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message 2: by [deleted user] (new) it’s just a regular rp chat....I’ll give you an example

You just talk pretty much

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That’s good! It sounds fun

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That’s good! I’m a fencer and an actress so it’s not my area of expertise

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Really? It’s an Olympic sport. We don’t have to do sports in fifth grade, but it’s glad you like track and field.

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Ahhhh I see

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I’m in America!

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That’s cool, I have a bunch of friends in Canada. Actually, only two XD

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Jinx | 4 comments Im in Aussie!

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Jinx | 4 comments 2nd one

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Connor Peters America here!!!

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) Ok, might I make a suggestion; This being a villain group and all, it's all fine and dandy to mainly have evil characters, but who's on the other side of the coin? Without a hero to fight them the villain is just an asshole with power

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) You don't have to do anything just to make me happy, it was just a suggestion, and a question.

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Just so you know, My characters might be the worst villains you will ever see. I'm not very good at being Evil :)

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quq  (190511) Christine “readers have something non-readers don’t have- something amazing; an imagination” wrote: "It’s a bunch of races that are mandatory. It was fun. In the 200 metre dash I got 1 place. On the last bend i could sense another girl on my left was catching up. But I gained speed and got first. ..."


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quq  (190511) Oh ok
Sorry, thought you lived where I live for a sec
Cuz I do track and there was a biggg meet yesterday

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quq  (190511) North Carolina

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) not even close to the border. That's one of the 13 colonies area

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) Okay. Middle of the edge of the part of 'Merica that faces the atlantic

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quq  (190511) Jon- "I can't go to Hell, the Devil has a restraining order on me." wrote: "Okay. Middle of the edge of the part of 'Merica that faces the atlantic"

It’s part of the Appalachian mountain range

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments HI!

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments Hi, it has been awhile.

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That’s for sure!

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments Well, what have you been up to?

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments WOW...well good luck with that.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new) week until opening nighf

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments Wow that's pretty close!

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Ughhhh I hate it when people die

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May I ask what sort of era you are going for? Modern day? Renaissance? Sci fi?

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I think he means What time period is this set in?

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........what time period is this Roleplay set in

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale medieval :)

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Cool, thanks Mimi!

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