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message 1: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (talesandteacups) | 76 comments Mod
Hey all! I am excited to announce that the T&T book club pick for May - June will be "Ture Colors" by Kristin Hannah.

I picked up my first Kristin Hannah book 7 years ago and since then, I have fallen in love with her work. I am especially happy that she has gained some popularity here on BookTube due to the success of "The Nightingale."

Here is the synopsis:
The Grey sisters have always been close. After their mother's death, the girls banded together, becoming best friends. Their stern, disapproving father cares less about his children than about his reputation. To Henry Grey, appearances are everything, and years later, he still demands that his daughters reflect his standing in the community. Winona, the oldest, needs her father's approval most of all. An overweight bookworm who never felt at home on the sprawling horse ranch that has been in her family for three generations, she knows that she doesn't have the qualities her father values. But as the best lawyer in town, she's determined to someday find a way to prove her worth to him. Aurora, the middle sister, is the family peacemaker. She brokers every dispute and tries to keep them all happy, even as she hides her own secret pain. Vivi Ann is the undisputed star of the family. A stunningly beautiful dreamer with a heart as big as the ocean in front of her house, she is adored by all who know her. Everything comes easily for Vivi Ann, until a stranger comes to town. . . . In a matter of moments, everything will change. The Grey sisters will be pitted against one another in ways that none could have imagined. Loyalties will be tested and secrets revealed, and a terrible, shocking crime will shatter both their family and their beloved town. With breathtaking pace and penetrating emotional insight, True Colors is an unforgettable novel about sisters, rivalry, forgiveness, redemption---and ultimately, what it means to be a family.

Hannah always does an amazing job at creating her stories around complex female relationships, whether it is between mother and daughter, friends, or in this case, between sisters.

The deadline to finish this book and submit your comments or video commentary will be June 22nd. As always, if you would like to be featured in my discussion video please email me at talesandteacupsbooks@gmail.com.

If you plan on reading this or have any questions, please let me know :)

I look forward to reading this book with you!


message 2: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (talesandteacups) | 76 comments Mod
True Colors is the 7th book by Kristin Hannah that I have read. Obviously with how much I have loved her previous work, I had really high expectations going into this novel. I have really enjoyed how her books focus on the complexities between female relationships and because of this, I expected this novel to have such a strong emotional impact on me. This book fell flat in every way.

First of all, several times throughout the novel the author makes a point of reminding us that the sisters are very close but they felt everything but that. The first 75% of the novel dealt with the sisters acting like they were in middle school even though they were grown women. They were fighting over boys, making immature decisions, and holding grudges that lasted over a decade. I did not like how Winona was constantly referred to as fat as if her identity was her being overweight. Aurora was just there to keep the peace between the two sisters. We do not learn to much about her and I don't think she even had a pulse. Then there is Vivi Ann. There are so many things that I would like to say about Vivi Ann. She is the type of girl that I hated in high school - she is a taker. Everyone gives her the world but she just takes from those around her. She falls in and out of love. She lies to get out of trouble and she is completely oblivious to how her actions impact those around her. She puts her own needs in front of what is best for her family and runs away leaving those around her to pick up the mess that she made. Dallas really drove me nuts. He only says about 5 lines throughout the entire book so it is not like we get to know him. He has anger problems, is possessive towards Vivi Ann, and even though part of the book focuses on how people have misjudged him, there was something off about him. You know when you just meet someone and you have this gut feeling that something about that person is off and your warning signs go off? Well that is how I still feel about Dallas.

Needless to say, this book was a major disappointment.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisa_angel) | 23 comments Hey Lexie thanks for picking another great book and I'm sorry it disappointed you. One of the things I love about reading and sharing thoughts is that so many people can read the same book and have very different thoughts, emotions and perspectives. I totally understand your perspective and agree with your thoughts. There are so many things I could talk about with this book but I'll pick a few and keep it short.

I actually enjoyed this book. It took me through a mixture of emotions and I was hooked all the way to the end. The character I identified with the most was Winona. She's an educated woman but struggles with insecurities especially about her weight and I can totally relate. The author was able to capture the dialog we have with ourselves sometimes and how they shape our decisions and how we treat others. I have to make the conscious decision to focus on positive thoughts and realize that people don't see my weight but me as a person.

Throughout most of the book, Winona saw things the way her father did because she so desperately wanted his approval but in the end, she had to realize she didn't really need it. She made judgments about Dallas and rightfully so because of the way he presented himself and I really didn't care for him either. Her dislike for him caused her not to be supportive of her sister Vivi Ann's decision to marry him and I really don't blame her because she had to speak the truth as she sees it. She struggled with her jealously of her sister Vivi Ann and I could understand because Vivi Ann was clearly their father's favorite and he raised her to be a self-centered brat. She got engaged to a man she clearly didn't love only to cheat on him with Dallas and had the nerve to get mad at Winona for telling her fiance. However, I did admire her dedication to Dallas after he was sent to prison.

Aurora was definitely the peacemaker of the three sisters and I feel bad because she clearly had her own personal struggles but no one really cared. They were so caught up in their own lives to realize her pain and she didn't talk about her pain because she was so busy trying to make peace. I was glad that in the end, she did find the strength to find her small bit of happiness.

I think my favorite character in this book was Vivi Ann's son. We were able to see and understand the pain he had growing up without his father and the strength he showed to fight for his father's release from prison. In the end he proved to be the strongest in the family. The saddest person in this book was the sister's father and I was sad that he never changed his ways and he's still a bitter man.

message 4: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (talesandteacups) | 76 comments Mod
Hey Lisa! I am glad that you enjoyed the book. I totally agree with you in that having two different view points for a book leads to a good discussion.

It was interesting to see your perspective of the sister's relationships and how it changed over the years. The author did a really good job at showing the complexities of sisters and how despite their differences, they are stronger together than apart.

Vivi Ann was a really annoying character who never really seemed to grow up. However, I enjoyed seeing her character development following Dallas' arrest.

I agree with you in regards to Vivi Ann's son. I believe that by telling the story through his journal entries, we are really able to see how growing up without a father really impacted him. This last section of the book was my favourite and it was where I found myself to actually be invested in the storyline.

Overall, I am glad you enjoyed this book. The discussion video will be up later this month.

I look forward to hearing from you for the next book discussion :)

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