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message 1: by M.D. (new)

M.D. vonHone | 1 comments I think I may have fowled things up huge. Maybe. I had initially released a title via KDP (The Trucker Chronicles) under the name Matthew vonHone. As a author I use M.D. vonHone. So, in editing my profile I changed the name and now I can not access my latest book to update or add a cover image.

The First Three: a Collection of Short Stories and Poetry
M.D. vonHone
CreateSpace Self Published
Paperback - 5x8
A collection contain the first three works that were "written with a writer's heart". And some additional poetry.

Short Stories:

Road Rage - the story of a businessman's date with fate and how it changes his world in one brief moment.
The Iyannough Chronicles: Echelon 7 - the crew of the mining tug Iyannough must come to grips with loss on a massive scale.
Juniper's Escape - it's the perfect crime ... or is it? Follow Juniper Hadley on her harrowing adventure.

Poetry: Under Siege of Winter, All Heroes Die Alone & I'm Still Here
44 pages
The link below is to my publication announcement on which belongs to me.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

M.D. vonHone

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments See this was not taken care of, so I placed a request in the below thread, since you Profile name Does not match GR Policy. Policy states no space between initials.

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