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message 1: by Wolfgang (new)

Wolfgang Grulke | 5 comments Now back in stock again - ENJOY!
Read the reviews here
Best regards, W

message 2: by Wolfgang (new)

Wolfgang Grulke | 5 comments 100% of the proceeds of this book are given to research on Nautilus and we have just received preliminary results of the first project. This shows for the first time that fossil Nautilus, unlike their modern counterparts, lived in shallow water. More to come!

message 3: by Elentarri (new)

Elentarri Have the errata mentioned on this website ( been fixed in the reprint?

message 4: by Wolfgang (new)

Wolfgang Grulke | 5 comments Hi Elentarri. Thanks for your interest.
Amazon ran out of stocks and we had to replenish from our international stock. These are all copies of the first edition. A second edition is planned for late 2019.
You may also like to stay in touch via Facebook at

Best regards, Wolfgang

message 5: by Elentarri (new)

Elentarri @ Wolfgang: Thanks for the note. I don't do facebook, so I'll trust you to let us know when the second edition is published?

message 6: by Wolfgang (new)

Wolfgang Grulke | 5 comments Of course, no problem. Best W

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