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((Will post picture later))

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Ginnifer and Hippolytus arrived at her dorm after "watching" the movie Hercules. "Thanks for the ride, and thanks for everything else." She smiled and pecked his cheek, unbuckling her seatbelt.

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"When can I see you again?" Hippolytus asked. He liked her and he wanted an actual relationship with her.

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((His death will break my heart.))

Ginnifer looked ahead, thinking of what she was supposed to be doing. Technically, she had plans with Grete tomorrow before Lynch showed up, but she would much rather see Hippolytus. "Are you busy tomorrow?"

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((I'm sure it will.))

"Not really. I don't have anything planned for tomorrow." He was, however, always on-call since that was policy of the Transmortal.

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Ginnifer nodded and kissed him for a little while. Her hand was on the doorhandle, about to leave. "Then, why don't you come on over here tomorrow at whatever time you'd like?" She grinned, opened the door, and stepped out.

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((You wanna try to do something like the Don Jon scene I sent you?))

"Sounds like the perfect plan." He cut the engine and got out of the car. He knew he had just stopped making out with Ginnifer, but he wanted more of her. She was like a goddess in his eyes. Hippolytus moved around to Ginnifer and walked her to the door of her room. "Dammit this is the part where I have to say goodnight. But at least I'll get to kiss you Goodnight."

((I forgot about Nathaniel))

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((I wasn't able to view it. Describe it to me...not here.))

Ginnifer looked over her shoulder at her dorm. She figured she would have to share it with Grete or Kelliah, but she has it all to herself. "You know...if you aren't busy now or tonight, you could come in. We wouldn't have to kiss or say goodnight." She looked at him and arched her brows.

((Nathaniel ♥. Hmm, when are you wanting to start that back up?))

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"Well I still wanna kiss you and perhaps try some other things too." Hippolytus said, pulling her into a deep kiss (although he was kissing her against the door).

((We can start right after this is done.))

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Ginnifer got excited when he said he wanted to try other things. She was sexually curious about everything. She had only been with So, to hear that there were other things they could do to make her feel the way she felt earlier was like her hearing that someone wanted to fight her. She kissed him back and tried to open the door she was pressed up against.

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((Yesterday I was thinking about how I would handle Joshua and Amelie 'in action' and was just reminded of of it by Ginnifer))

The door opened and they fell through to the floor. Hippolytus laughed loudly. "Looks like we're excited."

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((Joshua and Ginnifer after Hippolytus dies?))

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((So, how would that go? Amelie and Joshua, then Ginnifer and Joshua? Or just Gin and Josh?))

Ginnifer laughed with him, even though her breasts were sort of sore. "I can't help it. I really want you." She put her her hands on both sides of his face and kissed him again.

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((The prior. and maybe even pull a Dabraos))

Hippolytus kissed back right there. Then his cell phone started ringing. "Shit. I have to take this. Especially since no one but the people I came with and for have this number. And that will include you." He took his bluetooth earpiece out of his pocket and attached it so that he could answer the phone.

Hippolytus stood and walked further into her dorm as he talked. "Seriously Kent? Out of of all the people to call...That's because you don't pay attention or read. It's in the Dossier...No. Don't call the twins and don't call Hiro either. I'll be over there in..." Hippolytus looked at Ginnifer in her entirety. " hour or so. Cut me some slack. I have to finish up what I'm doing, go get some supplies, and drive all the way over to you.

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((Ooo, a Dabraos. That sounds fun.))

Ginnifer blinked a few times as he got up off of her and walked past her. She wasn't against someone answering an important phone call. She was just feeling really needy or h.o.rny. She honestly didn't know the difference. She stood up from her spot on the floor and sat on the edge of her bed. She was upset about hearing that he was leaving, but it did make her smile when he said that he was going to stay to finish things up with her. She wondered what the phone call was all about, her curiosity always winning over her lack of caring, but she didn't try to invade his personal business.

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((Joshifer K. as the ship name))

Hippolytus ended the call. and went back to closed and lock her door. Then he went to her. "I have to go to work after we finish this. Do you want to see my room? That way I could take off my clothes enjoy you and maybe even take a shower with you, get dressed in different clothes and maybe even let you spend the night in my room." Hippolytus said while being convincing.

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((Ahhhh! I like it.))

Ginnifer nodded and stood up. "I'd love to see your room." Really, it wasn't the room that excited her. It was just the person that lived in it. Hippolytus was sexy, funny, smart, wonderful in bed...or car, and simply irresistible. She leaned forward and pecked his lips. Spending the night sounded pretty fun too.

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"Yeah my room is quite magical." Hippolytus said. He kissed her deeply because he couldn't stop himself. "Come on I'll show you before I end up messing up my own plan."

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Ginnifer liked the sound of that. A magical room. She imagined it to be relaxing and super cozy. She kissed him back with her hands against his chest. "Mhm. Yeah, let's leave." As Grete would say, they were horndogs. They just couldn't keep their hands or lips off of each other.

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Hippolytus picked her up and carried her to his dorm so that they could kiss on the way.


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