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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy + trapped, lightning, thievery [s]

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Alexandra | 2 comments ((Possible spoilers))

Afternoon, all. I’m looking for a book by an author whose name contains “Wood” (Woods, Woody, etc). The title possibly contains the words “lightning” and/or “thief,” but it’s definitely not Percy Jackson. The cover I remember is green and has a boy with dreadlocks.

The main characters are one boy and one girl. They’re trapped on an island city surrounded by walls. When lightning strikes, something horrific happens, like monsters appearing. The boy was struck by lightning and lost the ability to breathe. A group of thieves gave him a mask that serves as a respiratory device in exchange for his loyalty and service. The boy and girl also find a device that allow them to walk through walls. This is all I remember about the book. Any ideas? Thank you!

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Alexandra | 2 comments Thank you so much!!

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