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message 1: by Michelle (last edited May 03, 2018 07:35PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Michelle | 220 comments I'm not done yet so no spoilers please but I wanted to say I EXPECTED MORE and was curious how others who have read this felt.

I'm not against giving up on books, but I saw a preview for the tv show and was like oh that looks good, oh it's based on a book? oh this book sounds great! and i feel kind of meh now that I'm reading it. normally i give up on meh books because life is too short, but i really want to know what happens.

Tell me your feelings bookworms!!

message 2: by Stephanie (new) - added it

Stephanie (stephanie-somanybooks) | 661 comments Mod
This one has been on my TBR off and on for years. I think I've seen an episode or two of the TV program but it seemed a bit too "soap opera"-ish and that's sort of a turn off for me. I'm not sure I want to read this any more and your post supports that thought, lol!

message 3: by Rhonda (new) - added it

Rhonda | 309 comments I've heard the first book is rough and the characters are extremely unlikable, but it's worth it if you read the whole trilogy. Apparently there's a lot about the characters growing and changing throughout the series. I do plan on reading it eventually, but I don't think it's for everyone.

Michelle | 220 comments Just finished. Wasnt worth it in my opinion. I dont even really have anything against the characters. It was just a weird story. It had cool elements but not enough structure and weird abrupt changes.

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