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Karina Kantas | 5 comments Huntress

Huntress takes you into a hidden world of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

When Sofi learns of the pain her family has suffered at the hands of the president of a motorcycle club, she vows to get revenge.

With her journalistic skills, she infiltrates the club, but her plans go awry when she meets Buzz, the VP.

˃˃˃ Romance and retribution
Gritty and fast-paced. Stunning. The narrative grabs the reader by the throat and doesn't let go until the end. Ms. Kantas presents the Outlaw world as it is, nothing is candy-coated or tone down, it is truly a rollercoaster ride. The story is raw, angry, and surprisingly tender. Expect to be left breathless and asking for more.

Authors note

Adult 18+
Contains sex and violence and may trigger.
Please only as to read this book if you can handle the content.

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Limited copies available

message 2: by Jean (new)

Jean Connolly (jeanconnollyauthor) | 30 comments Mod
I would love to review your book :)

message 3: by Karina (new)

Karina Kantas | 5 comments Jean wrote: "I would love to review your book :)"

I can't see a way to message you. Can you send me your Kindle email address and please approve and I will get the book sent straight to your Kindle.

Thanks, Jean.

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