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Juicelyn | 13 comments To be honest I don’t really know exactly what to put on here so we’re going to be experimenting for a while. I don’t know what the future holds for this journal so things might get a little deep on here so please don’t be rude or anything like that. And things will probably be written not always near the time it happened because I have final exams coming up so I’m super stressed and stuff. I’m going to try to stay consistent but no promises.

So yesterday I had a solo & ensemble competition for color guard and me and my best friend did a duet to the song Closure by Hope Waidley. We only had a few weeks to get costumes, flags, and write over 3 minutes of choreography. We did twice as much dance than flag work, but it’s okay because we love to dance. We were kind of a mess, but we ended up getting division 1, which is superior, out of 5. And the judges really like our show based off of what they put on their notes especially for our first year in a high school color guard. When we got back to her house we ended up crashing while watching a bugs life and eating pizza. I ended up just staying the night again but oh well. Oh! Did I mention we both got medals too so that’s fun.

The night before we had band banquet which was amazing and terrible at the same time because all the senior are leaving. But we were able to get a table at the front because our friends saved us seats out of the 400 people going. My dress was a Cinderella blue color and super sparkly so I got sparkles EVERYWHERE I went including all over their car! I also forgot my ticket in their house and had to run in and get it then when we got their I left it in the car and her dad went and got it for me. During dinner we had all finished most of our food and we were like “I want more bread and butterballs” because well bread is AMAZING. So me my best friend and are other friend snuck back to the line and brought back a plate file of bread and butter balls. Then our other friends wanted more bread too and we were not about to share our precious bread so one of my friends went back with them to steal more bread. At the end there was a dance for all the students which we was a blast but we decided to leave a little early so we could get ready for our competition and we were the only members who wanted to go to it.

Disclaimer, my life is not normally this eventful and I couldn’t include all the details because I have a project, a paper, and 7 chapter essay questions to answer tonight and it is currently 10:30 pm and their due in second period tomorrow so I gotta get to work on that so I don’t fail English and biology.

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Juicelyn | 13 comments Sorry I haven’t posted I have finals this week and next week so I’m super stressed. Gotta attempt to get my grades up last minute, oof. I’m high key screwed, but it’s finnnneee. Don’t worry though my lowest grade is an 86 and I only have one other b and the rest are A’s.

I’ve been thinking about making a separate Instagram aesthetic account, but I don’t know. My aesthetic is arthoe ish and I’m working on fixing my room and hoping to get more clothes for it. So if any of you think I should please message me, I want reassurance on whatever decision I make. Also message me any tips if you have any. If you aren’t following me already my main account is @joc.elaine please message me on here and tell me if you followed me and what your account name is so I know it’s you and not some random person cause mine is private so I need to accept it, but I will follow you guys back.

I really should be sleeping right now and I have no idea what to write, but oh wellllll. I hope you guys have some great dayyys and remember to live every single moment to the fullest. ;)

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Juicelyn | 13 comments Once again sorry I haven’t been on here in like forever, I’ve gotten sidetracked with allot of things so I’m going to do my best to update you guys.

So last week was my last week of school, finals were not the most fun, but I had half days because in my schools district all the high schools have half days during finals. My last day of schools was Thursday so yayyy! Me and my best friend Julie had a sleepover the Friday before so she could take me to our friends graduation party and then we ended up having a sleepover every night that week except for Friday night cause we had practice that day and 8 hours the next day. But the on Saturday we went to a part and then we had another sleepover that night. Sadly, the next day I had to leave for Florida, we tried to convince my mom to let me go to Arkansas with her but we couldn’t.

On Sunday I had done no packing and We were supposed to leave in less than an hour so that was a major oof. I somehow managed to get everything together in time and on forgot a few minor things so that’s a surprise. The drive to Florida was a very boring 14 hours, but on the bright side I’m staying in this super fancy resort. If no joke has like 15 different pools and it really close to Disney, universal, and sea world! Unfortunately I’m not goin to any of those places because money, but i’ve still had lots of fun.

Please mind all my grammar and spelling mistakes this was rushed in the car and was me trying to summarize two very busy weeks of my life so I’m sorryyyy. More details to come later, hopefully...

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