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message 1: by Hanna (last edited May 01, 2018 12:28PM) (new)

Hanna | 34 comments Is there someone who can help with the below?

Remove all editions for this title:

and transfer the reviews over to these editions

The titles in the first link list the old subtitle. This book has never been published under that subtitle and those editions should not be listed.

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments Those all have valid ASIN/ISBN, and at least a few of those have definitely been released with those covers, and currently for sale with those covers. So there is nothing we can do with those books.

I combined the editions in the first link and 2nd link together so the reviews are combined.

message 3: by Hanna (new)

Hanna | 34 comments B078X4HKS9 and B076CXGB3C are not coming up as valid ASINs for me. I work for Penguin Random House and can assure you that we've only ever released one ebook edition of this book, which is ASIN B078FZ9SYB/ISBN 9780525536239.

message 4: by Hanna (new)

Hanna | 34 comments Unless these are UK editions?

message 5: by Philip (last edited May 01, 2018 02:13PM) (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments (B078X4HKS9)

This one (B076CXGB3C) was valid, but is not any longer, but that does not mean we remove it. You can tell because Searching through bing/google, still has links from where it used to exist.

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45463 comments Mod
Goodreads does not delete out-of-print books or editions. Please see and

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