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Week 2: April 30-May 6 > Everybody out!

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Rick Mills (rickmills9) | 35 comments Mod
Reading: Luke 24:13-35

The disciples never get to Emmaus. They and their new friend stop along the way and are looking forward to a quiet night and a meal. Then when their friend breaks the bread, suddenly their eyes are opened, they recognize him as JESUS, and he DISAPPEARS! Suddenly resting for the night is forgotten. The disciples get up AT ONCE (v.33) and immediately go out into the dark and head back to Jerusalem with the news. It was so important they abandoned their plans, in order to get back and share the news.

Have you ever experienced an event which caused you to suddenly abandon your plans and run in the other direction?

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Kathy Mills | 15 comments I am going to consider this throughout the week. Right now, I cannot think of an example of this that I have experienced!

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