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Rita Rita May 02, 2018 02:22PM
#1 The novel opens with Eve privately lamenting that "big days" (page 3) are never as special as they should be. Are there other "big days," beyond dropping Brendan off at college, that fail to go the way she hopes?

#2 How are the dynamics of Eve and Amanda's "date" influenced by Eve's consumption of porn? Do you see her usage as compulsive? Empowering? Something else?

#3 How would you describe the relationship between Brendan and Zack at first? What changes? Why do you think Zack distances himself from the friendship?

1. Big days, such as marriage, did not go as planned for Eve, who is divorced.
2. Eve starts to objectify women and categorize them like porn does (i.e. MILFs). I see her usage as compulsive, stemming from her loneliness.
3. Brendan and Zack are very similar when they first meet and are total frat guys. Zack begins a relationship with a woman in a wheelchair, which makes him distance himself from Brendan, who is a total frat bro.

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