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Diane S ☔ Starting Monday, a short one.

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Diane S ☔ Looks like they do not list chapters so let's comment at 33%. Angela, saw you finished your last book. Are you both starting this today?

Angela M (On a little break) I think I’ll start tonight since I’ve got some things going on tomorrow and won’t have a lot of time to read . 33% is good .

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Diane S ☔ Do either of you have The Removes The Removes by Tatjana Soli or A Shout in the Ruins by Kevin Powers A Shout in the Ruins for next months read.

Will start tonight too, back to work stress tomorrow.

Angela M (On a little break) I have The Removed but not the other . Little Brown doesn’t approve me very often :(

Angela M (On a little break) Hope it’s not too stressful of a day , Diane!

Esil I just realized I hadn’t set myself up with this link and missed your conversation yesterday.

I just read up to 40%. I’m loving it so far. It seems like one of those books that is deceptively simple. Lots of big emotions packed into few words. There’s an underlying sadness and tension. I love the opening part with the painting. I’m so curious to find out what happened to Michael.

I have The Removes and would be happy to make it our June read.

Angela M (On a little break) I got up to 40% too and not sure I can add much to what Lise has said . My reaction is exactly the same. I can feel the sadness and I just love the writing- quiet but filled with emotion. I love these books that are so introspective. I can’t wait to see what happened to Michael either.

I remembered what the sunflowers looked like but went to look at the images online. I wasn’t aware there were multiple paintings . Beautiful!

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Diane S ☔ When I first started this it read like a book that will end up breaking my heart. Referencing the title and the tin man who wanted a heart. I am loving the simpleness of this, the clarity of prose. I too wonder what happened to Michael. I have a feeling it is not going to be good.

Angela M (On a little break) I got up to 70% and I just don’t know what to say except how incredibly sad this is . I love these characters and just can’t fathom what Ellis is going through having lost most every one he loved .

I had to put it down for a while when reading Michael’s journal. Phew ! Talk about lump in my throat. I’ll get back to it later. I’m almost afraid!
This is so beautifully written.

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Esil We're right in step, Angela. I just reached the 70% mark, and feel much as you do. Although it's really hard to read, I'm grateful to get a chance to read the story from Michael's perspective. Heartbreaking but beautiful. I expect to finish tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Diane S ☔ I'm there too, and yes I feel so for both of them. Ellis has no one but hopefully after reading Michael's story he will venture out again. He started to by going to that party. How did we manage to read two books in a row highlighting the AIDS epidemic? Kismet I guess.
May finish tonight but won't post my find thoughts until after work tomorrow.

Angela M (On a little break) I just finished this and it will be 5 stars hands down !

I don’t even know what to say except I feel kind of drained but I was able to breathe in the end. This for me was one of those book hangover reads. I’m glad it was short because I found it hard to read because of how sad it was . Loved these characters and the depth of their love for each other .

I think my review will be very short and I may post it later.

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Esil I just finished it too. I'm really not sure how such a short novel can pack so many powerful emotions. It is interesting how many recent novels deal with the AIDS epidemic of the 80s and 90s. So parts of the story left me a bit confused, but I loved the characters and the emotions. I'm between 4 and 5 stars. I'm going to write my review later today

Angela M (On a little break) Lise, what were the things that left you confused?

I agree , such a short book with so much there .

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Diane S ☔ Won't write my review until tomorrow but I did finish last night. I loved it too, this is the quiet, but emotionally stirring kind of book I love. I am a little confused about the timeline. After he disappears, Michael does reappear in their lives, but does he disappears again. As Annie was dying she told Ellis to go find him, so he must have gone off Shaina but I can't figure out why? Angela or Lise, is this clear to you? Did I miss something?

Angela M (On a little break) Diane, I remember Annie telling him to go find Michael but I think it was in the years after Mabel died when he kind of disappeared . If I remember correctly, both Annie and Michael were already dead from the accident before Ellis got to the hospital.

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Diane S ☔ Okay that makes sense, the skipping around lost me for a bit. My head is spinning from work, which is just so frustrating. I know how to order now, figured it out, but the Swan server is too small for the amount of libraries on it, so it takes forever to run reports, which is a necessary function of ordering and downloading records. Absolutely ridiculous.

Will rate this 4, I loved the story, loved the characters, but as I said found the time switching, what happened when, a little confusing.

Angela M (On a little break) There were a lot of flashbacks interspersed with the present and I felt I really had to focus to keep tract of what the time was too .

Angela M (On a little break) Diane , I hope they can figure out the issues !

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Esil You’ve just cleared up what was confusing me. I couldn’t figure out whether Annie and Michael dies at the same time and how. It does seem that Ellis goes to the hospital and they are both dead, but the story never circles back to tell us much about how that happened.

Angela M (On a little break) Lise ,I don’t remember finding out how it happened- just that there was a car accident.

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Esil Just posted my review:


Looking forward to our June read!

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