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Turner [hiatus] giving up my claim on leprechaun

Turner [hiatus] greek - personified concept - pheme

message 3: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 135 comments

please remove my claims on

ecne (celtic major)
phrike (greek personified)
takemikazuchi (shinto major)
atë (greek personified)

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bb (boxboy) could you please remove all my claims

message 5: by bb (new)

bb (boxboy) ur a mod u can't say that

message 6: by bb (new)

bb (boxboy) that's what i thought, thot

message 7: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 7 comments Your Username: Jacob
Deity Name: Epiphron
Deity's Pantheon: Greco-Roman
RP Sample:
Ethan felt it burning under his skin. The world around him was starting to spin over and over and over again. This was the final test he had to pass in order for the primordials to accept him. He had trained for this moment his entire life. Even looking back to his childhood he recalled the lessons his parents taught him trying hard to raise him to be the best divine entity that he could possibly be. He was a mortal god, but at this moment as his pencil rolled from his fingers to the floor, he only felt like a man.
Beating his fist against his desk he cried for a moment watching a single tear fall against his notes before him. "Have I not served as a man should? Have I not proven worthy of being a god? Why do I feel that I am destined to fail?" His questions seemed more like prayers each carelessly followed by a tear.
Shoving all his papers into the floor out of frustration Ethan became more composed only if the papers were the only fracture to his composure. His puffy red eyes, running nose, and look of defeat would certainly unnerve anyone who knew him. If Ethan felt defeat how could those around him look to him for guidance. He stared aimlessly at himself in the mirror as he noted everything about himself that would be fixed once he reached his true divine potential. Gripping the edges of his sink tightly he sighed and walked toward his door. The mess of papers by his desk remained his only mess, but to him the world was his mess and problem to fix.
His hand touched the cool metal of the knob and turned it slowly as the muffled sounds of first years entering the corridor became a symphony of puny voices. He sighed and smiled opening his room door to greet anyone with a smile.

message 8: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 7 comments Your Username: Jacob
Link to Another Finished Character:
Deity Name: Eros
Deity's Pantheon: Greco-Roman
Am I required a different rp sample for each claim?

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