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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Muse A is an ordinary religious church boy who loves no one but god. He doesn't have any interest in having any relationship, his eyes are set to be God's servant. He was in a wrong place and at a wrong time, he was going to bless with a group of people and a pastor in an abandoned house, which had a lot of bad reputations with occults and satan summoning. He got separated from his group when he went to check out the basement, the hot spot for the occult summoning. He arrived precisely at the same time as a young emo boy tries to summon a demon. Things were going haywire and Muse A stops the boy by pushing him out from the summoning circle, but by doing so he got a cut on his chest and his blood activates the summoning circle. Which then summons Muse B, one of the highest ranking demons in the underworld. Muse A's blood seals the contract between Muse A and Muse B. The contract will end when Muse A dies, but in the meantime, Muse B is stuck with Muse A.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Detailed is fine with me!

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Satan's Sidekick
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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Hahah, and would you mind going first?

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((haha no problem!! I was at work anyways :) ))

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((you didnt!! I just got back to my room lol I'm almost done reading!))

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments The center of the circle began vibrating and humming deeply. The ceilings started crumbling, and the summoning circle lit on fire. The room went pitch black before the lights cracked on. Instead of the lightbulb's deep yellow color, it was now blood red. Kyle stood in the doorway of the room, eyes black. He watched the two humans, snarling and shaking his head. He stepped forward, slowly looking down Claude, his breathing ragged. "You summoned me," He murmured in a dark growl. "But you're a Catholic whore. You have no business with me." He grabbed Claude's shoulders, yanking him upright. "Alphonse Claude Williams." His black eyes stared deep into his soul. "Will your God save you now?" He snickered, and with the flick of his hand, he sent Claude flying backwards into the wall. He threw his head back in laughter, hands clenching into fists. "God is no savior! He is bullshit. All He does is sit up on his high fucking horse, dictating your whole world. You, a pesky little human, obey. You stand and obey. That makes you bullshit." He clicked his tongue. "Lucifer despises you." He turned to the other teenage boy. "And you." He growled. "Lucifer despises you, too." His eyes fluttered shut. He realized that this God-loving pest will be his own until he dies. Maybe I can kill him, he thought. He wouldn't have to be stuck with Claude for so long. He has a long life ahead of him. "Alphonse Claude Williams..." He turned to him once more. "With your blood, you have sealed a contract between you and I. You are mine until you perish." He walked up to him. "I suggest you forget about that God of yours, so I don't have to end your life so early."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle hissed when Claude spat at him, jaw clenched tight. "For your information, demon, I am no Catholic whore!" He whined in a mocking tone. "My name is Asmodeus." He said, smirking. "Not 'demon'. At least I call you by your name. I thought God was all about forgiveness. What do you have against me?" He smiled kindly, stepping closer to Claude. He wondered why Claude was trying to intimidate him; it wasn't working and it was rather funny. "Oh, Claude, you think you're so brave..." He smiled. "And you think you have it all. Tell my why your group hasn't even realized your absence." He pouted. "You mean nothing to them." He shrugged. "It's sad, really. You're easily forgotten. You must not be that great of a person."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle yawned, snorting along to add to his rude attitude. "I am contradicting. That's the first thing you know about my personality. Congratulations. We're going to be best buds." He smirked. "Maybe the next five years won't be so bad." He chuckled, engraving it into Claude's mind that he'd only be alive for five more years. "Anyways, Claudy, I underestimated you." He raised his eyebrows. "You're not one to give up." He sighed, "It's annoying." He tilted his head to the side to crack his neck. "I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce you to my meat suit." His eyes went from black to green, and he gave Claude a charming smile, sticking his hand out for Claude to shake. "I'm Kyle. It's nice to meet you, Claude." He said, his voice different than before. It was softer, but still quite deep.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus cackled at the boy. "You fucking idiot! I'm so glad it was Claude's blood and not yours." The boy was a disgrace. He looked back to Claude, eyes flicking green again. "Isn't Claudy what your friends call you?" He asked, sighing heavily. "Fine! Fine. No more Claudy." He rolled his eyes. "Anyways. It's what he said. You have me with you forever. To break the seal, you have to sell your soul to Satan, my buddy." He chuckled. "He hates when I call him that..." He cleared his throat. "Anyways... A-anyways... Help me." He said, voice trembling. "He's been in me for years. I... I can't get him out." Kyle placed a hand on Claude's arm, squeezing gently. "P-please... Can you do something?" He sniffed. "I-I don't believe in God, but, but I want him gone. I want him gone. I haven't been able to do something for myself ever since he got into me. Claude, please." He begged.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle looked down worriedly at Claude's hand, wondering how easy it would be to snap it in half. "Thank you," Kyle murmured, looking into Claude's eyes, sighing heavily. "I feel so... Empty..." He furrowed his eyebrows. "He never leaves me alone..." He swallowed thickly when he heard footsteps, stepping away from Claude and dropping his hand from his arm. He was silent until they had exited the room and were well out of earshot from the group. "I can show you where I live." Kyle said. "Also, damn, I'm a great actor. You really believed everything I said." He chuckled. "Thanks, Claude. Not only are you fun to lie to, but you kept me away from your pastor." He snickered. "Now. Do you have a preferred method of transportation?" He asked once they arrived outside. "Hmm... I bet your 'Church Clan' came in a bus with a sign that says 'Jesus saves!'." Kyle laughed again.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle followed Claude down to the van, sighing heavily. He hated this. He had to tag along with humans twenty other times. They summoned him and sealed the contract. He hated it. Maybe it would be different with Claude, since he’s so obsessed with God. It would make this whole ordeal a lot more interesting. “Listen.” Kyle said, hopping into the trunk to sit on the car, watching Claude. “I have much better things to do, but you sealed a contract with me. As much as I don’t want to wander, and as much as you don’t want me here, we really have no say.” He healed Claude’s wound with a snap. “By the way, Kyle says hi. I don’t really let him speak. When I do, he just screams at the top of his lungs. It’s annoying.” He ran a hand through his hair.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle shrugged. “I guess I can do ground rules,” he said, “but if they consist of me not talking, then I will not accept.” He then sighed when Claude asked about his soul. “Kyle,” he said, “why don’t you tell Claude what happened to you? I swear, if you scream, I’ll tear your fucking insides apart.” He went quiet for a moment and dropped his head. When he looked up at Claude, he started shaking. “I was stupid.” He said softly. “I was with my friends, at college. We used a Ouija board. I was certain the thing wouldn’t work, and I broke the planchette before we started to use it. After a while, all my friends left when they thought it was too creepy and I had to put the game away myself. I stopped the game without saying goodbye. Asmodeus possessed me in my sleep. I almost killed my roommate when he got too close to me that night.” Kyle frowned, inhaling shakily. “Since then, it’s been the same.” When Asnodeus took over again, Kyle raised an eyebrow. “I like to be in a body because I can’t apparate on Earth.” He said. “This way, I can look handsome not only in my true form, but in this body as well.” He chuckled.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle’s face contorted to a scowl when Claude insulted him. “Oh, Claude, my true form is way too large for your eyes to comprehend.” He smirked, motioning to his crotch. “Way too large.” He sighed. “Lucky for you, I don’t talk too much. But, since it’s our first day together, I felt like giving you a heap of friendliness. We’re going to be roommates, anyways, you better get used to it.” He laughed. He liked how Claude squirmed when he said they were to be friends. “Claude, the fact that you’re bound to me for the rest of your life is not my fault.” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. “It’s yours. You are the one who put yourself in that risky situation,” he pointed to the building. “You, with your God’s work... It doesn’t help. That boy is going to forget about you,” He said. “You took the fall for him, and in a few years, he won’t even care.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle nodded slowly. “God’s plan... God’s path...” he rolled his eyes. “Soon you’ll see it’s all bullshit. I’ll show you. I’ll show you that I’m not the bad guy here.” He sneered. “You stand as one who believes in uniting the ‘children of the Father’, yet you can’t tolerate when a man is with another. Who are you to say that your Holy Bible is the only way to live by? Doesn’t your God love all people? Isn’t that how that works?” He raised an eyebrow. “Or is it just the people who follow the Bible?” He shook his head. “Claude, you are very close-minded. You have no knowledge of the truth. None. It’s disappointing, really. You’re such a smart boy. You could have so much going for you.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle stood quietly beside Claude. This was about to be the worst years of his life. Normally, after a year or so, the gothic teenager would plead and beg for Asmodeus to leave. It is quite annoying with a demon on your shoulder the whole time. But in this case, Claude is a religious freak. He will be much harder to deal with. “Maybe...” he said softly, staring at the ground. “Please excuse me.” He murmured. “I will be back.” Kyle sat on the pavement, placing his head in his hands and crying.

Asmodeus groaned, walking up to Lucifer’s throne. “I have no say in this—“

“You forgot to bow.” Lucifer growled. “I thought you knew better.”

Asmodeus rolled his eyes as he bowed before Him, screaming in pain when Lucifer leaned forward and stuck his fingers into Asmodeus’ eyes. “Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me, peasant.”

“Fuck you!” Asmodeus shouted, yanking Lucifer’s hands away from his face. He clenched his fists, writhing as Lucifer laughed playfully.

“Relax, Azzie. I’m only teasing.” Lucifer sighed. “Mr. Williams is now your slave, yes?” He raised an eyebrow. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time with him. God’s scum.”

“How do I get him to comply?” Asmodeus asked.

“Torture.” Lucifer said. “Rip his soul apart.”

“That sounds a bit crude.” He replied, shrugging.

“You come from Hell. Your entire being is crude.” Lucifer said.

“Yes, and you come from Heaven. How is it you’re King and I’m not?” Asmodeus questioned, smirking. “Maybe someday I’ll take your place.”

“Only one can dream.” Lucifer snarled. “Get back up there.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle sobbed, his body shaking violently. “H-he won’t let me move...” he cried. “I can’t move.” He sniffled. “Asmodeus... When he does this, he goes down under for as long as he pleases... and I stay here, like this.” He cried harder. “God! Oh, God, please help me.” He gasped suddenly, head shooting up. “All this talk about God is really making me sick.” He sighed, standing up and wiping his face. “Kyle is so weak.” He watched Claude. “Maybe I can possess you instead?” He asked teasingly, chuckling. “Anyways, sorry about that. I had to go downstairs for a minute. Satan says hello.” He smiled.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments "I would love to join you. You're so thoughtful, thank you for including me." Kyle grinned. "I can't wait for bible study. Meeting the family already? Boy, I must be special." He chuckled. "You can't get rid of me. I can deliberately follow you wherever you go, and you can't control if I don't come or not." He then listened to Claude's suggestion, nodding slowly. "Okay, deal. I'll let Kyle do as he pleases when I have meetings, as long as you're with him." He sighed. "And, I like Kyle. He's a nice fit." He chuckled. "If you're suggesting for me to possess a dead body, you're out of your damn mind. It's like predator hunting prey. I don't want to catch my meat when it's dead. I like the chase. Besides, when I am not present, the body will be dead, and it won't look so good." He rolled his eyes. "Listen. I take care of Kyle. He eats three meals a day, stays hydrated, fuck, I even let him exercise every once in a while. Before me he barely ate. He was a depressed little college kid."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments "Oh, five years, yes. That is if I don't get annoyed with you before then and off you early." Kyle laughed. "What a joker you are. I've always dreamed of shaking the pope's hand, then ripping it off." He grinned. "Your family will love me. I'm great with kids. Your little cousins will absolutely adore me." He then sighed heavily when Claude mentioned that he was thoughtful. "It's not me being thoughtful, it's just me being a polite guest." He said. "I'm not going to be in Kyle forever; he'll die eventually. After that, I just have to find someone else." He shrugged. "It's no worries, I already have multiple people lined up. I'm afraid that someone will try to exorcise me out of his body. It will surely kill him. It's hard to let me go." He looked up to the sky. "It's happened a few times. They all ended brutally."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Kyle tilted his head to the side, realizing how well Claude did with mind games. "You really are a complicated one, aren't you?" He shook his head slowly. "I know you don't trust me, Claude, I know you never will. Don't worry, I completely understand your decision. You have no reason to trust me." He shrugged. "I don't really want to torment you." He said. "I will leave your family alone. I am not here for any of that. You kept that boy from my presence, that must mean you have some bravery in you. You're confident, but you're confident with thinking that your God will grant you safety. Now, that's what I'm after. I want to show you what it's like to stray away from Him." He said. "Maybe that will be your torment." He said. He heard a car, looking over to see somebody driving towards them. "We should probably go," he told Claude, watching as the car stopped in front of them.

A woman stepped out of the vehicle, long blonde curls toppling down her back. She wore only white, and when she looked at Kyle, he began shaking. "Good afternoon..." She said, slowly walking up to the two. "What seems to be the problem here?"

Kyle turned around, feeling as if his insides were on fire. His eyes went from green to all black, hands curling into fists. There was an angel with them. He felt it. "Claude." He growled. "We need to leave." His voice dropped a few octaves to Asmodeus' regular voice. "Now."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((I really hope what I just did is okay with you haha))

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments The woman nodded slowly, watching Asmodeus suspiciously before sighing. "I will go find Pastor Lucas, then. Thank you." She said before leaving them, walking towards the building.

Asmodeus let Claude lead him away from the angel, her static energy ringing loudly in his ears. When he looked at Claude, he breathed heavily, trying to calm himself down. "Thanks. Nice save." He said, watching the blonde as she entered the building. He then looked back to Claude, gasping for breath. "Sh-she..." He shook his head. "An angel. I started to feel like I was burning alive." He shuddered. "There was this loud ringing in my ears. I couldn't stand it. It was driving me batshit crazy." Asmodeus sighed heavily. "I think they're after me. I think your God knows that I'm here with you." He shook his head. "They've left me alone for so long, those angel freaks. They're back now. They could've banished me from Hell. Sounds great, I know, but they would've locked me up in Heaven." Asmodeus frowned at Claude. "How did you not feel it?"

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus watched Claude with a look of curiosity. "You are a weird one, Claudy." He smiled slightly, at the nickname, following Claude towards the bus stop. Claude was beginning to worry him. He seemed very tough and secure with his opinions about God; Asmodeus was nervous that he'd be stuck with a devoted God-lover for a while. "By the way, I hope you knew I was joking when I said you'll only be alive for five more years." He grinned, leaning closer. "It's three." He chuckled. "Anyways, oh child of God, where can I get a good stack of blueberry pancakes? I am in the mood. Any diners around your place?" He asked, tilting his head. He saw the bus stop ahead, walking towards it.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((hahah me too dude me too... except, like, anti))

"Ooh, eccentric." Asmodeus rolled his eyes, grinning. "Very fancy. Alright, you're an eccentric weirdo." He said. "Better?" He folded his arms over his chest, raising his eyebrows when Claude pinched his side. He lightly hit Claude's hand away, tilting his head. "Touch me again and it will be six months." He smiled at him. He looked up and down the street, growing impatient. How long did it take for buses to come along? He perked up when Claude offered to make him pancakes, looking at him with wide, bright eyes. "That sounds like... Well, that sounds like Heaven!" He chuckled delightedly. "I do love ice cream." He lowered his voice in case anybody walked by the bus stop. "Being in a human for so long has made me appreciate some human things... Especially food. There's a few others on the list."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((me tooo!!))

Asmodeus nodded, "You've been touching me, I've noticed that. But now you pinched me. That's what makes it different." He smiled. "Don't get too comfortable. Kyle doesn't appreciate physical pain." Asmodeus leaned against the walls of the bus stop, shrugging. "What can I say? Kyle has a wicked sweet tooth that I can't seem to cure. Also, pancakes are my favorite. I'll stick with those." He watched as Claude grew curious, chuckling. "Oh, the few others... Hm, television shows, dogs, sex, alcohol, and really comfortable mattresses." He smirked at Claude. "Ever been on a TempurPedic mattress before?"

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments "Kyle says that it's okay." Asmodeus chuckled. "I say it's okay, too!" He then watched Claude curiously. "You have a dog? I'm surprised. You seem to be more of a... Feline freak." He laughed softly. "Like I said, you're eccentric. You also seem pretty quiet. Dogs are energetic. Anyways, I can't wait to meet Brendy." He shook his head slowly as he stepped onto the bus. "We'll have to get you a TempurPedic, then. You can't go your whole life without trying one." He fished some change out of his pocket, paying for the two of them, then continuing down the aisle to a seat in the center of the bus. "You can have the window seat." He said, gesturing for Claude to sit down. This Catholic boy had a lot to learn about the world; there was so much he didn't know. He seemed to have been sheltered ever since he was born.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments (( Hahaa I'm laughing at the 10 laws of god ))

Asmodeus sat beside Claude, sighing heavily. "I will." He told him. Great, now he had to count all of the stops. He slouched in the seat, getting comfortable and waiting for the time to speed up. He looked around the bus, studying each face and all of their expressions. Mostly everyone on the bus looked like they absolutely hated their lives.

Five stops in, Kyle grew extremely bored. He stared out the window, humming to himself and trying to act as humanly normal as possible. He did enjoy acting; so pretending to be a human was one of his greatest feats. Eventually, they finally got to the tenth stop. Asmodeus remembered Claude telling him to wake him up after the tenth stop, not at the tenth stop, so he decided to wait a couple more minutes before he nudged Claude gently. "Hey, Claude, wake up." He murmured.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((No it's not that you forgot it! it's just that he's so afraid of breaking them lmao))

Asmodeus furrowed his eyebrows when Claude complained about what had happened to him. He nodded at Claude's explanation and folded his arms across his chest. "I wasn't bored," he said. "I just looked out the window." He glanced to Claude. "How was your rest?" He asked. He wanted to tell him so badly that he didn't want to be here just as much as Claude didn't want him here. He looked up when he felt the bus come to a stop. "Here we are," he said, standing up. As he walked off of the bus with Claude, he thanked the bus driver and stepped onto the sidewalk. He felt a few raindrops hit his skin, and he looked up to the sky. "We better walk fast." He said. He realized that humans never liked when it rained; they hated getting wet. "Lead the way."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus followed Claude to his house, looking up at the gray sky every few minutes. "I thought that it was your kind who didn't like being wet." He said. "My mistake." He thanked Claude as he stepped through the gate. He watched as Claude opened the door, being happily greeted by Brendy. He couldn't help his smile. Kyle knelt down besides Claude, laughing with delight when Brendy wagged her tail rapidly as she kissed his face. "Thank you, Brendy, thank you!" Asmodeus laughed, looking at Claude. "You have a wonderful dog." He said with a large smile. "Dogs really are great. Maybe you'll let me get one someday in the future?"

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus scrunched his face up when Claude called him a good person. "I'm not." He mumbled, shaking his head. "I just think dogs like me because... I like them." He stood up slowly, entering the house and looking around. The first thing he noticed was the large amount of crucifixes hanging on the wall. He shook his head slowly. "You really need to get your own place, Claude." He said, smiling as he watched him make his pancakes. He sat at the table. "What are you going to tell your family when they see me? Who are you going to tell them I am? Also, how mad would they get if you did move out? This place seems a bit out of the ordinary for me." He looked down when he felt something light brushing against his leg. He looked down to see Brendy sniffing him. The thought of him being good rather than evil crossed his mind again, and he shook his head. He always has been evil; he always will be.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus nodded slowly in thought, processing everything. “Basically the truth...” he hummed. “I could kidnap you.” He said. “We could go to Kyle’s home and stay there.” He said. “Unless, of course, you don’t feel comfortable leaving home.” He felt that it was out of his control. He didn’t want to make Claude’s life choices for him. He knew that he was disappointing Lucifer right now; he couldn’t even think of torturing Claude. Not yet, at least. He’s a strict Catholic, yet he took a demon into his home. Now he’s making Asmodeus his favorite pancakes. He had no reason to torture him. He wished there was some way to break the seal. “Claude... I’m sorry that I can’t break the seal. I would if I could. Trust me, I don’t want to be here as badly as you don’t want me to be here.” He wouldn’t come right out and say that he just didn’t want to hurt or bother Claude. He didn’t want to keep him from what he wanted to do with his life, either. It was hard to focus on trying to keep Claude’s mind off of God, especially when he saw God’s plan in Asmodeus.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus grinned widely, thanking Claude as he set the plate of blueberry pancakes in front of him. He listened to him as he took a bite, eyes fluttering shut and moaning. “These are great,” he said, looking at Claude. “And I know you wouldn’t want to leave your family, but they can figure out how to deal without you. You would move out eventually, right? And you won’t lose yourself. You’re strong. You have a lot of... Faith.” He took a few more bites of the pancakes, shoulders relaxing as he continued listening to Claude speak. He chuckled when he looked up at him. “Thank you, and yes I do sleep.” He said.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus watched Claude carefully. “It wouldn’t hurt to ask them to leave. You can come up with an excuse, maybe. You can say that you want to continue with your faith elsewhere. Say that God is guiding you to somewhere new.” He laughed softly. “And, humans are monsters. I know. But you have nothing to worry about. If you stray away from your faith, it must be God’s plan, right? Maybe down the path you’ll find that you have an even deeper connection.” It was burning Asmodeus to even be talking about this, but he wanted to put some confidence in Claude. Besides, he would rather live with just Claude rather than Claude and his whole family. It didn’t take him much longer to finish the pancakes. He thanked Claude when he took his plate, noticing how tense he seemed. Surely he was, it was the first day he was spending with a demon who would be there for the rest of his life. He stood up, pushing his chair, shuddering. “I figured there would be a lot of those in your room. Don’t worry about it.” He smiled tightly, following Claude into his room. He pulled his face together in disgust as he looked around. “Yeah, your room is...” he gulped thickly, sitting at the edge of the bed. “Apologies.” He dropped his head in his hands, crucifixes falling from the wall. He stood quickly, sighing heavily. “I’m sorry.” He leaned over to pick them up, wincing in pain. “Fuck, just, can you do it? I’m trying so hard to be helpful but it’s not working. I just threw all your prized possessions on the ground.” He frowned at Claude.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus watched Claude as he took the crucifix from him, sighing sadly. “I’m sorry. I am an idiot. I keep forgetting how badly it hurts until I touch one.” He said, watching Claude clean up his room. It was considerate of him to do all of that just for Asmodeus. He nodded to Claude, smiling at him. “Thank you. I’ll be here.” He said, sitting down at the edge of the bed and sighing. This whole ordeal made no sense to him. Why was Claude being so nice? Asmodeus didn’t want to like him at the start, but now, he had no reason to dislike him. Claude had a generous heart, he figured. Even when it came to demons like him. Claude almost made him forget how powerful and evil he was. He was confident knowing that Claude wouldn’t try to harm him and he wouldn’t try to harm Claude. He didn’t know what the future would bring, but he hoped that it would be pleasant rather than tense.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments *Minor trigger warning: Mention of suicide*

Smiling, Asmodeus stood and took the items from Claude. “Thank you.” His smile quickly faded when he watched Claude hurry out of the room. He sighed heavily and made his way to the bathroom, setting his things down on the counter. He brushed his teeth first as he started the shower to let it warm up, overhearing Claude’s crying from outside. He frowned, debating on whether or not he should go out there and try to talk to him. Claude probably wanted to be alone, though. Besides, he was most likely crying because of all the events that took place today. Asmodeus looked at himself in the mirror. Crying was the initial reaction of most when they sealed the contract. In all of his past experiences with this, every single human wanted to take the easy way out. They all committed suicide because of him. They couldn’t live their lives with someone like him by their side. Asmodeus stepped in the shower after he put his toothbrush away and undressed, letting the warm water run over Kyle’s body.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments When Asmodeus finished showering, he turned the water off and stepped out, ruffling his hair before taking the towel and drying himself off quickly. He left the toothbrush on the counter, then wrapped the towel around his waist and looked at himself in the mirror again. He walked out of the bathroom, flipping the light switch off and walking towards Claude’s room. He felt his presence, not having realized he came back inside. He walked into the bedroom, swallowing thickly when he laid his eyes on Claude. “Hey,” he said, grabbing his pajamas from the bed and stepping back. “Are you alright? I heard you, you know. Outside.” He said. He hoped he wasn’t embarrassing Claude. “I’m sorry you’re upset. Maybe I can go somewhere else for the night.” He said. He wondered if he could give Claude a break. He had never been away from the person who sealed the contract for more than a couple hours, so he wouldn’t know how going the whole night without being near each other would turn out.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus was silent for a few moments, locking eyes with Claude. He nodded slowly. “Okay,” he said softly. “Also, Claude,” he moved slowly to sit beside him, looking to the wall. “You’re not hurting me, it’s not your fault. You don’t have to get upset because of that. I’ve been through much worse.” He remembered the last time he encountered angels. Their presence stung him more than any crucifix ever would. They tortured him. He deserved it, sure, but not from them. Asmodeus shuddered at the thought. Reliving it in his mind was making him feel the harsh burning sensation once again. “You could never unintentionally hurt me.” Asmodeus continued. He thought about when Claude said that he didn’t want him to get hurt. It intrigued him. No matter what, he was a demon, after all, and demons are hated and rejected by all Catholics. Claude was different.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus was full of confusion when Claude began to cry. How could the thought of him getting hurt make Claude so upset? “Claude, please don’t cry. I feel like you’re forgetting something here.” He placed a hand on Claude’s back. He was unsure of how to comfort a human. For the most part he knew and felt emotion, but dealing with others was a different story. “I’m a demon. I deserved it, I truly deserved it. I did something bad. I don’t blame them for hurting me. They hurt a lot of demons. I’ve been existing for a long time, now, so it’s expected of me to deal with pain. I can promise you that I’m fine. I don’t want you to cry over this.” Asmodeus felt guilty for even showing that he was in pain in the first place. He shouldn’t have shown his weakness to Claude. Then again, if Claude ever got hurt, Asmodeus was certain that he himself would get pretty upset. Fortunately, Asmodeus could heal him; just like he healed the wound on Claude’s arm earlier.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus inhaled shakily as he listened to everything Claude said. “I can do that,” he said softly. “For you.” He looked from Claude’s eyes to the floor, sighing heavily. “This happened with my first human, the first one to ever seal a contract with me.” He said. “It was a female, her name was Hannah.” He swallowed, looking at Claude with worried eyes. He was afraid Claude would think differently of him, or be afraid of him. “Hannah had a husband. Every night, he’d come home from work, drink, then beat her. Every night. During the day she’d do everything around the house. And during the night she’d be crying herself to sleep on the couch. One night, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I hadn’t known any better at the time, so I wasn’t possessing a body. I was just liferin; I was invisible and only Hannah could feel that I was there. That night, I possessed Hannah. I went into the room where her husband was sleeping and woke him up. He started to yell at me, at Hannah, for waking him up. I stabbed him to death.” Asmodeus frowned. “Hannah was stoned to death for murdering her husband.” He dropped his head in his hands. “I was tortured for ten years; a group of angels locked me up in Heaven and came in every day to hurt me. They would stab me with silver, slap me, punch me... The burn never went away. I still feel it when I think about it. But I know that it was my fault. I betrayed Hannah.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus rested his forehead on Claude’s shoulder, tears running down his face. “It’s been so long,” he said, wrapping his arms around Claude. “I’ve already released all of my anger around what had happened. Now, all that’s left is regret and sadness.” He sniffed, burying his face into Claude’s neck. “I experience so much human contact. I’ve grown to be so emotional. I’m sorry.” He said, lifting his head up to wipe his eyes, but refusing to let go of Claude just yet. “Don’t feel pity for my faults, Claude. There were many things I could’ve done differently in that situation. I put Hannah in danger. I needed those burns to realize that I needed to be more careful when it came to humans.” Kyle slowly pulled away, placing a hand on Claude’s arm and sighing. “I’m sorry to burden you with all of this information.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments The demon grinned, chuckling at him. “Oh, Claude, you have no potty mouth. Not even close.” He nodded at what Claude had followed up with. “So many rules. I’ll need to write them down. But really, thank you. You’re too kind. It’s... eccentric.” He laughed, roughling Claude’s hair. “Yes, I’ll survive in here. I have to get dressed anyways.” He said with a soft smile. “Go take a shower. You are dirty.” He stood up from the bed, grabbing his pajamas and shooing Claude out of the room. “Have fun in there. Sorry if I used all of the hot water.” Asmodeus wondered how Claude had softened to him so quickly, especially when he was emotionally closed off to him only a couple hours earlier. He realized Claude felt sympathetic for him; that was new. Nobody ever felt that way towards Asmodeus.

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Asmodeus closed the door after Claude left, getting dressed in the sweatpants and white tank top. He sighed, looking at himself in the mirror. "We better work out, Kyle, your arms are starting to get flabby." He teased. Shut up. Asmodeus tilted his head and sighed. "Got it." He said, walking back to the bed and sitting down, looking out the window. For some reason, he was afraid of Claude's parents. What if they tried to kick Asmodeus out? What if they thought he was Claude's boyfriend? Being strictly Catholic meant being strictly homophobic. Claude walked into the bedroom, silencing his thoughts. He watched Claude, squinting his eyes when he saw scars on his back. He frowned, looking away. He was positive that Claude did not want him to see those. "Yes, we do..." He said softly. He looked over at Claude, furrowing his eyebrows. "You told me that if I did something wrong, I had to tell you. I want to set a ground rule, too. If somebody hurt you, I want to know who did it and why." His eyes softened even though there was rage burning inside of him. Whoever hurt Claude would not receive the best treatment from Asmodeus.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus froze for a few moments before shaking his head. "Wow... Claude, I'm so sorry." He muttered. "I can't believe you can shrug at that." He laid beside Claude, turning his head to watch him. "Parents don't treat their children like that. You know, that's what I don't understand. A lot of people who are super religious believe in punishment." He frowned. "Your parents believe in punishing their child for thinking outside of the box. It's not okay." He placed his hand on Claude's arm. "You haven't forgotten if the scars are still there. They didn't do that to you just once, did they?" He asked. It broke him to picture such a sweet child like Claude to be whipped for asking simple questions. Asmodeus was even less excited to meet the parents. He wasn't sure if he was ready to look in the eyes of someone who hurt Claude without tearing them apart. He felt protective over him; Claude accepted him for who he was, and Asmodeus was comfortable with him. He felt the need to keep him safe.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus felt his heart sink, and he pursed his lips as he listened to the rest of Claude's story. He shook his head; he couldn't wrap his head around it. "You may not hold grudges... I do." Kyle looked at him, furrowing his eyebrows. "You're not getting hurt anymore. I won't let it happen. We're getting out of here. I can help you when you talk to them tonight about moving out." He sighed heavily. "The compassion you've showed me today has made me change my mind about you. You may love God, but for some reason, you aren't trying to banish me from Kyle, you aren't trying to avoid me... I don't know. You have a big heart. You're forgiving, especially when you don't need to be." Asmodeus felt sick at the thought of Claude's parents beating him again tonight. "I'm not going to let them hurt you anymore, Claude."

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Asmodeus shuddered. What Claude was asking him to do seemed impossible. "Claude..." He swallowed, eyes fluttering shut. Claude's forehead was warm, soft. Asmodeus would do anything to protect him, but he would also do whatever Claude asked him to do. "Okay." He whispered. "Okay. I... I promise." Asmodeus opened his eyes, looking into Claude's. "I really don't want this to happen to you." He murmured. "I'd rather leave now than face it. But... I am going to do as you please. I trust you." He inhaled shakily, feeling weak. He knew what would happen to Claude; he knew he'd have to hear it, be there in the moment and not do anything about it. It will be hard, but he would face it. He trusted himself to try to make Claude feel better afterwards.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus pulled at the roots of his hair; listening to Claude being beaten was torture for him. “Claude... Please be okay,” he muttered to himself. He heard deafening whacks; it sounded as if Claude was being hit with something rather than the hands of his father. He wandered into the next room, trying to calm himself. He figured it was the parents’ room; there was a bed and, of course, crucifixes everywhere. He walked up to the bed, looking at the crucifix right in the middle of the wall. He stared at it, eyes flicking black. The crucifix quickly flipped upside down, two drops of blood running down from it. He stepped back, frowning. Claude wouldn’t want this. He didn’t want Asmodeus to do anything. It was so hard to not leave any trace of himself in the house. He wiped the blood away and sighed before trying to replace the crucifix as quickly as possible. He heard Claude’s parents leave. He bolted down the stairs, freezing in his tracks when he saw Claude. “Claude.” He dropped to his knees beside him, carefully shifting his body upwards and resting his head in his lap. He looked at the damage, noticing his broken arm. “No...” he muttered. “Claude? Can you hear me?”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments (( Idk if you want asmodeus to heal him, or somewhat, or not at all?? ))

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"Shh..." Asmodeus hushed Claude. He held a hand over Claude's broken arm, taking his other hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. He healed the broken bone; it took a while to complete, and once it was done, he sensed another bone fracture. His father had fractured his skull. He held his breath as he focused his strength on Claude's skull. It took more effort to heal that; the skull is extremely important. He finished his skull, nose dripping with blood. He lifted Claude into his arms, carrying him into his bedroom and carefully laying him down on the bed. "Claude, can you see me?" He asked, voice soft. He was afraid that what he was doing would not be enough.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Asmodeus' heart dropped to his stomach. He carefully placed a hand over Claude's, shaking his head. "I don't want you to be in pain, Claude... You're so, so brave." He gulped, mustering up some more of his power to start healing the bruises and abrasions on his face. "You're gonna be okay." He whispered. He had never felt like this before; he'd never felt so protective. More importantly, he'd never cared about someone so much. "I listened to you. I wanted to help, I wanted to do something..." Asmodeus shook his head. "I didn't." He gasped for air as he moved down to begin healing his sides, which were repetitively kicked at and beaten in. "I-I will fix you..." Asmodeus muttered, body shaking as he tried to continue. He became light-headed, falling to the ground beside the bed.

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