Rams Adolescent LIterature Spring 2018 discussion

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (drld) | 17 comments Mod
Controversial! I will be anxious to read your thoughts. It is a very serious topic, for sure.

message 2: by Erica (new)

Erica Morales | 14 comments Good book. I can see how this would be controversial book, but also an important topic because I think in our time now teens go through so much. I feel like teens are so wrapped up in their lives, social media, and being popular that they don't realize how their decisions affect someone's life.

message 3: by Gely (new)

Gely Ortiz | 17 comments I love how real life this book is. The struggles and things teens face now days in school but I would have much rather preferred a positive solution to this.

message 4: by Kourtney (new)

Kourtney Danielle | 15 comments This book was very heavy. Because I have not watched the show, I did not truly know what to expect. The plot was devastating from every perspective but that's what made this particular novel authentic. I loved the way in which it was written, also.

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