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Blanket and Sophie's room

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie walks into the plain room and sits on the bed that is closer to the wall.

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Blanket walked into the room as she wore her white cream robe and had her white cream towel wrapped around her hair. She had her phone out as she walked in and was texting. She didn't notice Sophie until she threw her phone on the bed that was away from the wall. She looked up at Sophie as she smiled. "Oh hey you must be my roommate?" She asked as she started to dry her hair.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) yeah sophie says, im sophie you must be blanket, she says as she looks up from where she was folding her clothes.

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"Yea." She said with a smile. Blanket's phone started to ring as she walked towards it. She picked it up as she sighed. "It's Gabe again." She said to herself. She ended the call as she threw the phone back on the bed and sat down.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie looks up with eyebrows raised "you okay", she says as she slides her nerdy glasses on her face and puts all her clothes away.

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Blanket smiled. "Yea I'm just a little stressed. My cousin keeps calling me. I don't know why." She said as she got up. "Hey if he calls back tell him I'm in the shower." She said as she went into the bathroom.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie yells out" okay I will" she goes back to organizing her clothes and takes out her rag, towel robe and her romper so she can get in the shower after her roommate.

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Blanket closed the door as she cut the shower on. She took off her robe and got in. Her phone started to ring and showed a picture of both Gabe and Austin smiling. She couldn't hear it over the sound of the water and continued to bathe as she started to hum.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie gets up and answers and says" hello"

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Gabe answers her in a questioning tone. "Hello? Is Blanket there? Who is this?" He asked. Blanket kept humming as she started to wash her hair and smiled with closed eyes.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) sophie says" yea blankets im the shower this is her roommate, you must be her cousin she told me if you called to tell you she's in the shower shell be out soon I'll let her know you called. she says in her nervous tone( she's never really talked to a boy before since middle school)

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Gabe smiled. "Okay tell her to call me when she gets out." He said as he let out a light laugh. Blanket smiled as she kept humming and bathing. She cut the shower off after a while.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie says okay, as she smiles and puts her hand on the red hang up button, and lets out a nervous laugh

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) I think she's done would you like me to hang up or just keep you on the phone until she comes out, sophie asks as she blushes

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Gabe smiled as he said no. There was a knock at the door as Blanket walked out of the bathroom with her robe on and her wet hair sticking to her body.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) With the phone hung up Sophie sits down and says clanked your cousin called I think it was a male voice he said to call him back, and do you want me to answer the door

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Blanket smiled as she nodded. She sat down as she dried off and put on a pair of basketball shorts and a sports bra. She dried her hair and put it in a ponytail as she laid on her bed.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie gets off her bed fixes her romper and takes off her glasses then finally gets up to open the door

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Gabe turned around as he looked at Sophie. "Hey is Blanket here?" He asked as he smiled. Blanket was fast asleep on her bed as she smiled in her sleep.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) yeah Sophie says come in as she motion him in then closes the door, and walks towards there bedroom.

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Gabe walked into the room as he looked at Blanket and saw her asleep. He smiled. "Well at least she's resting." He said as he turned to Sophie and smiled. He held his hand out. "I'm Gabriel."

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie takes his hand and shakes it and says" im Sophie her new roommate, I think she's very nice and sweet, she says as se smiles shyly, and blushes but turns away

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Gabe looked at her as he smiled. "Yep. She just needs to rest." Gabe looked at Blanket and turned back around. "Ya know it was nice meeting you." He said smiling. "Maybe we could be friends." He said as he walked towards the door.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) yea ok Sophie says and it was nice meeting you to, would you like me to tell blanket you stopped bye or wat

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"Yea." He said as he smiled and waved her goodbye as he left the room and closed the door.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) yea sophie smiles and tells herself she cant get close to anyone she doesn't want to get hurt again, she grabs her clothes then goes and gets in the shower

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Blanket started to roll around in her sleep as she started to dream. Gabriel headed back to his room and tried to open the door, but it was locked. He smiled as he sat down next to it. Blanket smiled as she kicked her covers off of her in her sleep.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie gets out the shower puts her robe on and heads out and changes into a sports bra and her booty short while her hair is soaking wet

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((Gtg brb in about 10 min.))

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) ((okay))

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie sits on the bed daydreaming while hugging a pillow in her arms, and smiling, then remembers she cant let anyone get close to her ever again

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie looks and sees if blanket is awake and also puts her hair in a bun and turn around to see if shes awake or not

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) ((you there))

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