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Jaclyn walked into the mess hall with Logan and headed over to the line to get food. "Which table do you want to sit at?"

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((It’s fine Elise . . . or Arya? I forgot too lol))

“Yours!” He said immediately. He was looking at all of that good food, and missed the trash can. He tripped over it.

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((you can call me either lol whichever you like more))

Jaclyn stifled a laugh, "are you ok?" She walked over and held out her hand to him, helping him up. "You must be pretty hungry."

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“Yes, I just realized I forgot to eat breakfast! And lunch!” He grabbed her hand and hauled himself up.

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments She shook her head, "you need to start writing yourself reminders or something."

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"I know," he laughed. He pulled her to the food line hurriedly. "Are those fried donuts?"

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "Looks like it," she couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm.

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"Okay, we need about three of those -- get a tray Jace!" He said. He pushed her towards the tray rack.

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments She laughed, "ok ok so pushy." She picked up a tray and walked back to him.

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He pulled her to the buffet line and stood back. "Choose things for me."

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Jaclyn smiled up at him and winked, “what if you don’t like what I choose?” She picked up three donuts, some fruit, and a few mini waffles that she covered in syrup.

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“It’s a challenge,” he grinned. “I have to eat it. Except if it’s, like, frog eggs.” He made a face. He remembered once, someone he knew had eaten something like that on a dare … he’d nearly thrown up just watching them. He waited for her to finish before walking back to the Hermès (is that where we were) table and sliding back into his seat.

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Jaclyn poked his shoulder as she sat down, “please don’t tell me you’ve eaten frog eggs you goofball.” She wrinkled her nose at the thought of it before she felt something brush her leg. Lightning fast she had a knife in her hand and was glaring at the Hermes boy across from her. She didn’t know who he was but he wasn’t going to get away with pulling a trick on her. “Watch yourself son of Hermes, I’m not someone you should mess with.”

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(oh well then XD)

“No, but I saw someone.” He mirrored her expression and then glanced at the plate. He gasped. “Waffles?” He lived for waffles. He picked up his fork, but just as soon dropped it to put a reassuring hand on Jaclyn’s shoulder. “Jace, chill.” He looked at the guy across from them. “Keep your hands to yourself, Derek.” He offered him a small smile at Jaclyn’s expense to keep him away from her. “Do you wanna switch tables? There’s no one at yours,” he offered.

(ooooh jacey’s gettin saltyyyy)

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Jaclyn took a deep breath, “Sorry, I guess I’m still in quest mode.” She glanced at Derek, a bit ecstatic that she had stood up for herself. Apparently all it took to get some confidence was a quest full of nightmare hydras she hadn’t even seen. She almost laughed out loud. “We can stay here, you’re happier with your siblings.”

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“No, I’m not,” He said, laughing. In fact, they made him more aware and on edge. Which was not happy, in his opinion. He stayed rooted, though, not wanting this debate to go on for hours. “Can I eat my waffles now?” He asked, making puppy-dog eyes.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Jaclyn cocked her head, “I’m tempted to say no just so you’ll keep being cute.” She smiled, “oh wait, you’re always cute. Yeah you can eat them.” She ran her hand through his hair and brushed powdered sugar from the donuts off his chin. She was faintly aware of the kids at the table whispering and giggling but she didn’t care. This boy had gone on a quest and risked his life for her and nothing was ever going to make her love him less.

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((XD he sounds like a toddler))

He really wanted to kiss her, but he was all to aware of everyone else around them. “Thank you,” He said instead, beseechingly. He stole the plate and shoved half of a waffle into his mouth. “Blech, strawberries.” He made a weird face. He only liked the sweet stuff, and fruit with all of its fresh juices and stuff ruined it.

((i rlly want them to meet Russ so I might bring her in hehe))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((Uhhhhh he doesn’t like strawberries?))

((He is a toddler))

Jaclyn lifted her eyebrow, “you have to eat it. It’s good for you.” She pushes the rest into his mouth and smiled. She knew he wanted to kiss her but wouldn’t do it in front of his cabin mates so she resolved to wait until they weren’t being stared at. Why couldn’t people just keep to themselves? She ate another bite of waffle and sighed before pushing the thought out of her head and smileing at Logan again.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((Bring in whoever you want))

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((nupe he does NOT
and yes he is

hehe here comes the train wreck))

“No!” He protested. “It’s so gross, with the syrup on it —” he tried not to focus on the shudder-y taste when she made him eat it. Child abuse! He was about to say that to her when he was interrupted by none other than the official mess.
“Hola!” Ruslan shoved Logan over and squeezed between him and another one of his cabin-mates. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and leaned over him. “I’m Ruslan, and you’re Jaclyn, right?” She extended a hand. She knew her well, thanks to Logan’s mindless prattle over the phone.
Logan sighed, resigned to his fate. “Hey.” He said, airing on the unhappy side. He was about to have a moment with Jaclyn. But he couldn’t say he wasn’t glad to see her. It had been a while. He held onto Jaclyn’s hand, taking another bite of strawberry-less waffle.

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Jaclyn threw a strawberry at him, hitting the side of his face. “You are the most impossible person ever.”

((Lol sorry I’m laughing so hard at “official mess” rn))

When Ruslan sat down, Jaclyn was a bit surprised. She said a quiet hello and shook her hand, “um, yeah I’m Jaclyn. Did Logan tell you about me?” She hated introductions and meeting people in general so she was starting to feel a bit shy. “Logan, I’m gonna go...get some more waffles.” She took a deep breath, talking to him was easy, “you ate all of mine.”

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((ahh its truth XD))

Ruslan narrowed her eyes, still smiling. “To be honest, it got a bit annoying after a while. He likes you too much.” Logan blushed and averted his eyes. She sat back down and started shoveling her eggs into her mouth, glancing around hurriedly for any threats. It was a Hermès thing; you got so used to people stealing your food that you became paranoid over it.

“No, you got them for me. Incorrect information.” He said pointedly. “If you get some for me, no strawberries, okay?” He looked up at her with a pleading gaze. And then he started eating the solitary muffin he’d stolen, letting her escape.

((my theme song, based off one direction’s ‘story of my life’

the story of my life
i need some food
ill drive all night
to get the food
and the food
is froooooooozen

the story of my life
ill take the food home
ill drive all night
to keep the food warm
and the food
is no longer


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Jaclyn took a deep breath as she walked back to the table and unceremoniously dumped a pile of non strawberry waffles on Logan’s plate. “Happy?” She kissed the top of his head and sat down next to him again, giving Ruslan a wary look. “How long have you been at camp?”

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“Yesss.” He grinned and kissed her cheek once she sat down. “Thank you.” He immediately got a forkful of waffle and ate it, immediately deciding that it wasn’t sweet enough and dumping a truckload of powdered sugar on the rest of his waffles.

“As long as Logan,” She said easily. “I think eight years, but I’m awful at keeping track.” She offered a grin, despite Jaclyn’s uninviting stature.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Jaclyn nodded, “that’s cool.” She winced and whispered to Logan, “I am so awkward.” She looked back to see Ruslan staring at the two of them with a weird look on her face. She took a deep breath and tried to just act normal, which probably made it worse. “Sorry, I think I’m still a little tense from our quest, I didn’t mean to seem rude.”

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“You’re fine,” he whispered to Jaclyn, putting a hand on the small of her back. He continued eating with his other hand. He turned to Ruslan. “Eat.” He ordered. He loved her, he really did, but she was kind of like a fly after a while.

She grumbled something under her breath and ignored him, instead responding to Jaclyn. “No! You’re not rude at all. It makes sense, but I’ve never been on a quest so I wouldn’t really know. Yeah.” She grinned again.

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“Thanks,” Jaclyn smiled at him and turned again to Ruslan. “Thanks Russ, I’m sure you’ll go on a quest soon, this one was my first and ive been here most of my life.” Jaclyn took another bite of waffle and felt some of the tense energy leave her body. Ruslan seemed nice, though Logan seemed to be a bit...annoyed? Maybe he had just been around her too much. She leaned into Logan and smiled, content.

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“Yikes.” She made a face. She knew that you usually got one quest, and after a long time of training, but she thought she should’ve gone on at least one now. Not that she was complaining; camp life was great. “I hope I don’t get, like, a super-hard one, when I do. If I do. It should be rescuing the honey badgers or something.”

Logan laughed. “Honey badgers are evil.” Ruslan squinted at him. “Common opinion.” He gave a little shrug and finished his last powdered-sugar-waffle heap. He was relieved at the release of the awkward atmosphere, and so happy to see them getting along. Even if it wouldnt last very long.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Jaclyn smiled at Russ, “That sounds like a fun quest but umm why honey badgers?” She cocked her head and looked up at Logan, “I don’t think you can say they’re all evil, you haven’t met all of them.” She grabbed Logan’s empty tray and, noticing that Russlan’s was empty as well. “Do you want me to take that for you?”

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“Honey badgers are amazing,” She said dramatically. “They’re literally like the toughest animals in the world. And they’re cute, too.” She smiled at the tray. “Yeah. Thanks!”

“They’re the toughest animals in the world for a reason,” he warned. “If you come back in shreds, don’t complain to me.”

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Jaclyn picked up Russ’s tray and put it on the rack where all the other were stacked. “Hey Russ do you want to sit with us at dinner today too? I think we’re gonan skip lunch and pack a picnic. Does that sound ok Logan?” She really just wanted to spend some time alone with him, she still wasn’t sure he was ok from the quest. Every time she looked at him she saw something is his eyes that told her he was hiding something.

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((let’s wait until everyone’s active again, but yeah that should be soon))

Logan stood up and followed her to the racks and trash cans. “Whatever you want,” He replied, not sure why she was inviting Ruslan, but if she wanted to get to know her better then he was all for it.

“I’ll come if you want me to,” she said. She didn’t want to intrude, but she kind of wanted to get to know Jaclyn. “If you don’t want me to come, that’s totally fine. I get it. No need to be polite.” She added.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((I meant Logan and Jaclyn have lunch together and Ruslan eats with them at dinner just in case it was unclear lol))

((And yeah we have to wait for everyone to get back))

Jaclyn looked over her shoulder at Logan and cocked her head, a bit confused at his tone. She thought he would be excited to hang out with her. She shook her head and told herself she needed to stop thinking like that. “Russ, you’re welcome to join us when we get back for dinner as long as Logan isn’t being grouchy.” She poked his stomach and smiled up at him. She winked at him and laughed, “Did you get taller?”

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((ahhhh yes that makes sense))

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see you then?” Without waiting for an answer, she skipped back to her table and started talking animatedly with Derek, of all people.

“Bye,” He said halfheartedly when Ruslan left, but she was already too far to hear. “Yes, I did,” he replied to Jaclyn’s question proudly, grinning. “A whole half-inch.”

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((be back later))

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Jaclyn laughed, “well she was out of here fast.” She grabbed Logan’s hand and pulled him toward the door, “come on! Let’s go do something fun!” They burst outside into the sunshine and Jaclyn spun them around in a wide circle. “I like you taller.” Jumping into his arms she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his nose. Giggling she whispered, “what do you want to do?”

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((im back!))

He stumbled after her, squinting in the bright sun. He was a bit offset at her sudden cheerfulness, but he wasn’t going to protest. It was nice to eradicate the shadows for a while. He held her for a second, and time seemed to slow down for a second; the sun dimmed, behind a passing cloud, and the light filtering through the clouds gave Jaclyn’s face an ethereal, timeless glow. “You’re so pretty,” He said, instead of responding. He would do anything she wanted to do.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Jaclyn smiled, “not bad looking yourself.” She kissed him gently before pulling away from him. “I asked you first let’s go on an adventure. I miss doing crazy stuff with you and almost dying. Ok well...maybe not actually the dying part.” She winced, what was wrong with her? She was super giddy and this NEVER happened. Logan looked so handsome with the wind blowing through his hair and the sun was giving him highlights. His eyes were shining brighter than stars and she’s felt the same felling she had when she first met him, a rush she couldn’t control and a sense of rightness.

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He wanted to keep her there for a moment longer, but let her go reluctantly. “Adventure?” He raised an eyebrow. “How about a hike? Doesn’t exactly measure up, but we can try.” She was acting so strange … maybe it was just a way of coping. His was probably moping, but he wouldn’t know.


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((i did a huge character thinning and deleted ruslan so she needs to die here, let me write a post about it and we’ll be good
sorry for the heartlessness it hurts me deeply but it’s got to be done))

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{don’t worry it’s still novie I’m just fancified now}

His playful attitude was gone right as he heard a feminine, high-pitched scream from inside. It sounded distinctly familiar. He realized it was Ruslan a moment too late and ran at a full sprint towards the double doors, pushing them open and racing to her side. She laid prone on the ground, a pool of blood around her. An Ares camper holding a bloodied butter knife stood off to the side. As Logan neared her, he could hear her wheezing breaths. She coughed and convulsed, blood staining her shirt. “Oh gods. Oh, gods, what did you do?” His voice raised from a strained whisper to a shout, his voice breaking. “Russ? Russ, are you there? Stay with me, yeah?” He said, turning back to her. He didn’t care that her blood was on his hands now. He just wanted her to live. What a stupid way to get hurt, he told himself. She was only hurt. But as she choked out an answer, her eyes filled with terror. “Y-yeah.” She said, and then her pupils dilated, her hands went limp in Logan’s, and she was just — gone.

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