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message 1: by S.L. (last edited May 01, 2018 05:23PM) (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments Hi, my name is Sara and I will be your beta reader. I know how hard it is to find people that will read your work, but not just read it - You need someone to provide helpful insight, positive feedback, constructive criticism, and you need to know the moment a reader could potentially lose interest. I will read up to 10k words of all fantasy genre works. I will highlight all areas I find myself skimming through, and provide helpful notes throughout which you can use to help shape your story OR just take advantage of having a second set of eyes; it's hard to see the picture when you're standing in the frame. We know that our families mean well, but sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zones and let others read our work. I will be thorough, and I will be gentle. I have no intention of breaking your heart or squashing your dreams. I can't guarantee that your work will attract an agent but I can guarantee you will be happy and relieved that you got an outside opinion.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 23 comments Hi Sara! I would love for you to read the first 10k words of my YA Fantasy THE CHOSEN ONE.

Over a hundred years ago a chosen one sewed closed tears in the universe with a special needle. More tears have appeared since, but with no chosen one still alive, no one will do anything about the tears, a fact which frustrates Zoe. They still have the needle, they know where the tears are, why is no one sewing them shut?

Zoe impulsively steals the needle, desperate for an adventure before the last person in her class turns seventeen and she’s assigned to a job she loathes.

I will send you an email as well!
I look forward to hearing from you.

message 3: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments I got the email, taking a look now. :)

message 4: by Kittykiller (last edited May 03, 2018 08:21AM) (new)

Kittykiller | 17 comments Hello Sara,
I saw your darkside (availability to read stuff), and I wanted to post the synopsis of my fantasy/sci-fi book.

If it intrigues you, I'll gladly send you the first chapter as well as other info about the project. Here it is:

"Time is unknown, as gods do not count it. Place is not shared, as immortals want the paradise for themselves.
Children of gods were worthless, as was the nameless young boy, sent to fight for his life at the annual examination of godship.
The immortal exam waits for all the gods’ children, to get their immortality and name, meaning of life by filling their bodies with powers and minds with wisdom, or to get deleted into nothing.
Yet these sadistic tests had to become even more bloodier to the amusement of their godlike cut-throat politics and desire for domination of their advanced civilization. Everything was done to avoid corrupted vessels gain access to godlike powers and wisdom.
But in the nameless boy’s eyes, corruption was all around him. The choice between finding a cure or killing them all seemed obvious to him.

message 5: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments I'll read it. Send the first 3 chapters or 10k words, whichever comes first. Thanks.

message 6: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments Hi everyone, I need more projects to beta-read! I've blasted through 5 in the last 3 days, please send more! I love beta-reading your work! It really gives me something to look forward to, plus I really don't like the book I'm currently reading so please, give me an escape and I will put a smile on your face!

Send me 10k words or first 3 chapters....

Better YET, the first person to respond can send 5 chapters and I will beta-read the hell out of it.

Happy Friday....


message 7: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 164 comments I can send you mine in the morning! YA Science Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Hiromi is determined to find a vaccine for the Konadai virus before more people turn into tentacle-tongued mutants. Although she’s merely a virology intern, she sets off with her friend Kenji, hoping that his fire magic abilities will keep them safe while she collects infected tissue samples in the ruins of their island city.

Soon they discover a mutual friend is bitten but shows no sign of infection. It’s the breakthrough Hiromi’s been searching for, unfortunately extracting the cure will cost their friend his life. Tensions flare between Hiromi and Kenji as they wrestle between betraying and sacrificing their life-long friend or surrendering a chance for a cure.

message 8: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments I can't wait to read it! The description is very intriguing, it's very sci-fi sounding! Please email up to 5 chapters to

Thank you for your consideration, I look forwards to reading it.


message 9: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 164 comments I went to sleep after I posted and just now saw this. I’ll get them sent to you once I get him tonight. And thank you!!!

message 10: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments okay sounds good. I look forward to reading it. :)

message 11: by Herm (new)

Herm Batt | 27 comments Hello Wyllie.

I was wondering if I could send you my first two chapters.

message 12: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments Send Send Send. Keep the beta-read train coming.

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