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Chelsy The book Always Running, by Juis J. Rodriquez is about the struggling life of a boy named Luis. This book shows readers the lives of the mexicans in LA. It vividly describes the violence and pain they had to endure. This book tells us readers of the police brutality of the police and the constant trouble the mexicans landed in. The main character Louis had a rough childhood, he was constantly jumped as a kid and faced discrimination as a kid in school. He was forced to toughen up and join a gang. He faces many trials and danger as a gang member. Throughout the book, he learns more about himself. He gradually began to break free of the drugs and violent days of L.A. and found a passion in writing and organizations for Mexicans. This book is a true masterpiece and story-teller for Mexicans. I recommend this book for anyone that is into drama and learning about the gang days in L.A.

B.B. Powers This book is a hundred percent one of the best books I have ever read. Luis tells it like it is and his intelligence shine through.

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