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"Frostfire Worlds Presents: Debby Feo"

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 92 comments Mod
Three more of my In-Between-Vampire-Books short stories are available in the "Frostfire Worlds Presents: Debby Feo" from Alban Lake Publishing.
The stories are: "An Gorta Mor", "The Brown Palace", and "Gaius In Vegas".

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 92 comments Mod
Will soon post a list of all of my In-Between-Vampire-Books short stories, in chronological order.
At some point, all of these stories will be in a book I plan to call "Between Bites".

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 92 comments Mod
Be sure to check out "Frostfire World Presents: Debby Feo" for three of my "Between Bites" stories. There's also another one in the May "Bloodbond" from Alban Lake Publishing.

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 92 comments Mod
In case you missed it:
All of my poems, short stories, and 6 books about Gaius Domitius Tubero, Vampire, and his family, can be found, in chronological order, in the BIG book called “A Vow of Blood Collection”. This book can be found on Amazon (currently on sale) and at Barnes & Noble, in print form.

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