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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric Amundson | 4 comments “Finding A Poem” by Eve Merrimack is a sweet little Shel Silverstein style book, with many little poems of varying themes.

For most of the poems in this book they take a casual idea and kind of flip it on its head and expose it to reveal what the poem is saying. This taught me to write what you know, but also what you want others to know. The ending to the very first poem in the book: “Praise of plastic thus we sing, / plastic over everything / keeps us cool and safe and dry: / it may not pain us much to die.” The poem takes something we all recognize though don’t care much about, the articificiality of our lives, and can really make a message out of it by saying we’re already living in a world that’s dead. It certainly doesn’t spark a riot on plastic or anything, but it gets you thinking.

A great thing about books like these, with many different poems, is that it shows that really everything is poetry, and there’s poetry in everything. I’m going to give you an actual quote from the book: “*.*.!!!!!!!!!!!! !! ! !! *. ! *. ! .. */. ! ! ... *. ... . . *. .” Now, this might be a stretch, but it’s what I’m going with here. All of that wasn’t in one line on the page, but rather arranged to look like a rainstorm gradually dying out. I couldn’t define poetry for you, but this just goes to show the lack of limits there are when it comes to creativity, and how there is seriously poetry in everything.

Lastly I learned that sometimes you can’t just limit yourself to one poem. Many pages of this book are little poem series’s under one title... sound familiar? Actually it might not because as I’m writing this my major piece three hasn’t been workshopped yet. Spoiler alert: it’s a poem series inspired by the many in this book. “‘Some Little Poems Without The Word Love’ 1. Where else would I take my troubles? ... 3. When it rains, I miss you and when the rain stops, then too. 4. Every morning when I awaken I ope the cage of my mouth and your name flies forth.” Sometimes a poem needs separation which is tough because then it feels like prose, so just making your poem into many different ideas under the same umbrella of thought can work.

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric Amundson | 4 comments AUTOCORRECT! The author of this book is not Eve Merrimack but instead Eve Merriam. Sorry Ms. Merrimack, wherever you are.

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