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Amiya (acgisme) The training chamber for the dark academy

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Amiya (acgisme) "Brooke, don't pay attention to Zane." Lewis said.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke shrugged, "It doesn't bother me." She said softly.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Lucky. Kids like him always get to me." Lewis admitted. He liked Brooke.

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Amiya (acgisme) "So. Why are you so shy?" Lewis seemed unfazed about asking all these questions. "I've found out that shy kids are often the nicest."

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke smiled at bit. "So what can you do?" She asked. She kept her hoodie on not wanting to take it off.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke shrugged, "I have my reasons, and find myself nice mostly." She said.

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Amiya (acgisme) Great. Lewis thought. I've scared her off again. "I can control darkness and shadows. What about you?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((brb))

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Amiya (acgisme) ((Ok))

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Amiya (acgisme) ((Jennifer?))

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Amiya (acgisme) ((I have to go… finish this tommorow?))

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((Back so sorry had to get ready for bed))

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((Yea :))

Brooke looked at him, "Shadows." She said simply.

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Amiya (acgisme) (( thanks))

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((Your welcome :) ))

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((Adding this))

Brooke looked down she thought he was nice. She never actually had anyone talk to her before. She put her hand around her hoodie. The hoodie was white with what looked like paint splotches on it. "Why did I wear the white one!" She thought to herself. She looked at her hand and saw a little blood on it. "Great." She thought.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Cool. I wish I had better control over shadows." Lewis admitted sheepishly,

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke smiled, but kept her hand on her hoodie. She didn't want him to see blood.

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Amiya (acgisme) "So. What's with the hoodie?" Lewis asked playfully. "Are you too cold?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke looked at him, "I just find them comfortable." She said bitting her lip. It was a part lie.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Ok." Lewis could tell she was hiding something. But he didn't really care. It wasn't like he had permission to interrogate her. "So, if you want to train together.…"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She nodded, and went over to the corner of the room. She slipped off her hoodie. She wore a short sleeve shirt underneath it. She looked at her arm, and grumbled under her breath. There was a splotch of blood on her arm from a cut that happened just that morning.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis felt immediately bad. He didn't know how to act around Brooke. He wasn't very good around girls. He stood up awkwardly and walked over to the small archery range. He grabbed a bow, and started making arrows out of darkness.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke closed her eyes, "He won't notice all these cuts." She told herself. She turned, and walked back over to where he was. "Ah archery." She said smiling.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Yeah. I'm trying to learn." Lewis smiled. "Do you know how?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments "I know a little." She said her accent starting show now that she was talking more. She got a bow, and an arrow. She closed her eyes making the arrow full of shadows. She got into a stance, and pulled the arrow back. She closed her eye, and released it. the arrow spun, and hit the target dead center.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Woah!!" Lewis seemed amazed. "A little! That was a great shot!" He was a little louder now. "And I like your accent."

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke blushed, "Thanks." She said. She handed the bow to him palm up. "Here you try." She said.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Ok… you better get out of the way…" Lewis blushed. "I'm not very good."

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke smiled, "I'll help you." She said. She came up behind him. "Put the arrow in place." She said.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Ok." Lewis did that, though it took him a while. "Now what, archer equal to Artemis?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke smiled at his comment. She took the bow placing her hands on top of his. "Follow my movements." She whispered as she pulled the arrow back.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Ok." For once, Lewis was happy to watch and be silent,

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She closed one eye, and released. The arrow hit the target. "Now you try." She said.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis did the same thing, but his arrow splintered. Pieces scattered everywhere. One flew at Brooke. "Brooke! I'm so sorry… are you ok?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke ducked, but one did get her arm. "Yea." She said as she pulled it out.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis looked at the spot the arrow hit. Brooke was bleeding! He raced over to a first aid station and grabbed a bandage. "Here" he gave her the bandage.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke placed the bandage over the spot where it hit her. She ran a hand over her arm where all the cuts were. "Thanks." She said.

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Amiya (acgisme) "No problem. " Lewis noticed all the little cuts on her arm. "Hey, are those from my arrow too?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke held her arms close, and shook her head. "No I did those." She said quietly.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis knew Brooke was an awesome girl. He couldn't understand why she was so shy. "Brooke, what's wrong? I don't mean right now, I mean why aren't you confident in yourself?"

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke looked down she didn't want him to see her cry. "Me and my parents got into a car crash when I was younger. I was the only survivor. After that I became depressed I wanted to die with them, and I still do. I blame myself since I was the only survivor they shouldn't have left." She whispered.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis was appalled. How could Brooke think that? "Brooke, it's not your fault! My parents died in a car crash too. That's why I've been living here for so long. I've been here for 16 years.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke looked up at him her eyes puffy. "R-Really?" She said.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Why would I lie?" Lewis sat down. " I was 2. My parents were picking me up from a friends house, and they were hit. It was like 4 cars, and they had no chance." Lewis remembered the day his friends mom had told him. Even though he was only 2, he understood.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments "I was 13. It was head on." She whispered. She looked down at her hands. "It's just hard." She said feelings tears down her face again. "I had no one." She added.

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Amiya (acgisme) " I understand. Did your parents have the spirits?" Lewis asked gently.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments "What's that?" She whispered.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Dix they host the light or dark spirits? My parents did, and so the light spirits killed them."

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