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Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Muse A always wore hideous glasses and was ostracized for it throughout his childhood. Muse B went to elementary school with Muse A and participated in the torment of Muse A, at least partially. What many of the kids didn't know it that Muse A was always destined to go blind, slowly loosing his vision as he grew. Years later, with both muses heading off to college, the two end up being assigned as room mates. At first they do not remember each other, but when they do, they are both shocked. Muse B has obviously grown up since then and regrets his participation, but will Muse A be able to forgive him? Muse A wants to be independent, not wanting to seem like he needs any help, but Muse B wants to make up for his past. Will the pair be able to get over their past and have a peaceful relationship?

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((Hey! Which character would you want to play?))

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Muse A! I already have the character typed up! Just have to modify it a little.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Awesome! I'll get started with Muse B, then.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Great! I'll post my character in a few minutes!

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments || Felix Abe Mathews ||

| Basic |

Age: 17
Birthday: September 20th

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Status: Not Out

Grade: College Freshman
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish

| Appearance |

Eyes: Bright Green
Hair: Black & Curly
Height: 5'6" 167 cm
Weight: 125 pounds 57 kg

| A Little More Personal |


The first time Felix realized he was different from other kids was when he was only a few years old. The fact that he would one day go blind was frightening, and even though he thought it would get easier to accept, it didn't. Growing up was hard as kids can be cruel when they see someone different and it wasn't until Felix became fully blind that he was able to accept his fate. Living alone with just his father, there were rough times between the two. His father couldn't accept that Felix would be anything less than independent, and refused to help him with somethings he probably should have helped with.

As a result of his father's indifference to Felix's struggles, Felix is used to having to do things on his own, even if they are dangerous. On more than one occasion, Felix has injured himself trying to do something that he should have just asked for help with.


▪︎ Intelligent, Understanding
▪︎ Quiet, Reserved
▪︎ Caring, Kind, Compassionate
▪︎ Somewhat Rebellious
▪︎ Self-conscious

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments //name Connor James Moore
//age 19 years old
//birthday November 10th
//gender Male
//sexual orientation Bisexual


//grade College Freshman
//major Criminology
//second major Sociology


» Generous & caring
» Quiet & reserved; enjoys alone time
» Holds grudges for a long time, maybe even forever
» Completely ignores those he despises
» Loves and cherishes the good people in his life
» Loves traveling

Connor grew up in a broken home. His mother was never home; always on her "business trips". She was selling her body to be able to keep up with her cocaine addiction. She overdosed. It killed her when Connor was six years old. Losing his mother ruined him. He grew up bullying other kids to feel better about himself. He blamed his father for his mother's death, when in reality, it wasn't his father's fault.

Reaching high school, Connor began using marijuana to cope with the stress of schoolwork and friends. He had no motivation. In his junior year, he was extremely close to dropping out. He reached out to a teacher he really connected with; Mr. Mc'Neill. Mr. Mc'Neill stayed after with Connor every day after school to help him with his homework. They grew closer, and Connor received the same help from Mr. Mc'Neill in his senior year. He was accepted into three colleges. He would not have been able to get there without the help of his teacher.


//physical appearance

Pictured with Rascal when he was just a puppy.


mother Carolyn Moore -- deceased when Connor was six.
father Robert Moore -- 49 years old
sister Olivia Moore -- 23 years old

» "Rascal"
» German Shepherd Dog
» 4 years old

» "Jupiter"
» Great Dane Dog
» 1 year old

The cat belongs to Connor's sister.


Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments He looks great!

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Thank you! Your character looks great, too! So, should we get started? Would you rather start, or would you like me to?

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Would you mind? I had a crazy day at work and honestly I'm exhausted.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Sure, I'm sorry you're exhausted.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments it was a sunny day at Hearst University. The campus was flooded with freshmen who were trying to move in, all of them accompanied by their relatives. Anticipation was in the air; nobody knew what college would be like. Would it be the best four years of their lives? Would it cause them so much stress? Would they find a good group of friends? Would they meet the love of their lives?

Connor approached Mead Hall, the dormitory he was to be living in for the year. He looked around the campus, sighing heavily. He wondered why he was really here; he didn't trust himself when it came to focusing in school. As a double major, though, he was excited. Criminology was his passion; he had grown up interested in crime. His father worked in the Department of Corrections, so Connor had connections with many people who worked in the criminal justice system. Sociology didn't really matter as much to him, but he knew that two degrees would be more impressive than one.

Robert, his father, nudged Connor, bringing him back to reality. "Let's go inside and get you signed in so you can get to your room and unpack your stuff." He said, and Connor nodded. The two walked inside and up to the front desk. Connor told the resident assistant at the desk his first and last name, and she nodded. "Connor, welcome to Hearst! You're on the third floor. You're gonna take a right once you get off the elevator, then, take another right at the end of the hall. The room is gonna be on your left." Connor thanked her before leading his dad to the elevator and pressing the button. It was about noon, so the halls were fairly busy. Parents were hugging their children goodbye, students were carrying bins and bags, younger siblings were running around and playing. Connor stepped onto the elevator with his dad when the doors slid open, lugging the bins along with him. His dad pressed the button for the third floor, looking over at him when the doors closed. "You nervous?"

"No, dad." Connor chuckled. "I'm fine."

"It's okay to be nervous."

Connor sighed heavily, looking at his dad and nodding slowly. "Yeah... I'm pretty nervous." He was. His stomach was churning, his heart was pounding in his chest. He didn't know what to expect, and it scared him. His dad patted his shoulder, and Connor relaxed slightly. "I'm gonna miss you, and Rascal and Jupiter." Connor said.

"We'll miss you, too." His dad said. "I'm gonna have to find someone to keep me company." The two stepped off the elevator and walked towards Connor's dorm room. "I'm telling you, dad, get Tinder." He said. His dad shook his head, "I don't want a one night kind of fling, though."

Connor laughed, opening the door to his room. "So, charm them." He said, looking around the room and smiling. "Not bad." There was a small common area that had a sink and a space on the other side for some type of furniture. On the left of the hallway was a door to the bathroom, and in the middle was the entrance to the bedroom. Connor was relieved he picked the double suite. He wouldn't have to share a bathroom and shower with an entire floor of people. His dad carried some of Connor's things into the room. "Pick a bed! You're the first one here. You get dibs."

Connor chose the bed on the left, dropping his duffel bag down on it. "Great." He said.

"Do you need any help with unpacking?" His dad asked.

Connor shook his head. "I'll be okay, dad." He said. He turned to him, sighing. "So..."

His dad smiled sadly and gave Connor a hug. "I believe in you, Connor. If you need help with school, please get help. This is college. Focus on yourself before anything else. It'll help you do better." Connor hugged his father back, nodding. "I promise. I'll get help." He told him, stepping back and looking up at him, smiling. "I'll check in with you."

"You don't have to do it every day," His father said, chuckling. "Maybe just five times a week." He shook his head. "I'm joking. I'll miss you, kiddo. Good luck. Let me know if you need anything, okay?"

"I will," Connor said, walking his dad towards the door. "Dad, I love you."

"I love you, too, Connor." His dad said, giving Connor another hug. "Have fun." He smiled at his son before walking out of the door.

Connor walked back to his room and sighed, putting on some music before he started to make his bed. He felt a little odd, a little empty. He wasn't sure if he could handle this.

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Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments "Fresh faces, fresh places, fresh start," The phrase echoed through his head, as if he was trying to convince himself that it could be. It was what Melinda, one of his few friends from high school, had told him about going off to college. If it hadn't been for her, Felix wasn't sure he would have forced himself to go. Grades weren't the issue, he really had his pick of schools, but the thought of starting all over again, learning where things were and who he had to look out for, that was scary.

Everyone probably feels nervous, or at least a little anxious about what they are about to embark. The feeling of his stomach dissolving itself surely had to be a shared one with his fellow freshmen. Each time he had gone to a new school there had been a anxiousness over him, making him feel like his heart might explode at any moment. There was the typical concerns about starting new things, and then there was the things specific to him. Within the first few weeks he would have to learn how to navigate things, figuring out how accessible things were here. Making friends, or at least meeting people was also slightly more difficult for him as he couldn't really see body language or facial expression.

It has been said that body language makes up 55% of communication. The other 45% is said to be tone of voice and the actual words that are spoken. To Felix, it was slightly alarming that he would just never know the other half of the story. Then again, maybe everyone feels like they only get half of the signals that are sent out. It was a difficult process, getting over that he simply would never be able to read people in the same way as sighted people did. Not only was it difficult to get over, but Felix felt like he had never really developed a lot of the social skills people his age had.

Regardless of what percentage he could understand or not, he was here, walking down a sidewalk inside of Hearst University. There was a lot of noise around him and what seemed like conversations between parents and kids, but he couldn't be sure. Every now and then he could hear someone say something about the fact a blind kid was walking by.

Typically it was pretty obvious; the cane and the sunglasses were pretty much dead giveaways, but every now and then people would be adamant that he could see. It was to the point it didn't really bother him anymore, he just ignored all mentions of it. After walking down the sidewalk for a little, Felix decided he needed to ask for directions to his building, Mead Hall. Asking for help was one of the hardest things for Felix, being raised to believe it was akin to being helpless.

Once he was directed to the general vicinity of his building, it took Felix a few minutes to make it to the front door. As he stepped in, a voice rung out over the buzz of conversation, "Felix? Hey, come right over here to our desk so we can sign you in." There was a tone in the girl's voice that let Felix know she had been looking out for him, probably told by the school that he was coming. It was kind, and even thoughtful, but it didn't change the fact that it reminded him he was different from other students.

After getting signed in and refusing her insistent offer to walk him up to his room, Felix was given directions to get to his new room and started off to the elevator. Once in the elevator, Felix let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding. He just had to get through the first week and he would be okay.

Following the directions, Felix made his way to the room he was assigned to. The churning of his gut had only increased, feeling like there was some seismic action going on. Hearing something inside of the room, Felix figured his roommate must have already gotten in. Raising his hand, Felix knocked on the door, lightly and a little unsure.

(( Sorry, it's been... a lot this week ))

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((No worries, hope everything's okay!))

Connor finished making his bed, sighing and looking around the room. It still looked completely bare. He hadn't brought anything to decorate. He didn't think he would have needed it, but the room looked and felt like a jail cell. He set his coffee maker on a counter, plugging it in and brewing a cup. He was exhausted; he was every day. He started to unpack the large bin that had all of his clothes. He hung up his nice shirts in the closet, stacking his shoes at the bottom. After he went through the bin, he set it in the closet in the common area to keep it out of the way. He entered the room again, sitting down at his desk and sighing heavily. All of a sudden, it felt as if his world was crashing down on him. He felt so lonely; so lost. He hoped that this feeling could only get better. His head perked up when he heard a knock on the door. He stood up, figuring it was his roommate. He walked to the door and opened it, looking at the boy. His blindness was the first thing he noticed. He then noticed that nobody was with him. He frowned slightly. "Hello, I'm Connor, your roommate." He said. "It's nice to meet you. Can I help you bring anything in?" He asked. He wondered if it would be difficult to become close with someone who's blind. Connor had never known a blind person on a personal level. Though he wasn't experienced, he knew that blind people didn't appreciate being treated like blind people. He promised himself that he would try his best to treat his roommate as normal as possible. Besides, he was human. He deserved to be treated like one.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Felix thought there was something families in the voice, but the feeling quickly faded, probably just nerves. Smiling lightly, Felix shifted the backpack on his back, "Hey, I'm Felix, nice to meet you. Thank you for offering, but it's actually just the backpack for now." Realizing it may have seemed a bit off, Felix added, "I shipped a few boxes here that should get here tomorrow, but I've got enough stuff for the next few days in my bag." Seeing as his roommate was alone, Felix assumed whoever he had come with had already left.

Felix's father had essentially mocked him when he asked the man to come with him to move in. His father was not someone who believed in excuses, even if they were legitimate ones. A few years ago that would have really bothered him, but now it didn't phase him. Gesturing to the room in front of him, Felix smirked a little, "So, give me a lay of the land. What's where?"

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor hesitated; Felix, he knew that name. He knew the face, too. "Okay, that's smart." Connor chuckled, closing the door behind Felix. "Alright, so you have the bathroom to the left of you, about five steps away. The sinks are right outside the bathroom behind us. On the right, I am gonna put a trash can and a recycling bin." He turned, looking to the door. "Oh, and on the right of the door when you walk in, there's a closet. You can put your boxes in there, and any other random things you need a place for. Right ahead of you is the bedroom." Connor cleared his throat. He didn't feel like he was painting a good enough picture for his new roommate. "I'm sorry, I'm really terrible at this. Do you mind if I lead you?" He asked. He was worried that Felix might resist being physically led. He was afraid of offending him; it was the last thing Connor wanted to do.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Felix listened closely as his new roommate described the set up of the dorm to him. Overall, Felix was pretty good at creating a mental image from what people explained to him. When Connor offered to lead him, Felix had to remind himself that the offer was probably genuine. Unlike the offer of someone leading him to the room, knowing how to navigate the room was definitely a more complex matter. Pulling his cane up, collapsing it, and slipping it into his hoodie pocket, Felix bit his lip slightly. "Uhm, yeah, thanks. So usually it's easier if I just hold on to someone's elbow. Hands is a bit too awkward."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor watched as Felix collapsed his cane. He had no idea they could do that. "Oh, um, y-yeah, I figured that's what I would do," he told Felix, stepping towards him. He gently placed his hand on Felix's forearm, guiding his hand to his elbow. He let Felix rest his hand there before he walked into the room. He first stopped at the bed. "This is your bed," he told him, continuing to walk towards the window. "Behind it is your desk." He let Felix get used to the area, before reaching up to open the window. "Here's the window," he said, a gentle breeze flowing into the room, blowing Connor's hair back a bit. He led Felix back up to the front of the room. "Your dresser is right here, right in front of your bed." He said, "and your closet is directly across from it. There are also two sets of drawers underneath your bed."

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments As Connor placed a hand on his forearm, Felix felt a shiver run down his spine. He wasn't entirely sure why, though. He certainly wasn't afraid of the other male, but maybe it was just nerves again. Felix followed as the other boy led him around the room, taking mental notes of each area. The place seemed to be a lot bigger than he had thought it would be. It was now Felix was incredibly glad he had chosen the duplex instead of the crowded options. Sharing a shower with that many boys was a non-negotiable for him. Nodding, Felix spoke softly, "It seems nice, there's a lot of storage space."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments "There is a lot of space," Connor agreed, smiling softly. "I like it, I'm happy I chose this rather than the traditional dorms. I would have hated to share a bathroom with so many people. I would have felt so uncomfortable. Plus, we have an air conditioner and heat in here. Traditionals only have heat." He shrugged. "There's a lot of benefits to a room like this." He looked down at Felix. "Where did you go to school? Where did you grow up?" He asked. He was curious; he still felt some sense of familiarity.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Felix was glad he wasn't the only one with a distaste for the sort of communal living of traditional dorms. Most of his tuition was payed for through government aid and loans since he was on the lower, lower side of income levels. Still, the extra money added to his loan was well worth it, he felt. Turning his head slightly to face Connor at the question, Felix smiled a little. "Oh, I grew up about an hour away from here in Springdale. I went to Springdale High school. How about you?"

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor raised his eyebrows. “Springdale? I grew up in Springdale. We moved a town over to Windsor when I went to... High school...” he slowed down when he began to make the connection. He bullied a blind kid in elementary school along with his friends. “Uh, Felix, did you go to Buckley Elementary School?” He asked, hoping that he would say no. If he said yes, it would mean that the by standing right beside him, his roommate, is the one he had bullied for three years. He knew he recognized him; he just wished he hadn’t recognized him this way. Connor deeply regretted his past; after his mom had passed away he became very bitter.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Maybe that was why the voice had been so familiar, maybe they had known each other at some point. It didn't really make much sense until the other boy asked about Buckley Elementary, then things started clicking into place. The voice with the name and knowing they went to the same elementary school let Felix realize how he knew the other male. Not wanting to say anything about it, Felix did his best to keep his cheeks from turning red, but he knew it might not be that effective. "Oh, yeah I did, why, did you?" By that point, Felix knew already that the answer would be yes, but he had to ask to be sure.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor bit his lip, oh no. This was the boy he’d bullied. He felt as if this was the work of karma; he was getting kicked in the ass for the mistakes he’d made years ago. “Y-yes... I did. I knew I remembered you. Felix, I’m so sorry.” He frowned. “I, I hurt you. It was wrong of me. I was an asshole. I had no reason to be so brutal to you.” He wondered if Felix still thought about it. Connor hoped that he hadn’t ruined Felix’s life. Now, his roommate would probably avoid him. Connor would understand. He would even understand if Felix wanted to switch rooms. He hoped that Felix would soon realize that Connor was a much different person; hopefully much better. He’d tried really hard to improve himself. Ever since his mother died, things have been so hard.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Felix felt a bit shaken up at first, not often allowing himself to think back to that time in his life. All of it had been rough; not only was he struggling to accept that he would never see again, but his father had only been negative about it, and then the bullying was piled on top of it. Most of the time, Felix forced himself to forget about the events that had happened, but now he had come face to face with it. For some reason, Felix felt fairly shaky, unsure of what to do or say. Connor certainly hadn't been the only one to treat him that way and both of them were just little kids. When he finally felt like he had his bearings about himself, Felix nodded, "That-that's okay. We were kids and we were all just trying to survive it. I'm not the person I was then... I assume you're not either."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor sighed heavily, shaking his head. "You shouldn't be forgiving me, but you're right... I'm different. I just... I can't ever forgive myself for what I did. So, I'm sorry." Connor frowned as he walked towards his bed, shoulders slumping. "I understand if you are upset... I understand if you don't want to live with me anymore... If you don't, I will be the one to move, you can stay here." He turned around to look at Felix. He was unsure why he was getting so worked up over this, but he shoved his past so far to the back of his mind that bringing it up again hurt him. Memories of his mother's death flooded back to him. He became a brutal child; he seemed to be heading down the wrong path, which he was.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Moving back to his own bed, Felix sat down, slipping his backpack on the floor beside it, one hand still touching the strap. Listening to the other boy, it was clear he felt bad for what had happened. It was true, going through all of that was an ordeal for him, and he honestly hadn't really worked through all of it yet. It was something he told himself he could ignore, that one day he wouldn't get anxious just thinking about it, but it was evident now that wouldn't happen. Doing his best to calm down and not let himself think too much about all of it, Felix shook his head, "No, I'm - you don't have to change rooms. Honestly, I hate meeting new people and it'd probably be harder to do that again." After another moment to think about things, Felix smiled slightly, "We've all got stuff we wish we hadn't done, I get it."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor ruffled his hair, trying to relax. He always got so worked up over his past, and he'd always been angry at himself for what he'd done to other kids when he was younger. He didn't even like bullying; he had no idea why he would continue to do such a brutal thing. It ruined people's self esteem. It looked as if Felix was still affected by it now. He sighed when he heard Felix, nodding slowly. "I agree, I don't like meeting new people either. And... Okay. But, I still want you to know that I'm sorry." He sighed. His stomach growled, it was about 1:00 now. "Are you hungry? If so, do you wanna go get some food with me?" He asked. He figured it would be beneficial; the two would get to know each other rather than reflect over what happened in the past.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Felix hadn't realized that he was hungry until it was mentioned by Connor. Eating was one of the things Felix felt like he had to remember to do, unlike when he was younger . Growing up, he had always been incredibly hungry and ready for his next meal, now he sometimes would forget when he got really focused on something. Nodding, Felix smiled, "Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. You heard of anything around here that's any good?" Removing the backpack from his shoulders, Felix tossed it onto his bed, having everything he needed on his person.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor slid off of his bed and grabbed his wallet, keys and phone, shrugging. “Hmm...” Connor bit his lip as he put his sneakers back on. “Well, there’s the dining hall. But if we want to get real food, Main Street is right around here, and it has tons of restaurants. There’s Mexican, pizza, a Subway, a burger place, a café, a sandwich place, a sushi place, and... I can’t think of anything else, but there’s more.” Connor walked towards the door and opened it, letting Felix walk in front of him. He wondered how hard it would be if he wasn’t able to see. He was almost positive he’d have no motivation to get up and face the day. He didn’t know how Felix did it; he must be very strong emotionally to be able to deal with this by himself.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 19 comments Flooded by all of the options presented to him, Felix headed towards the door, leaving the room. Once in the hallway, he used the cane to make sure he didn't run into anything or anyone. Sometimes he would tap a person's shoe with his cane, and most of the time they wouldn't mind, but some times they thought he was doing it on purpose. "Huh, that's a lot of options. You have any preferences? I'm pretty open to anything."

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Connor hummed in thought, biting his lip. “I could really go for a burrito and nachos right now.” He said with a grin. He remembered the last time he’d eaten a meal that big; it was the last time he’d smoked weed, which was about three weeks ago. He was pretty messed up and got so hungry that he ordered Moe’s from Uber Eats and got the food sent to his friend’s house. He ate and still wanted more to eat after he was finished. He truly missed being high; it got rid of all of the problems going on in his head. He wished his dad hadn’t talked him out of it.

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