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message 1: by Paul (last edited May 02, 2018 04:38AM) (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments Hello everyone. I'm Paul and have always loved writing. However I started more seriously five years ago.


My brain took a pretty serious wobble and I used it as a tool for recovery. I have to say I love it now and write every day, although said wobbly brain keeps my progress frustratingly slow...

I've just released my first novel, 'Nightjar', on Kindle. I would class it as literary fantasy/magickal realism with folk horror in the mix too. I've also written a number of shorts - my favourite being 'Magpie' which is set in the same world as 'Nightjar'. It's a world I'd like to develop more in the future too.

Besides Nightjar, I also have a few other novels on the go; first drafts complete and edits to commence. One, '76 and the Odd 93', I'm also hoping to release in 2018 (dark, contemporary and with elements of the liminal).

I'm always up for a chat, forever willing to help other writers (if I think I can) and a lover of books (brain wobble slowed down the reading too - ah well! - such is life).


This week I made available my first novel on Amazon Kindle (paperback coming soon), Nightjar; very much in the literary fantasy and magickal realism camps methinks...

In a feudal future, two boys escape the strict boundaries of a cruel world to embark on an adventure along an old Roman Road. There they meet with Nightjar, a strange being who introduces them to the wonders of Man, Magick, Nature, and the promise of adventure and treasure in the town of Sandye.

Nightjar, though, is not all he seems. Of the trees and driven by a quest for love eternal, he has his own reasons for befriending the boys. As a fractious Search Party of strangely drawn characters hurry to rescue them, the boys are unwittingly drawn in by an ancient danger that is and was and always will be.

The world is older and more dangerous than we think

message 2: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25096 comments Welcome. Have an Amazon link

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments Oh thank you so much Kath :)

message 4: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25096 comments Pleasure. To be honest, I think as a reader that £3.99 is a bit steep for a first book. I wouldn't buy an untried author at that price. I'd need to know I was going to enjoy it.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments Pricing is so difficult ... advice seems to contradict with some saying to price too low will put people off ... so went in the middle. It's something I will have to watch and review.

message 6: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25096 comments I think someone worked out that the sweet spot is £2.99 but you need to get readers first.

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments I will take your advice and move to that sweet spot :) Thanks again Kath

message 8: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25096 comments I hope it works or you'll be after me with a big stick! ;)

message 9: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments LOL ... no I won't. I really appreciate the advice. I've changed the price to 2.99, but I'm guessing it will take a couple of hours to kick in :)

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 1749 comments Welcome Paul. I see you were born in Zambia - do you still live there now? I ask because I've also lived in Zambia.

message 11: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments No I live in the UK. I was born in Chililabombwe on the northern copper belt ... in fact I was born in the Bancroft Copper Mine.

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments Where did you live?

message 13: by Anna (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 1749 comments Ah, we were down south, near the border with Zimbabwe, surrounded by mud huts, middle of nowhere.

Born in a copper mine? I bet there aren't many who can say that.

message 14: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 11 comments Not many can say they lived among the mud huts either. Lived on the High Veld too until my teens when we returned to the UK.

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