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message 1: by Cariann (last edited Jul 28, 2014 12:13PM) (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Hello Group! Time to pick a book :)

I looked through Ilesha's books and was intrigued by The Art of Being Indifferent (The Twisted Family Tree Series, #1) by Brooke Moss .
Go ahead and post some of your ideas and then we can discuss.

★☆sodalemongingerpop96☆★ I don't mind reading that book...

message 3: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments sry cariann but i cant find that book...:(
its not available....but i would love to read that one

★☆sodalemongingerpop96☆★ what about rusty nailed by alice clayton?

message 5: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments i dont mind reading that....but will we have to read the 1st part also?
and how about reading dead witch walking by kim harrison?

★☆sodalemongingerpop96☆★ We dont have to read both books...I suggested the second one because I have already read the first book in this series...

message 7: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Sodalemongingerpop69, can you add us as friends? It might help us find a book.

Do you have a nickname you go by?

message 8: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Amazon has the art of being indifferent, here is the link:


You can get the kindle app for free and read it on your laptop or phone if you do not have a Kindle.

If you follow this link it lists options to purchase the book by different vendors on the right side of the screen:

Here is another site, not sure if it only works in the US though: http://www.indiebound.org/book/978193...

Let me know if this helps?

message 9: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Hi, me again :)
Being Indifferent is out
Rusty Nailed is out (Ilesha and I have not read the first one in the series).

That leaves
Dead Witch Walking Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) by Kim Harrison . I am up for this one, sodale..?

Otherwise, you can take a look at my to read shelf and see if anything sounds good?

Sodale.. if you add us as friends we could compare books and perhaps be better able to make a selection?


message 10: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Ilesha and I have agreed upon The Husband's Secret The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty .

Sodale what do you think?

message 11: by Cariann (last edited Aug 11, 2014 06:24AM) (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Good Morning, I started reading the Husband's secret and I am really glad we picked this one. The author had me hooked early on with the letter from Cecilia's husband! I am dying to know what is in the letter and how these three womens' (Cecilia, Tess, and Rachel) lives intersect.

I am reading the scene where Tess is enrolling her son Liam in school.

message 12: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments I finally got to the point where Cecilia opens the letter, and the chapter ended! Any thoughts as to what it is about? Something about their daughter Isabel? I think it has to have something to do with the death of Janie. Any ideas?

message 13: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) The husband's secret was a good one... light read... hope u ladies enjoy it.... happy reading :-) :-)

message 14: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Thanks Misha! I might have to read a little during my lunch just to find out!

message 15: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments i got to the point where she read the letter and is now facing a dilemma as to what to do....i seriously thought that john paul was also having an affair..but the letter was quiet shocking...
and i really hate felicity...what about u?

message 16: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) The whole episode of Felicity and Tess and her husband ( i forgort his name) was weird..

message 17: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments you wouldn't call it weird...his name is will...it was just really tormenting what felicity did to her sister...stealling her husband

message 18: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) Ilesha, I think u haven't progressed much... Felicity 'stealing' the husband is nothing as far as what Tess goes on to do.... :-P:-P

message 19: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments omg...now i thnk the plot thickens...:P
gng back to reading the book ASAP..;)

message 20: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) hehehe :-P:-P

message 21: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments The situation with Felicity and Tess is complicated, to say the least. It is interesting listening to Tess work through everything in her mind. Thinking through her own reasons for her and Felicity being so close. Very intriguing. I really don't like the situation at all. I think Tess is right to be mad at both of them. I think the best thing she could do was get away. It will be interesting to see how far she goes to keep her 'family' together, versus getting divorced.

Sometimes fate steps in too. Maybe Tess will go on to find a truer better love? Maybe she can forgive, or who knows what she might do!

I still have not gotten to the part where Cecilia reads the letter! I won't have time to read until this weekend :(.

Any thoughts about how Rachel and her daughter Janie are connected in all this? How is Cecilia connected to Tess? I am guessing the three women are somehow connected?

message 22: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments you have to keep on reading to find out...i dunt want to spoil ur fun...:P
n misha i got wat u meant by "weird"...
p.s cuz of u creating suspense i read the whole book yesterday in one go...:P

message 23: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) @Ilesha... how did u like it?? a quick, entertaining, light read ryt??

@Cariann... read on ;-)

message 24: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments yes i enjoyed it...:)
so what r u reading currently?

message 25: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) plodding thru The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt... have u read it??

message 26: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments no...read the summary, book seems interesting...
how is it so far?
i'm thinking of reading will grayson by john green...how is it?

message 27: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) Goldfinch good so far, though quite slow :-/:-/

Will Grayson... that's next on my radar... should nail The Goldfinch first :-P:-P

message 28: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) Goldfinch good so far, though quite slow :-/:-/

Will Grayson... that's next on my radar... should nail The Goldfinch first :-P:-P

message 29: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments well all d best with ur book...;)

message 30: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments I finally got to the part about the letter. The book is getting better by the minute and I really liked it to the begin with!
I read through Cecilia's reaction throughout the day. Loved it when Tess stepped in to help Cecilia out. I can't believe I did not see the reason why he wrote the letter! After I read about the conversation between Cecilia and her mother in law I had to put the book down.
I do not have kids, yet, but I can imagine how the mother would have made her choice, and how hard Tess's decision is. I could not imaging myself in the situation.

I really feel for Rachel too. I like how the author is portraying how much she thinks someone did the deed. I think it really shows how 'human' we are.

I am enjoying seeing Tess come into her own. I want Tess to find love and happiness, confidence. I am still waiting to see what she does in regards to Felicity. I cannot wait to read more.

message 31: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments I listed to Will Grayson on audio, loved it! The narrator(s) do an amazing job with the voices and bring the story to life. I am pretty sure the audio book made it even better.

I have not read Goldfinch yet. I heard it is good but LONG.

message 32: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) Cariann.... a whopping 800 pages :-| :-|

message 33: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments 800! Oh goodness, you will have to let us know how it is :)

message 34: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments sudden chnge in plans girls...i'm currently raeding "i've got ur number" by sophie kensella....its a chick lit....
i just tried audio book once n it was not so nyc...
hey cariann can u send me the audio link?

message 35: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments I buy my audio books either from Audible.com (http://www.audible.com/) or from Amazon Kindle Whispersync. They both can be listened to on your phone with the audible app.


message 36: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments Audible has daily deals (Books for USD $3 or $4) which is how I came across Will Grayson.

message 37: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments I finished this weekend. Great Book. I am still debating if I liked the ending, related to Tess & Will, and Cecilia's husband not being sent to jail. I loved the extra part at the end where the author gives differing story lines. I commend Tess for staying with Will for their son. It seems like this time apart may help them be closer in the long run. Interesting how the author leaves it open ended. Sometimes this frustrates me, but not this time. It felt very much like real life would. Sometimes you just don't know how things will turn out.

message 38: by Ilesha (new)

Ilesha | 33 comments me too just loved the epilogue...it was really amazing...the way the author describes all the possibilities that could have happened or will happen....
btw i just finished I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella its realllllly gud....
i thnk u both should read it...
n thnks for d link cariann...really appreciate it.. :)

message 39: by Cariann (new)

Cariann (caria) | 27 comments I added it to my want to read list. It looks funny.

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