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Megamanlan | 630 comments Here we go. I’ll post soon.

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Okay sounds good!

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Lmao love how I'm 'Cheesy' XD

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Megamanlan | 630 comments (Lol)

Subaru walked towards classroom 3-A, the class he was transferring into. He sighed as he waited for the teacher to introduce him. He hoped this all went well. Would she remember him? He tried to calm his nerves as he was called in by the teacher.

“Please introduce yourself.” The female teacher asked him, which he turned and wrote his name on the chalkboard.

Turning to face the students, his eyes were immediately pulled to the redhead near the back of the class. He studied her for a second to see if she remembered him at all before he remembered he needed to introduce himself. “I’m Subaru Nagashi.”

The teacher nodded. “Take the seat behind Ms. Bell.” He nodded and sat behind her.

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[[You put my name on the thread as Cheesy which is why I said that]]

Xathana had been going to this school for quite some time now. She liked most of the teachers, besides her history teacher who was always scowling at her, and most of the students were pretty nice. Everything was always so normal for her, from her friends to her classes to the everyday activities she found herself to be in. So upon seeing the new transfer student, she could tell things for that day were going to be slightly different, not that she would mind it.
The name of the guy sounded familiar, but she couldn't decide why. Though the more she looked at him, the more she realized that he himself looked really familiar, and again, she had no idea why. When the new student took his seat behind her, she turned and smiled at him. "I'm Xathana." She said, offering a warm smile.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He smiled at her and nodded. “I’m Subaru. Nice to meet you.” He mentioned quietly as class began. He looked over the girl, admiring how beautiful she was and that the schoolgirl uniform really did add to her beauty. It made him glad to see her again at very least. She actually seemed to have no problems with her new life... maybe this would work.

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She nodded slightly, a warm smile still on her face as she turned towards the front of the class, listening to the teacher continue off the lesson from the day before. She liked this course, astronomy. She loved talking and looking at the stars, loved how they were all unique in their own way. The class just proved why she loved it even more. The teacher continued on to their assignment, where they were to be paired off into groups of two or three.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments Subaru was happy to get paired with Xathana. He smiled looking at her as he opened the schoolbook to the group test part. He looked up at her with their eyes meeting, it caused him to blush instinctively and divert his eyes a little looking down at the book. He wasn’t supposed to look her in the eyes like that-No! Things have changed! She’s just a high school girl now, you don’t need to act like that around her. He had to mentally reprimand himself. “S-so Xathana-Sam- I mean Xathana... w-where should we start?” He asked, just barely catching himself before using the ‘sama’ surname he was supposed to use before. He really needed to get used to this...

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Xathana smiled over at the guy, who seemed somewhat nervous. Or maybe it was excitement. She could never tell between the two. "Well we were assigned the Neutron Star. Basically we just have to gather in details about it and write a page summary over it. Nothing too hard. Now the fun part will be on this upcoming Friday. We are all going to the more country-like part and are going to look through some telescopes at different planets!" She said excitedly. "But for now, we will just gather information from the internet on this kind of star." She said

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He nodded and sighed, she didn’t seem to notice his almost calling her royalty. Subaru sighed just a little and got up. “Right, so we are going to the computer room right?” He asked taking note to the lack of computers in their classroom. Watching her be so excited reminded him of how thrilled she was to see magic... she even loved using astronomy when she attempted magic before. Although she shouldn’t remember that and in his mind, it was better that way.

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"Yes, and if we go now we can even get the best spot!" She said and stood up, gathering her belongings and tossing her backpack onto her back, carrying a notebook and a pen in her arms. "There's this awful spot in there that is always cold. And then, across the room, it's terribly hot. So between the two it's nice and warm and it feels just right." She said as she took her walk towards the computer room. The few computers that were in her classroom were already taken by a few people, meaning less people would be in the computer room. She opened the door to the room and smiled when no one had reached it yet.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He nodded following her. As they arrived at the computer room he looked in. “Seems no one’s here yet.” He commented as he followed her to the seat. “You seem to really like astronomy.” He told her as he looked down her body admiring how she looked in the uniform. “It must be like watching someone use magic.” He mentioned, forgetting that magic shouldn’t exist in this world.

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She thought about his words, the mere thought of magic. The word seemed too familiar, and the dream she had over a million times came back to her. That was something like magic, in her dreams. She turned on the computer and made a small laugh. "No, not watching someone do magic, if such a thing existed. It's much more than that. More natural and beautiful. Though, would magic be as natural and beautiful as the stars and planets?" She asked and looked up at him. She knew the idea of magic was silly, but it was in her head now.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He had realized his mistake and was desperately thinking of something to fix this mishap, that was until he realized that she assumed it wasn’t real. It made him breathe a sigh of relief for a moment as his mind got an idea. “I bet magic would be beautiful if we lived in a world where it existed like in some of those anime or manga our classmates were reading.” He was very glad to have remembered that. It might be able to help him understand if living in this timeline had made her interested in anything like that herself.

He turned his own computer on and booted it up. These computers were a few years old and a bit slow, so he turned to her. Trying not to get lost again in her beauty, he had to ask the question: “S-so do you like anime or manga?” He knew it existed before, but she never had time to sit down and watch or read something fun so she never had the chance previously. Perhaps that had changed now...

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"Well I don't mind it. There's a few of them I actually like. Some are a bit much for me. But that can be said of anything. I guess the more fairy tale like animes or mangas do suit my interest more." She said after thinking about it for a moment. She had started getting into some of it when one of her friend's had shown it to her. "But I always like the old fairy tales. Like Red-Riding Hood, or The Little Mermaid. Even the ones from the Grimm Brothers." She said, seeing her computer turn on. She logged onto it and then waited for the internet to load. She looked over at Subaru, smiling despite her minding trying to figure out why he looked so familiar.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He smiled at the comment. She was adjusting to this world quite well. She could even use a computer, and was able to enjoy some free time. It made him feel happy that her burden seemed much better here. “Magic in those shows tends to be quite beautiful.” He mentioned as he turned to the computer and realized something... He didn’t know how to use a computer... well normally he didn’t need to as he could just use his magic to get information... but that was probably a bad idea to use now... He turned to her looking pretty embarrassed. “Um... well... I never really um... used a computer before...” He felt really dumb right now. Why didn’t he look this up before?

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She could only smile at his words on magic. She had always thought that magic would look or feel something so much better than how the world shows it.
"Wait...really? Never? It's honestly not that hard." She said, shocked that he had never used a computer before. She wasn't sure if she knew anyone who HADN'T used a computer, besides young children. "All you have to do is sign on..." She said and pressed the sign on button, which led to the main screen. "Then click this colourful little ball right here at the bottom of the screen." She clicked on the internet button and it led to the main screen webpage. "Perhaps some other time I can show you other things you can do on a computer." She smiled at him.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He was blushing heavily. This was so embarrassing having her teach him this. It was supposed to be his duty to teach her- No stop thinking that! That’s not your duty anymore. She’s just a normal high school girl... nothing more. He mentally calmed himself down as he watched her instructions. “T-thank you... let’s just say I was in an area where we didn’t need computers... so I never learned how to use one. Probably should have if I’m coming to a place like this.” He laughed as he looked at her.

Just as he was starting to used to it, the bell rang. Once it did, he realized they hadn’t gotten any research material yet. “S-sorry for having you teach me this. We didn’t get anything for our group because you had to teach me this instead.” He bowed to her instinctively like someone who was inferior to her. He really needed to quell these habits...

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Xathana tilted her head, some what confused as to why he bowed to her. "Oh, well it's fine. We have tomorrow to get to work on it, so as long as we get it done it'll be no problem." She said and smiled again. "Well I have to get going now. I have my P.E class to get to." She said and nodded a goodbye towards him. "See you tomorrow in class." She added before slipping out the doors and heading to her next class.
The class went on rather fast. Yet, the whole time she had this heaviness in her head as if something or someone was pushing on it. When the class was over she had to sit down, a terrible headache appearing and flashes of some kind of image kept popping into her head. She slowly gathered her things, walking out of the school and heading home.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments Subaru watched the redhead leave the classroom hoping that everything was gonna be alright. He spent the P.E. Class learning how to use the computer so that he didn’t have to be a bother to her again. He couldn’t drag her down by his stupid mistakes! After class was over he had gotten up to grab his things when he saw her out the window. He noticed she was holding her head... did she get hurt? The thought was terrifying to him. If she got hurt while he wasn’t watching, he couldn’t forgive himself! He quickly gathered his things and rushed outside to try and catch up to her but she was already gone by the time he was out of the school.

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At some point during her walk home, a group of guys had come by, following her until one dragged her into an alley. She screamed of course, until one held up a knife and she was all too silent. Terrified and silent, as well as in more pain. The sudden actions seemed to have made her headaches worse. "What do you want?" She asked quietly.
"Obviously whatever money ya got. Anything precious? Anything nice? You go to a nice school, gotta have nice things." One said, the other two quiet.
Xathana shook her head and bit the inside of her cheeks, scared. "I don't have much of anything..." She said.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments Another one of the thugs smirked as he got closer to her and sniffed her hair. “Maybe you can show us a good time little lady.” He mentioned closing in on her face with a sickening smile on his face. The other quickly tried to grab her bag to steal her purse.

Meanwhile Subaru was running through the streets. Where did she go? Was she alright? He had a bad feeling about this and sped up. He had to find her no matter what. Something was telling him she was in danger.

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"Leave me alone!" She squealed, yanking on her bag and turning her head to try and stay away from the guy getting close to her. She shuddered as he had sniffed her hair, her limbs already shaking. Something told her she was able to do something about this, as if she could fight them or try to. But she had lost the feeling almost as fast as it had come. "Just go away!" She shouted, though she lost all words as the knife from one of the guys came into her view of sight.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments “You little brat!” The one holding her bag yelled and elbowed her in the stomach. Just as that happened, Subaru turned the corner and saw the thugs around her. It made him furious just to see her get elbowed. In one move he kicked the thug to the ground, knocking him out. That was a shock to the other two when he showed up.

His eyes turned to them, hatred seeming to burn towards them. “Get your hands off of her.” He growled, having to remind himself mentally to not use magic. Thankfully he was trained in hand-to-Hand combat as well and was ready to take these punks down.

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Xathana was out of breath, kneeling on the floor and trying to regain her breath. She gasped once it came to her, her stomach in pain. She looked up and saw Subaru. "They have a knife." She breathed out quickly. She wasn't sure why the guy was helping her. Most she knew would turn their backs and walk the other way, act as if they hadn't seen a thing. That was the world she lived in after all. But she found it nice that someone was at least helping, and was even shocked that he was able to knock someone out.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He looked over at her checking her over from his position to see if she was hurt. Not seeing anything he sighed and focused on the thugs. “Im not to worried about a knife.” He replied and charged towards the thugs, making it look like he was going for the one with the knife before suddenly shifting and punching the perverted one in the jaw.

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The guy held his jaw, leaning over, almost nursing it. "The jerk!" He shouted, his eyes pricking with tears as it even hurt to talk. The man with the knife watched as his two fellow friends basically went down with a weak fight. He was able to regain his shock and charged after the standing man. He raised his blade, swiping, trying to slash the guy. "I'll cut you into pieces boy!" He shouted.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He jumped out of the way of the knife, “please, are you trying to actually slash me or just wave that thing around?” He taunted to get him off his balance and mess up. He hadn’t noticed that he had jumped right in front of Xathana and dodged when the guy slashed at him again.

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Xathana had attempted to get herself up, holding her stomach until she looked up, her eyes going wide as she saw the blade swing toward her. She screamed, hiding her head behind her arms as the knife sliced through her shirt, cutting both her right upper arm and lower arm.

The guy who was once furious he wasn't able to cut the guy, soon found himself smiling that he had caught the girl. He gathered the idea to grab her by the hair, and hold the knife up against her. "Alright little hero. What you gonna do now?"

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Megamanlan | 630 comments Subaru turned and realized that he grabbed her. His eyes widened seeing how he was holding her. He backed off a little, thinking of some way to save her. He had too... it was his duty. His eyes gleamed and glowed a little before a rock suddenly hit his hand with the knife in it. He hoped that would get the thug to drop the knife.

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The rock was hard enough to make him shout and mutter a few curse words. It had flipped the blade from his hand and now he was shaking his hand to get it to stop hurting, only realizing too late that he was defenseless and needed to find his weapon.

Xathana ran back towards the fence she had been at previously, trying to stay out of the fight as much as possible, holding her now bleeding arm close to her. She just wanted to leave. To be safe and away from the fight.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments With Xathana out of harms way and the guy not having the knife anymore, he rushed the guy. With a few swift moves he pushed the guy in the face and kneed his stomach. Standing over his defeated opponent, Subaru looked down at him shadows enhancing his terrifying appearance. “Never come after her again, understand?” He threatened. Although he didn’t even wait for a reply before rushing over to Xathana. “Are you alright?” He asked before realizing her arms were cut. “Your bleeding!”

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The men shrank in fear, the one on the ground passed out was unable to awaken himself. The guys refused to move, in fear that Subaru would come after them or keep them down.
Xathana looked up at Subaru. "Yeah...it just stings a lot. I may need some stitches." She said, taking a good look at it and all of a sudden feeling a bit light headed. She didn't like this sight, seeing so much blood. She had never seen so much, and the movies always made it look fake. "Do titches hurt?" she asked and looked up at him.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He looked concerned, not wanting to see her hurt or scar. “I think so, but I might have something for it at home. I’ll take you there.” He told her as he quickly ran over to her and picked her up bridal style. His concern for her very obvious.

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She was more confused now, seeing the way he picked her up. "Thanks...wouldn't it hurt more if you did it? Unless you had the numbing stuff that doctors use." she said winced, feeling the after sting of the cut on her arm. She looked down, wishing she hadn't because of the blood. It made her sick and dizzy all oer again.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments “Lets just say that I have a way to do it without it hurting.” He explained as he began to carry her back to his apartment. He held her close but in a way that wouldn’t hurt her. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you fixed up quickly.” He actually seemed a little upset that he let her get hurt and her uniform got up.

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She nodded, confused as to how that would be possible. "Do the doctors ever use this?" She asked him, simply curious, though closing her eyes and taking deep and controlled breaths to calm herself. She didn't want to look back at the blood one second more than what she had looked at before.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He looked down at her, “sometimes, it’s less often now because most people don’t know how to do it.” He explained. Before he had to heal her but now he also had to ensure that she didn’t learn about magic. He sighed as he quietly cast a sleep spell on her as he walked up the stairs to his apartment. He didn’t want her to know about magic but this was the best way to fix his mistake.

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Xathana was about to ask more questions, something she was all too good at, when she suddenly felt very tired. She would've figured it was because of the blood, but she didn't even have enough time to think about it when she fell into a nice sleep, the only thing keeping her company was the same old dream she always had, but it was stronger and more detailed.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He sighed and got into his apartment, laying her down on the couch. “Sorry, but I can’t let you see this yet...” he told the sleeping girl. “I’ll heal you quickly and wake you up... please forgive me for getting you hurt.” He said as he propped her head up on a pillow. After a moment of preparation he began to cast the spell, healing her arms and the pain in her stomach.

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Something was going on, her body told her mind so. Her mind wanted to continue the dream, continue to tell her something that it's always been wanting to tell her, but something stirred inside her and the next thing she knew she was awake. She could hear the familiar voice, saying some odd words. She could feel her arm and her stomach try and fix itself, and she opened her eyes to see what on earth was going on.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He blinked, quite surprised. How did she wake up? His spell should have kept her asleep until he removed it... what was going on? He then realized that he was still in the middle of casting the healing spell and it was obvious it was magic being used. He just froze... he had to finish the healing and then deal with this... maybe she couldn’t tell it was magic? That would help...

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She frowned and shook her head, sitting up a bit, though holding the arm that was in the middle of being healed. "What on earth are you doing?" She asked and looked at him. "How did I fall asleep?" She asked, watching his frozen position and frowning over at him, confused.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments He blinked not really sure how to explain it. “J-just a moment...” he simply said as he finished healing her arms. What could he tell her? Should he just say it’s magic? So many thoughts were rushing through his head, he wasn’t sure what to say at all. “Um... well... it’s uh... m-m..-“ he wasn’t able to say exactly what it was...

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She watched as he finished his words, then felt an odd feeling on her arm. She looked down and it was gone, the wound was completely gone. She stared at her arm in shock. "What in the world?! How did you do this? It was bleeding! It needed stitches!" She said, her body and mind fully awake. As he tried to speak, her mind rushed to one strong thought. "Magic! It's magic?" She asked, her eyes wide.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments This was bad. She couldnt know about magic! What if she hated him for using magic on her? What if her old memories returned? What if she thought he was gonna do something bad to her? His mind was racing like crazy. He then did the only thing he could think of, and quickly got up and grabbed a flashlight he had on a shelf. He turned and shined it on her, intending on its ability to petrify whatever it shines on to give him a moment to think of what to do with her.

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She frowned and was about to get up, seeing Subaru stand and reach for an item. Before she could do much, a flashlight beam shined on her, and she couldn't move, couldn't even think really. She was frozen in a room temperature environment, unsure as to how or why.

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Megamanlan | 630 comments (Could you describe her pose some?)

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Megamanlan | 630 comments (Poke)

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(Uh....for position she could just be laying down.)

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