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Hey there!

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Perhaps they are in a class together and have got paired up? Oh which one is the one who's relative is the villain? That might be important to know lol

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Ha ha alright! So we can be aired up in a potions class, my characters not too excited to be paired up with yours because of the rumour and the fact that your relative is this villain?

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Bran had taken his seat in his favourite class. Out of all of the classes he had, this one was the one for him. He liked experimenting, trying knew things and searching for the ingrediants. Fun and challenging. One wrong ingredient and the whole thing could either explode and make the room smell of skunk. Dangerous...
He found himself next to one of his housemates, joking around with them until the instructor came in, forcing everyone to face the front and to stop playing around. Apparently this class had to be taken seriously. They were to be assigned into groups of two and start a new potion. Only downfall was they couldn't pick their groups.

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Bran was taken aback. He was actually paired up with...what was his name...Sylar? He crossed his arms over his chest, letting out a silent sigh of annoyance. His friend next to him snickered, clearly seeing his annoyance until he was also paired with someone he didn't like too well. Normally, Bran would've mimicked his friend right back, but he was in no mood. This guy he was paired up with had a reputation that Bran and half the other population of the school had been trying to avoid. Now he was being paired up with him.
When everyone moved to their partners, Bran sighed again and grabbed his bag, sitting next to his partner in his seat. "Try not to screw this up." He muttered quietly.

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[[I'll be gone starting on Sunday until next Friday btw. Out of town]]

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"Because it's a paired project dummy. We end up doing that and we could both lose not only grade points but possibly house points if we start acting worse." He said and rolled his eyes as if it wasn't obvious. "Just follow the instructions, make notes, make the potion, and then we can leave when it's time to go and we won't bother each other afterwards. At least I won't." He grumbled. He took out some paper and his quill, placed the ingredients he knew was needed for the potion in front of them, and looked at his previous notes on what to do.

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Bran frowned at first, but reminded himself to play nice. He valued the Gryffindor house points, and he'd hate to be the reason that anything was taken away. He looked over, seeing the notes written down and where he was confused at. "Well you forgot an ingredient. Without it, you'd get a completely different potion." He said and told him the ingredient, showing him his own notes. "There's not much you really need to understand about potions unless you're really curious. It's just a matter of putting in the right ingredients and getting the right outcome." He said, though he knew he was the one to always dive deeper into the potions. Wanting to figure out why each ingredient needed to be used.

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(Ah i think i should be sorry :/ i just got my phone so now i can respond)

Bran rolled his eyes. "Im good at it because ive practiced. Besides, if i have to take a class then ill need to be good at it. Or else its just a waste of everyones time." He said and shrugged. He always acted as if he was good at everthing, but truth be told there were certain things he simply could not grasp any understanding on the topic.

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