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M.L. Tishner | 7 comments Hi folks!
I'm looking for betas for my novel "The God Queen" - I am very willing to also do a swap and Beta read for others. Here's the summary:

For as far back as Rei Ettowa could remember, she was afraid of rabbits. Whenever she saw one of those fluffy creatures, she would be bombarded with images of a great beast with horns and nasty pointy teeth. Her mother, Hotara, always said that Rei must have battled one of those creatures in a previous life. Rei would then roll her eyes.

Only the Gods - the Volocio - could reincarnate.

For most of Rei’s life, she lived in secret as a barmaid on a planet floating on the far reaches of the Tyre star cluster. There she dreamed of doing more with her life: join the Nation in the civil war against the Dominion, fall in love, avenge her brother, or at least just get off this damned planet.

In a far and distant future where the people pray to a goddess of lightning or a god of plants and prophecies swirl of their reincarnation for a final battle against tyranny, Rei clings to her faith and its stories as a source of comfort in her small and mundane village. But what starts out as a pilgrimage to the religious capital, becomes an adventure that reveals more about Rei than she bargained for, especially when she is suddenly able to channel lightning with her own hands.

Readers who enjoy the mix of science and magic in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s DARKOVER SAGA will enjoy THE GOD QUEEN. It also embraces the fun banter of a diverse ensemble cast like Becky Chamber’s THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL ANGRY PLANET.

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Daniel Vos (danielvos) | 3 comments Hello! I'm very new to this group so I haven't a great deal of idea how the beta process works here, but this sounds like the kind of book I'd pick up in a bookstore. I'd adore giving it a read if you'd give me the opportunity!

-D.M.Vos, (

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