people.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I grinned hearing kodi’s voice in my ear. He is such a control freak but it’s so fun just pushing at his buttons. I had a mini skirt on with some black net leggings with black heeled boots and a top that pressed my body and kept everyone’s attention.

I looked at the target that was on the VIP side just looking at the dance floor. I dance and sway my body catching some of the men’s attention

“Oh I see him, working on him seeing me.” I whispered seeing Santi at the bar just serving up drinks trying to mix in the crowd being part of the undercover as a bartender. Just looking at everything like a hawk

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

She dances and sways in the crowd and I frown as a couple of the guys look at her like they want to eat her up. Like hell I would let a single one of them touch her.

She whispers back that she has spotted him and she is working on him seeing her. "Good, be careful." I tell her quietly.


I am almost to the back room where my boss say to drop off the packages when some poser goth chick bumps into me. I curse as the boxes fall to the floor.

"Like I am so sorry." She say totally not meaning at all she goes back to dancing with some guy with a shit ton of piercing. I sigh and bend down to scoop up the packages before one of these idiots steps on them.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Santi

I was shaking some weird ass cocktails and shots for the VIP table on the target that we were interested in. It seemed like a fae was stirring up troubles but we needed evidence or else we would be hearing it from the Clave but more of all from Jace.

I looked at Rue and she was of course sneaking herself into something different in plan than what my brother had in mind. I swear they are parabatia to one another but even my brother can’t handle all that bundle of energy from Rue.

I looked up and hear something happening on the side lines. I look and see a girl... that’s odd I haven’t seen her before and something about her... she was beautiful and yet it’s like she had untapped beauty on it.

I see Rue suddenly get invited by one of the faes helpers and they guide her to VIP

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

I sigh as Rue sneaks off doing something we head not planned or talked about. I swear my parabatia was going to kill me one day with the stunts she pulls. I keep a close eye on her as they guide her to the VIP area and I mingle my why closer in the crowd making sure I was there if she needed me.


I huff as I get all the boxes stacked up and sigh. I glance over the bar when I start to feel like someone was watching me. A guy who looked barely old enough to drink was behind the bar mixing up drinks.

He was hot, in an edgy bad boy kind of way. Not really my thing... sigh. Total lie but I swear I have written off bad boys for good this time. They never end well for me and I always end up sobbing over an asshole.

I start to make my way back through the crowd to the backroom like planned. Just drop off the boxes and then I can go home and crash.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

The fae was laughing and totally being hands with any girl and guy that was around him. I feel one of them grab onto my legs and start trying to trace it up. I feel my Mark, my parabatia mark, start to irk. That’s the thing about our bond I can almost feel what Kodi feels. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone but it is to me. The simmering urge to punch someone in the face.

I feel one of the minute faes start leaning in and kissing up against my neck. When I see the target reaching into his pocket taking out an elixir of some sorts and was going to give it to one of the humans.

I didn’t mean to react but my foot went flying up and kicked the vial off his hands it broke on the floor. The faes looked at me and I half smiled.

“So... anyone want shots?” I asked when one of them reached over and tried to grab my hair before I kicked my body up and off the sofa.

“Get her!” I hear the fae calling out. I was going to run but... we need that target. I take out my said from my boots and their angelic heritage flows out



I was a bit confused at the manner in which the girl acted. Her scent was definitely not mundane. And her looks were anything but ordinary. I let her go because I didn’t think it was much of an issue until I hear something happening.

I looked at the VIP session and literally see Rue going at it with Sentris. I turn around and pulled down the fire alarm to evacuate any mundane.

“Kodi we have a situation.” I call or to him jumping over the bar grabbing hold of my Fallen, my gun, and head towards her.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

I clench my fist, pissed as a fae kisses along her neck. I swear I want to go over and cut that asshole down. I hold back knowing we needed to wait and catch our target in the act. I can't blow my cover yet.

"Shit." I mumble as Rue reacts to something and her foot kicks out and something breaks. I sigh as a fight breaks out and I take off through the crowd to get to her, when someone screams shadow hunter.

Santi pulls the fire alarm and calls we have a situation. "On it." I say with a nod.

I slide over a table and kick one of the fae in the chest that goes for Rue. I slip out my sword and cover her back taking out any fae that come her way.


"What the heck?" I glance up as a fire alarm goes off and see the flashing lights. I drop the boxes and head out of the back room to see the club in chaos.

"Jeez..." I try to make my way out with the others as they push and shove to get out of the club. Someone yanks my hair and I fall backwards onto the floor.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I was fighting against two sentris that we’re pretty big and strong on their fucking own. But just when I felt slightly worried about being over powered Kodi is at my side covering my back. I looked at him and smiled seeing that serious look on his face. Oh great I’m going to get lectured.

I kicked the table up and kicked it hard at the center it crashing into one of the sentris as I covered my Kodis back. We were moving so fluidly one step after another. Just complimenting our attacks until fae after fae was going down and I see the target rushing to the back door.

“I got him!” I called out dashing his way.


I was dealing with dark fEs on my own trying to get to my team when I see one of them trying to reach out into the crowd. My gun aims straight at the dark faes head and I take a shot. Killing the fae that was holding onto that girls name. Delivery girl? I go to her side and help her get on her feet.

“Go it’s not safe.” I usher her out with the rest of the mundanes.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

I stay back to back with Rue as we fight off the sentries, matching movements to fluidly take them out. "Rue!" I call as she takes off after the target. I kick back a fae and cover her back as fae try to rush after her.

I swear I was going to chew her ass out for that little stunt she pulled. We were suppose to just capture the target without drawing attention.


I scream a little as a shot rings out and a body hits the floor. The man from behind the bar hauls me up before he tells me to go and it isn't safe. He ushers me out and I hurry up getting outside.

"I swear I am going to kill Miranda for freaking sending me here." I mumble as I hurry around to the side of the club to get to my car. An arm wraps around my neck as I pull out my keys.

"Give me your keys." A deep voice growls trying to yank my keys from me. I scream and kick trying to get free.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I take off running placing the invisibility rune for mundanes as I ran. I saw him turn a curve. When I get there I see him trying to car jack some girl. I run grab one of my sais and just look at the girl fighting back.

“Hey tree shit!” I call out the fae. He turns and just when he turned my sais flew through the air and stabbed him right on his shoulder blade. I flung a split second later my other said and it stabbed his foot to the concrete. Before I get to him and I grabbed onto his other free arm and dislocated it.

I looked up at the girl and smiled. “Hi, you can run now.”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pierre

Some girl calls out, the guy turns and he cries out a something hits him in to shoulder. I tumble away and see the girl grab his arm and probably breaks it or something like that, either way it probably hurt like hell.

She smiles at me and says I can run now. I look at her like she is crazy and I turn around to unlock my car. I get in and start to tear out of there as two guys bust out of the side door to help the girl.

What the hell did I just witness?

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I hear the fae start growling and shrieking when I literally lick him with the heel of my boot and he was out. I let him dangle free when I see the girls car just drive off. There was something about that girl.

She was definitely not human. I hear the door open from behind me and see Santi and Kodi coming out and I just beamed him a smile. While Santi looks at the car vanishing. He seemed interested somehow well that’s odd.

“So one fae that’s turning humans into faes is on the plate.” I said beaming at them a grin.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

"Rue! What the hell?" I say as I come out to her. She beams looking all happy that she caught the guy. "Jace is going to be pissed that you drew all that attention to us. Seriously what part of covert mission did you not get."

I run a hand through my hair. Santi seem distracted as he looks at truck that drawing away from us. "Shit did someone see you take him down, Rue?" I saying knowing if a mundane saw her we were in a shit ton more trouble.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I rolled my eyes when he just goes bat shit crazy for me right here in front of Santi it was so... ugh. I rub my ears a bit before i looked back at him with the same stern look on his face.

"I did what i had to do, i made a choice. Let this tree shit transform another girl in front of me, or save her. I saved her." I said snapping at him so close to him that his chest was pressed against mine a bit.

"she wasn't a mundane. Rue had the invisibility rune on her so that girl was definitely something immortal."

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

I sigh as she gets pissed at me and says that she did what she had to do. "You could have tries to do it a little more subtlety." I tell her as she presses against me so we are chest to chest in a stare down.

Santi chimes in saying the girl wasn't a mundane. "It still isn't good." I say shaking my head a little.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

"Don't worry, take the fae out and i'll go ahead and track the girl down. See what's up with her." I see Santi just tune us out but i go ahead and bring him to me and gave him a light peck on his lips.

"That's why i love you, you don't yell at me like a dad." I tell Santi and he just pats my head.

"Go both of you," He smiles at both of us, almost like he knows a secret before he runs off into the streets. I turn to Kodi and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Go on, I'm in heels i'm not carrying him all the way back."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments bump

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Oh shoot! Sorry I swear I thought I posted :(


Santi tells us to take the fae out of here and he'll track down the girl. I clench my fist a little as Rue gives him a little peck and tells him that is why she loves him since he doesn't yell at her.

"Well one of us has to be reasonable one." I mumble as he takes off and Rue tells me I'm carrying the guy back. "Great." I grab the guy and haul him over my shoulder as we head away from the club.


"No no... come on." I slam my hands on the steering wheel, pissed. This ancient piece of crap just had to break down tonight. I swear this kind of thing always happens to me. I sigh trying to figure out who I could call to get me. It was late and I doubt anyone I knew would be up. I could call a tow but I'm sure Miranda would make me pay for it. She's cheap like that.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I get this pinching feeling after i kissed Santi, I looked over at Kodi and he's just in a bitter mood as ever. I let out a sigh just annoyed at this. I mean... we were best friends for the longest time. When my parents died in that war against Valentine... he was all that i had.

Him and his brother were the family that took me in when i was ten. Then the Clave wanted to take me away from them, to train in Idris, Kodi demanded to be my parabatai, the most sacred bond any shadow could have. Almost like marriage, but these past three years its like he hates me.

We get to the New York institute with the fae stil unconcious but some shadow hunters came and took him away.


I walk along a building that's a safe distance from the girl. She was definitely not a mundane but she wasn'ta shadow hunter, and if she were a demon then i would've been able to see some demonic imprints on her. And she's definitely not a warlock... so she's a fae?

I crouch on one of the ledges of the building looking at her just curse and hate that stupid mobile of hers. She has a bit of fire like Rue... Ugh those two are a pain in the ass, she just kisses me like a brother kiss but Kodi still wants to tear my head off.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

I hated when Rue acted like this. I know she did it to bug me. I hated being mad at her because I wasn't mad at her. I was mad at myself. Mad for demanding to be her parabatai. It was stupid but I couldn't stand to have her be anyone else's.

Now I was stuck and frustrated because I didn't think of her just as my best friend but we can't be anything more. Not with our bond now.

We get to the New York institute and hand over the fae forthem to question. I run a hand through my hair and look at Rue. "I'm going to go shower up. We can maybe grab something to eat after."


I pace the side walk by the truck, biting my thumb a little as I think. I could just catch a cab and head back to my car and let Miranda deal with the truck. Yeah that could work Miranda would be pissed with me but I'm not working back to the shop that is twenty minutes away by car this late at night.

Yeah, I'll just call a cab and I am golden. I smile thinking things are looking up and then I remember that I left my wallet in my car since I was late getting to work and Miranda was already out for blood about it.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." I moan banging my head against the truck window a little. Great looks like I am walking back.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue:

I think we stood in odd silence right beside one another when they took the fae. It's like.. I don't know my mark just reacted towards him. I used to be able to be with him the way i am with Santi... it's just that after the bonding. I didn't want us to be in trouble for my nature.

I looked back at him with a shocked look in my face when he says that maybe we could go get something to eat.

"Oh and the site of me eating won't give you an ulcer?" I teased him and just bit back a bit.

"I'll get changed too, i don't want to look like a hooker."


I looked at her and just tilted my head a little bit just watching her act. I just thought it was really interesting to see her act like a mundane. I bite my lip and looked over the corner and see a group of gangsters coming up towards where she was.

I rolled my eyes and took my decision to just go to her. I lept down the building in front of her just keeping my hands up.

"I'm not here to hurt you but you seriously have bad luck." I tell her, "There's idiots coming our way so let's go the opposite shall we?" I asked her

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

She teases me about the sight of her won't make me get an ulcer will it. She adds she is going to go change. "You don't look like a hooker Rue. A little risqué, but you still looked nice." I mumble out.

"I'll meet you at your room and we can go grab something before the others track us down.


I look up as I hear a noise and squeak a little seeing he guy from the club here. "What the hell? Are you stalking me? I swear I have mace and I am not afraid to use it." I tell him.

He tells me that he is not here to hurt me and I have some seriously bad luck. I give him a look like no shit Sherlock. He adds some idiots where coming this way.

"Fine but if you try anything. I swear I'll knee you in the balls." I tell him, locking the truck before I walk with him.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I looked back at Kodi when he tells me that i don't look like a hooker, i bite my lip when he says that i look nice but even if it was a struggle it was sweet of him. I go to his side and cupped his face leaning in and giving a kiss on his cheek.

"I'll change, I'll be waiting for you. I'm in the mood for some pizza." I tell him and walked away to go get a shower and get some clothing change and a shower. after my change i let my mocha color cascade down as i looked myself in the mirror.


I looked at the girl and just smiled nodding my head in understanding matter. I looked back behind us and saw the thugs start coming our way. I lifted her up and used my speed rune to run away from them. I looked back at her and just smiled before i took off back to the city range away from down town before i pulled her away.

I placed her down and just raised my hands up. "Sorry i touched you, i just needed to get you away from that area. Thugs and me dealing with them would not be wise of me." I tell her

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

She bites her lip and cups my face in her hands. I look at her unsure and she kisses my cheek. She tells me she'll change and wait for me, that she was in the mood for pizza.

"Sounds good to me." I say with a nod and head to my room to shower and change. I put in an order for pizza before I get in. I wash up and change into a t-shirt and some sweat pants before I head to the pizza shop down the street and pick it up. I head back to her room and knock on the door.

"Rue it's me. I got pizza. Figured we could just eat it here." I tell her.


"Hey!" I say as he scoops me up and quickly runs away from there. Like freakishly fast. He sets me down and apologizes for touching me but he didn't want to have a run in with those thugs.

"Forgiven... thanks for helping me. It has been kind of a shitty night. Probably not been a great one for you either will all that craziness in that club."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I go out and open the door for him seeing him all freshen up without fae blood on him, and i little less dense. I chuckle a little bit and just smiled a little bit when i see the pizza.

"Oh god you see times like these when you're so sweet is when i love you the most." I whisper to him leaning in and kissing his other cheek when i guide him inside.

"SO in my mini fridge i got soda, beer, and it looks like box juices as well." I tell him patting the bed next to me


I looked at her and just nodded my head when she tells me that i had a pretty interesting night myself. I cleared my throat a bit and just tried to be finesse here.

"Right about that, you shouldn't be able to see me but you do. That's because of something that you are... my names' Santiago, but everyoen calls me Santi or Santos."

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

She chuckles and smiles at me. She whispers it is times like these when I am so sweet is when she loves me the most. She kisses my other cheek and guides me inside.

"Yea, yea. You just love it that I brought you food." I tell her shrugging off her comment. She tells me what her mini fridge has and pats her bed next to her. I grab a soda and plop down on the bed with her cracking open the pizza.


He looks at me and nods his head before he clears his throat. He starts to say about that and that I shouldn't be able to see him but I do and that was because of something I am.

He switches to telling me his name. "Wait... what... I'm a what?" I say and look at him like he is crazy. "Why wouldn't I be able to see you. I mean you are right here."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

"That too." I tell him moving around when i reached over and grabbed the beer this time and just sat on the bed with him. Taking a bite out of the meat lovers pizza i moaned in delight and just looked back at Kodi.

I bit my lip nervously not knowing what to do... i mean we're bound together and yet it feels like we're not. "Kodi... what's going on? I feel like i spend most of my time fighting with you than being what we used to be." I whisper to her


I looked at her and just placed my hands up in the air. "Well first i need you to be calm as collected as possible. I'm not mu- human, I'm more of a supernatural creature that humans can't see." I explained to her and just stopped.

"Look you're tired and i know you probably want to go home, so is there anywhere i can take you?"

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

She says that too and grabs herself a beer. She plops down on the bed with me and moans as she takes a bite of pizza. I sip the soda and eat my own slice as she looks back at me.

She whispers to me about what is going on between us. "It's nothing." I mumble taking another bite of my pizza.


He tells me that he needs me to be calm but he is not human, more of a supernatural creature. I look at him like he is bat shit crazy I have half a mind to make a run for it.

"Ah... I'm good. It isn't too far from here. So um... good night." I say with a little smile and take off down the side walk.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

I looked at him and clearly i'm a little annoyed that he keeps pretending like everything is fine between us. "Are you seriously going to just lie to me like that Kodi." I tell him putting down my beer and food when i looked at him.

"We are parabatai, you're pain is my pain, your fight is my fight. If you can't stand being anywhere near me then that's a problem that we need to fix." I tell him


I stayed back a bit unsure as to what to tell her as i see her walking away from me. It hurt but i wasn't going to stop her or anything like that. But i couldn't let her just be unprotected, i ran up to her and just matched her step.

"Look i'm not a bad guy, i'm a shadowhunter sworn to protect mu- humans. And well to be honest i swore to protect everyone." I said to her. "Including you."

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Kodiak

"It's nothing, just drop it Rue." I tell her as she pushes me for answers on why we were fighting so much and why I seem like I can't stand to be around. I didn't need this tonight on top of all the trouble I knew I would be in over her stunt at the club.


I hear him catch up with me and then he tells me he isn't a bad guy. That he is something called a shadowhunter. "Look I'm sure you are a great guy but you need some help or something. You are a human. I'm one too. We are all humans, nothing else." I say walking a little faster.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments santi

I looked at her and just rolled my eyes. "Look i am a good guy... well i'm a decent guy last i checked but i'm not a human that's for sure." I tell her when she tries to walk faster. I take her hand in mine and just pull her back.

"Look." I tell her pushing my hair back showing her my fae ears. "This is a sign that i'm not human and i'm not all nephlim. I'm a hybrid fae is in my blood and i think you're one too." I tell her


"Ugh fuck you!" I snapped at him just getting off my bed when i grabbed hold of the beer i was drinking. "You know i'm sorry that i suck at being shadowhunter. That i do my own thing half of the time. That I'm such a sucky parabatai, I just didn't realize you regret it that much." I go out the window and use my climbing rune and just pulled myself up to the roof and just sat there drinking the stupid miserable beer.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pierre

"Hey!" I say as he yanks me a little and pushes back his hair behind his ear, his very pointy ear. He tells me this is sign he is not human and that he is a hybrid fae and he thinks I am one too.

I pull my hand away from him. "No, you are straight up crazy. I am human and you... you have a weird elf thing fetish or something."


She snaps at me and pops up off her bed before she grabs her beer and takes off out the window. "Rue!" I call out as she takes off. I sigh and run a hand through my hair pissed at myself.

I climb up onto the roof and hold my hands up in surrender. "I don't think you are a sucky parabatai, Rue. If anyone is it is me." I tell her softly.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Santi

Well I have to give her that one. Mundanes are doing pretty weird things on their body. Placing plates in their skin to have pertrusions of some weird kind. And I have seen mundanes with these ears but the difference is that you can see a fine lining of scar still.

“I can assure you this is not a fetish. And if I am a human as you say why is everyone on the street looking at you like if you’re insane.” I tell her a couple of mundanes looking at her with a side eye.

“Who is she talking to?” Some of them whispered. “She’s probably tripping.”


I was on the roof just drinking my beer as I take a good look at the city lights. I hate us constantly fighting. I mean the only time I feel like we’re connected is when we fight against demons other than that... it’s like I’m losing him

I see him coming up and has his hands up in surrender. I didn’t say anything for a moment. “No you’re not... you keep me alive and vice verse. I don’t know what’s going on Kodi but whatever it is... when you’re ready to talk I’m here.”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pierre

He tells me this is not a fetish and that if he is human as I said then why were people looking at me like I was insane. I look around and notice a few people pointing and asking who I was talking too.

"You're... you're just messing with me. They can see you." I say not believing it.


She is quiet and then tells me I'm not and that I keep her alive and she does the same for me. She adds that she doesn't know what is going on but she was here when ever I want to talk.

I sigh and sit down next to her, looking out at the city. "I'm not mad at you, Rue. I'm... I'm mad at myself for things that I know I shouldn't be doing or feeling and I end up taking it out on you without meaning too."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

He sits right next to me and he tells me that he isn’t mad at me persay. That he’s just mad at not being able to push away unwanted feelings. I am a bit taken back because I didn’t think he was gay. I mean... part of me aches but if that’s who he wants to fall for. Who am I to judge I just didn’t think I would ever see him with anyone else.

I reach over and held his hand with my marked parabatai hand and just link my fingers with his. “Well I am your parabatai so if you have to lash out then do it in a healthy way. You and me on the training mat tomorrow?”

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I just let out a sigh and looked at her completely calm and compose. I didn’t want to hurt her or think that I even would. I leaned in and just tried to have her see that I wasn’t lying.

“I’m half fae, part of that blood doesn’t allow me to lie. I’m pretty sure you have that characteristic too. You can’t lie what so ever.” I tell her just hoping that she’d believe me here.

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She reaches overs and holds my hand with hers. She links our fingers together and says maybe we can have me lash out in a healthy way and we can go on the training mat tomorrow.

"That would be great." I say softly and hug her to me, resting my face against her neck. "I'm sorry for lashing out on you. You did a really good job tonight."


He leans in and tells me he is half fae so he can't lie and he is pretty sure I can't either. I look at him surprised. How did he know I couldn't lie! I always thought I had this weird guilt thing when it came to lying so I could do it no matter what.

"I can't but that doesn't prove I'm not human. Maybe I'm just really pure hearted or some bull like that." I tell him

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I looked at the fae and just tried my absolute best to not loose my temper right now. It’s not her fault that she’s havinf difficulty believing me here. But she was making a scene everyone was starting to circle around her just looking at her one man impression here.

“I know it’s a lot to take in but maybe it’s best if I just take you home come on.” I take her hand and pushed past the crowd which some of them were alarmed because nothing shoved them.


I don’t know how or why but the simple gesture of him hugging me and resting his face on my neck made my heart skip a beat here. I feel flustered and in so scared that he’s going to think I’m weird. I mean is it normal that I’m this attached to him.

“Sure sure I may have been good but you’re rjghr I am pretty reckless but I just act like that. I mean I couldn’t risk a mundane to catch the fae in the act.”

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He tells me he knows it is a lot to take in but it's best if he just takes me home. He pulls me along with him as we push past the crowd of people that had formed.

I huff letting him drag me along. It made no sense. I mean okay maybe he was something else but me. I was human. Raised by plain human parents, in my normal human apartment. I couldn't be something else.


She tells me she may have been good but I was right about her being pretty reckless. "I know you don't but we put them in more risk having a scene break out like that. If Santi hadn't pulled the fire alarm then a lot of mundanes could have been caught in the cross fire."

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I looked at him and just nodded my head in agreement to what he was saying. “Yeah but that’s why I trust you and Santi. I mean I know it’s silly of me to just completely rely on you and Santi... but for right now can we just let me completely trust on you... and Santi of course.” I tell him and just blush a bit when I still see his hands were on me.


We walked and walked until we were away from the busy streets when I looked back at her. “So now you want to tell me where you live that way I can drop you off safely.” I tell her.

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