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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Where Wren will go! :( Kind of sad. ))

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Hannah Rose Harmony lays in bed and looks at the could this happen she thinks first day here and I'm in the hospital.

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When Ronnie arrived at the hospital wing, she saw rosie there, and cain, laying unconcious. Guilt jack-hammered her, she didn't know why. Did she felt bad that her people attacked her friend?
"Rosie..." she called her. "I'm sorry." For causing this, she didn't say.

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"He is stubborn, you know." she sighed. "He is not gonna die that easily. Now, what about your arm? You gotta treat the wound properly."

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Cain it isn't okay to let go you have Rosie! ))

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((Nooooo don't die!!))

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Ronnie sighed, and she walked to the other side of the bed. She pulled herself closer to Cain's head and whispered to his ear, even thought he probably won't hear it anyway. "You gotta wake up, Cain." she said. "Rosie's here. Don't you dare die in front of her. Wake up, so I can slap your damn head for making her worried."

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( * Takes deep breath, lets out cry* Cain please be alright... ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Maybe he is just temporarily injured but it will heal.. ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Can that not likeliness be false then he lives so Rosie & Cain can have children & lives happily ever after together and then have grandchildren. Abbster, you have no idea how worried I get when I see 1 new post on the Hospital Wing ~ I'm afraid you've killed Cain XD))

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Hailey (haileyreiss) (( ... No ... ))

message 12: by Δ|вσω (new)

Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Common Cain pull out all you've got left, live.... ))

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Hailey (haileyreiss) (( Yes, and I've read the book.. This does remind me if it, now that I think about it. ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Say something I'm giving up on you ~ The If I Stay theme song ~ ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Oh, Abbster! ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Abbster, I will do anything, anything, for you if you make Cain live.... ))

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 686 comments (( Yes, this is indeed "If I Stay" material... ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Common Cain wake up! ))

message 19: by Δ|вσω (new)

Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( No, don't do it Abbster, don't do it.. ))

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 686 comments (( Maybe I'll wait for this Rain scene to calm itself, rather than interrupt with an annoying duke in the middle of a heartwarming bit of history here. ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Yeah, the royals will wait over in the corner! ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( :) ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Hi, Shad! ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Now everytime I see it rain I will think of Goodreads The Selection Semi-Advanced RP! ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Cain, wake up! ))

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((Cain wake up!!!!!))

message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (monsosar) | 971 comments ((Cain......NOO! I have finally emerged from my silent stalking. lol There is so much going on I can't keep track!!

Poor Rosie, Rain must live!))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( No please, Abbster. Please, no! ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( HE CAN'T DIE! IF HE DIES I, I, I MUST STOP THIS! ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Poor Rosie needs comforting. Rosie do you need comforting? ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Abbster, you're making me cry. xD))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( He is gonna wake up...or is he....please wake up... ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Okay...I'm not stalking.... ))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( YES!!! ))

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Sarah (monsosar) | 971 comments ((That was beautiful Abbster... :'( but he LIVES!))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Oh my gosh! ))

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Ronnie had been waiting outside the room, hut when she heard that Cain already woke up, she could not bring herself to care about giving them space anymore. She rushed back to the room and walked quickly to his bed. "You are the top of the hierarchy of asses, how dare you make everyone worried?!" She barked at him. Ronnie's hand was ready to slap the back of his head, but she stopped and instead, patted his forehead awkwardly. "Still gonna slap your head, by the way. And welcome back." She said with a smirk.

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"Thank me later. Because you passed out, I have to covered you with the whole get rid of the rebels. We were kinda outnumbered." She wrapped her hands in front of her chest. "I think they went easy on me because I'm a maid in dress and they thought I can't kick their asses. Their loss." She crooked a smile.

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((I think Ronnie gets softened. But it's Ronnie, we never know what's in her mind.

Petition to make her the official antagonist. :P))

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 686 comments (( Don't mind me, Rain. Just sticking a royal here... Nothing important. ))

William was rather angry with himself. Maybe he should have allowed his cousin to fuss over his wounds longer, but right about now he wasn't getting fussed over by females he happened to love, but by doctors that only knew him well because he was a clumsy one and happened to get hurt easily. It wasn't just unpleasant to be in the hospital wing with Will, because it was incredibly amusing. Currently he lay on a bed, looking very grumpy indeed, his arms crossed over his chest, one of his hands bandaged. He had a scratch on his cheek that had been cleaned and was currently healing, not a serious cut. It gave his handsome face a sort of adventurous look. He didn't seem to like it, though. The doctors were taking care of his sprained ankle, and despite how careful William usually was with his vocabulary, he let a few curse words escape while they twisted his foot back into place. It was disgusting and horrible and he hated it. A deep, bloody wound had been bandaged on his chest, and another on his leg. He hadn't exactly gotten shot. He just suffered from deep grazes from bullets, though none of them had actually gotten in.
So now William waited moodily, wearing what could only be his fancy, silky pajamas, for his cousin to come to him and keep him company. He felt the Queen would only think of checking on him whenever he gets back to his own room. Much more private that way...

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No, you could've been killed because my lack ability in leading those rebels "Yes, Cain. Yes you are." She grinned. "You owe me like, mountain of burgers."

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((Sassy ronnie is sass.))

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Sarah (monsosar) | 971 comments ((Ello))

After hours of waiting for news of William and the princess Echo had wondered around her room and done a few new sketches. She had been getting anxious with the amount of time William had been gone on his search, so when she caught word from Maggie that he was back and wounded she was out the door in a matte of seconds.

When Echo had gotten to the hospital wing she walked down the hallway towards the room she was told William was in. Know one had yet informed her on his condition or the wounds he had gotten so she was hoping for very little injury to have fallen on William on his rescue. She opened the door just a crack to see who was inside and found William moping alone. She smile to her self, he looked like he was pouting. Her smile though quickly vanished when she saw the bandages in his torso and ankle. "Oh my goodness what happened?!"

message 44: by Δ|вσω (last edited Aug 08, 2014 05:52PM) (new)

Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Can Louise join to see William? Be right back in like a few minutes or so!))

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 686 comments William nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the door open. He calmed himself when he saw it was Echo, and managed a small smile when he heard her speak to him. Well, he wasn't bored anymore, that's for sure. "A number of things I don't really remember. The search for my cousin proved to be quite difficult and not exactly any sort of safe," he said, trying to sit up, wincing when he did. He looked a little comical, for he also had white bandages wrapped around his head, a tiny bit bloodstained, his black hair peeking out the top in all directions. He wasn't very comfortable, aching all over. He felt a little bulky with bandages all over him, but really just having some time to speak with Echo was good enough to make him forget the stings and pains all over his body. "I'm glad to see you... I suppose getting stuffed in here isn't as bad if you're willing to sit with me for a few minutes," he told her, giving her one of his usual charming smiles, despite his current state.

(( I wouldn't mind. What do you say, Sarah? ))

message 46: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (monsosar) | 971 comments ((I wouldn't. But be patient with me and wait at least a little bit. I'm at work and will be ghosting.))

message 47: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 686 comments (( That's quite all right, dear. Don't worry. ))

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Sarah (monsosar) | 971 comments ((Alright))

She rushed over to his side inspecting his wounds. Double checking if they were alright even though the doctors probably did their job right. "I would to stay a while," her smiled widened and she flushed a bit at his grin. Echo didn't understand why he had that effect on her, but she didn't mind. "Anything you want to talk about dear William?"

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 686 comments William smirked now, looking mischievous and playful, as if he were about to crack a joke. "I would like to talk about how flattered I am that you seem deeply worried about me, but I feel I owe you some answers, as I barely let you know about myself while you've opened up to me before. I'd like you to ask me anything. I'll reply honestly," he told her, looking up to her face, his eyes lingering over hers before flickering away. He seriously had to stop enjoying himself while looking at her. He wasn't allowed to feel anything for any of the Selected, even if it burned and was hard to put out.

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Sarah (monsosar) | 971 comments "Well we can start where we left off from last time," his eyes were so dreamy, even though she had thought that and then thought that she thought that, that was weird (I'm sorry I'm bored). But it wa true his eyes captivated and held her until he broke the hold. She realized that when he first met him he was a serious but now he was smiling her like he couldn't help it, Echo couldn't help but smile when she was around him

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