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Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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Babafaba(Hypnos)((Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore))(((Scuttle)))((((Scar)))) Hmm, I think that Camp Jupiter could win quite easily. But that's only with the veterans. Otherwise, even though they are more than the Greek demigods, I think it would be a really tough battle but I think Camp Jupiter has again more chances of winning although I'm not sure about this one. So, yeah, Camp Jupiter.

Babafaba(Hypnos)((Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore))(((Scuttle)))((((Scar)))) Yes, but they have a centaur who will fight with them(unlike Lupa), a Cyclops with a gigantic Hellhound(although CJ has Hannibal) and a dragon. Also, and this is what I believe will make it a tough fight, CHB's satyrs would fight alongside the demigods while CJ's fauns would not.

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I feel like Camp Jupiter would win because they seem a bit more tactical and ruthless (especially considering the history of Rome).

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K The Awesome Well, it would be a reeeally tough battle, but I think Camp Half Blood would win.
There are many reasons.

1) As Babafaba(Hypnos)((Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore))(((Scuttle)))((((Scar)))) said, Camp Half Blood will have their satyrs fighting alongside the demigods, unlike Camp Jupiter's fauns.

2) Camp Half Blood has Travis and Connor Stoll (and the Hermes Cabin. Don't forget the Hermes Cabin). They would probably booby trap the area around CHB so that most of Camp Jupiter's demigods would be hanging upside down from trees, trying to get themselves free or running into stuff and screaming in pain because of the pepper spray in their eyes.

3) Octavian would probably run away, clutching his teddy bears and screaming in terror when he sees the CHB demigods with their sharp, pointy swords.

4) Rachel has her Blue Plastic Hairbrush. It's lethal. You don't wanna mess with her.

5) CHB has Tyson and Mrs O' Leary. They make an epic team. And yes, Camp Jupiter has Hannibal, but CHB also has a dragon and

6) Chiron, who would probably invite the Party Ponies to join the battle. Admit it. You know how awesome the Party Ponies are in battle. They got skillz.

7) The Aphrodite Cabin may not be so good in fighting (except Piper), but they could dump big buckets of pink glitter on the CJ demigods to distract them for a while.

8) I've run out of ideas so number 8 goes to the demigods on the Argo II, because if they were not punching Gaea in the face, they would definitely be fighting for CHB (not sure about Frank & Hazel, they would probably fight for CJ). They have epic fighting skills and with them, Camp Jupiter doesn't stand a chance.

Babafaba(Hypnos)((Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore))(((Scuttle)))((((Scar)))) Hmm, I agree with you but I still think that because of the veterans CJ has they would eventually win, except maybe if the Party Ponies came to the rescue, then I think it would be 50/50. If Rachel uses that hairbrush though . . . CJ would probably surrender in the first five minutes of battle. XDDD

izzi CAMP HALF BLOOF 4EVER!!!!!!!!

izzi *BLOOD

Queenjuicy CAMP HALF BLOOD! I just think that Camp Jupiter shouldn't be, I mean, it was always Camp Half blood and I think that Camp Jupiter just got in the way.

nekku I'm thinking CJ would seem like they're winning the first half of the war, being more tactical and prepped for war, plus they have larger numbers.
But knowing CHB, they'd win in the end. I don't know how-- I just know it'll be chaotically awesome.

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