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message 1: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Green (adrianmichael) | 26 comments Hello, seems there are two people with the name "Adrian Michael" on here -- mine is the "Goodreads Author" account and I would like the books under the other Adrian Michael to be taken from that account and placed under the correct one. Books with titles "Trailing" and "electromechanical..." aren't mine --

The titles to be transferred are:
Blooming Hearts
Notes from a Gentle Man
For Hearts That Ache.

Thanks in advance. Also, how can this not be an issue in the future? seems the other Adrian Michael ( 1 space between that name) and mine (two spaces between my name) will be in constant battle as they don't use this site...

message 2: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Green (adrianmichael) | 26 comments Also, once transferred -- the books with no image, can I add the cover image or how do I do that?

Thanks again.

message 3: by annob (last edited May 04, 2018 10:04AM) (new)

annob | 1728 comments Working on it
Hi Adrian,
all done. The books you linked to are moved to your author profile page and missing cover art added, sourced from

Regarding how to avoid issue in the future; the key is to create a book record on your own author page, and make sure it has ISBN or Kindle format ASIN entered. Those are the fields which automated imports to Goodreads from retail sites match up, not author names. Or wait for the auto-imported book to show up on Goodreads, and ask a Librarian to move them to your page just as you did now. The latter is quick and easy for us volunteers to do, should you chose this option for your future books as well.

message 4: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Green (adrianmichael) | 26 comments Thanks for working on this and providing that feedback.

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