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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)
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Emily (ebritter) | 5 comments Mod
As you began Crown of Midnight, what were you hoping would happen? Did it come true in the first part of the book?

Louise | 1 comments *spoilers for people who haven't read it yet*
To be honest, before crown of midnight, I wanted Celaena and Dorian to get together and I really thought they would :(. But it didn't happen and I realised that her and Chaol made a better couple, so now i am hoping for that to continue instead :)

Sarah (rollswithscrolls) | 4 comments *spoilers*
I was expecting to see more of Nehemia and possibly see Arobynn again. But I think we will see Arobynn in HoF, hopefully. :) Also, end of Part One, I nearly threw the book in anger and sadness after reading that. D': Also I was kind of hoping that Chaolaena would happen. But it makes me very happy that Dorian, Chaol, and Celaena are still really good friends. Also, I didn't expect Nehemia to ___ before she could give more information and advice to Dorian. Overall, the ending, that was a complete curve ball. There were hints throughout CoM if you paid attention to whenever there was the mention of the Queen of Terrasen. After rereading CoM it all made a bit more sense and obvious that the ending was what was going to happen. Overall, I loved it. <3

Christine (cag2840) | 3 comments Just finished Throne of Glass for the first time. Yeah! Now starting Crown of Midnight

Kitty (kitology) | 1 comments The plot twist killed me. I was jumping on my sofa after I finished the book. My life would be over until HoF

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