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message 1: by Lils (new)

Lils | 6 comments Hi, I’m looking for a historical romance novel that I think I partially read about ten years ago, give or take a few, where the hero worked in a brothel as a sex slave. I think he may have been abducted when he was younger. The book begins with a party. Probably 19th century.

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Lobstergirl | 40728 comments Mod
Where is it set?
Remember the cover?

message 3: by Lils (last edited May 04, 2018 03:35AM) (new)

Lils | 6 comments I believe it was set in England, probably London, but the abduction when the hero was young, if it happened, happened I think abroad, maybe in an exotic locale.

I don't remember the cover (it could maybe had had a gold or beige colour scheme ?) or the publisher. But it was around 10 years ago and it must have been one of the major publishers of historical romances at the time. The plot and hero backstory is very unusual but it was before nowaday's plethora of self-published books so I don't think it came from an obscure hard to find source.

I think the hero might have been abused, or betrayed, and evolved into someone very jaded, trying to survive, but then he encounters the heroine who finds herself somehow at that brothel "party" and he falls for her innocence and strength and they sort of save each other ?

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Lils, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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