Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question


. Aug 03, 2014 12:44PM   0 votes
I got goosebumps the first time I saw it.
It's just the 'I am. I will." part. :')

SOOO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE!! The teaser trailer's were so AMAZING so i can't wait for the actual trailer and clips to come out!!


I liked the CF trailer SO much more. This one got me excited, but it feel like it didnt have the same power CF's trailer had. Its just my opinion though, and im sure the movie is going to be great!

OMG I'm fangirling so much right now, and I'm not a fangirling type of person, so yeah.

Can't waaaaait. Doesn't look disappointing 'till this point.

It made me shiver.

Maybe not just one movie, but waiting for another year is torture.

When I saw it yesterday I was so excited!! Why do we have to wait until november :((

i just watched it online - honestly, i'm kind of surprised that they released it already since they usually do that at the VMAs. i wonder if there will be something bigger.

the Late PSH looks amazing in the movie - and i cant wait to see how things play out.

I saw the preview when I went to the movie theatre. It looks good, but it should be one whole movie not two parts.

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