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This is the abandoned hotel where Jamie, Jared and Melanie were staying until they got caught. As you can see in the pictures, Melanie distracted the seekers and jumped out the window but eventually was caught and went through the insertion.


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Lividia paced around nervously. What's taking her soo long? she thought as she waited for her sister Luce.

Lucinda led them up the stairs all the way to the top floor of the building. She opened the door quietly and took out her gun just in case. "Liv, you still here?" she whisper shouted.

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Eli | 25 comments Alia looked over her shoulder curiously as Lucinda waited for a response from her sister.

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"Luce!" she ran to her and gave her a hug. Then she scolded her. "What took you soo long? I thought we agreed that it would be a quick raid—" she stopped at mid sentence when she saw Alia and Eric.

"Sorry. I brought some people. This is Alia." In her cold voice again she said "This is Eric."

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Eli | 25 comments Alia nearly burst out laughing at Eric's face the moment Lucinda's voice turned cold, but instead smiled warmly at Lividia.“Hi!", she said in her cheerful voice as she extended her hand.“My name is Alia, Alia Mason"

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"Hi Alia. My name is Lividia Mason." She returned the warm smile. "Hi Eric." but she hardly even looked at him.

"Well we can stay here for the night and move out in the morning. I found these abandoned houses that still have beds and whatnot. We are definitely going to live there. The houses are hidden and even have a secret basement. Alia you could be our neighbors!" she said in a excited voice. Back to her flat one she said to Eric "Oh yeah. You too." and rolled her eyes.

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Eli | 25 comments Oh it just keeps getting better and better, she mentally giggled. “Sure", she said trying to suppress a yawn but failed miserably.

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Lividia lifted an eyebrow at Alia. She then turned her attention to Luce. She nudged her and quietly said, so no one else can hear "Be nice for a change!"

In a not so quiet voice she responded "Hm, let me think about it.....I thought it through. No. I don't feel like it." she turned to look at Alia who was failing tragically not to burst out laughing. "Well anyways whose hungry?"

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Eli | 25 comments “Oh oh oh me!" ,she squealed raising her hand ignoring Eric's embarrassment.

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"I'm not hungry. I ate the remaining of the food when you left. I'm tired though. Good night people and Luce, be NICE." she walked away going into a random room to sleep.

"Ok. Night!" after she left she added "I am nice. Sometimes." She took out the food they collected and spread it out on a small table she dragged from another room.

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Eli | 25 comments “I see you two get along pretty well huh?", Alia questioned as she motioned Eric to take out their own food.

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"We sure do." After all of the food was laid out she noticed it wouldn't last them long. "We need to go raid again in a few days. Because of those damn Seekers we didn't collect enough food to last us long." she grabbed two chairs and set them by the table. "Here's a chair for you Alia. The other one is for me. I saves you the effort." she turned to look at Eric. "You have to get a chair from downstairs. There are no more on this floor."

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Eli | 25 comments “Nah I'm fine", Eric replied finally over his shock.“I just want to go to sleep.Where can I sleep?",he asked looking intensely at her.

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"You can sleep in the next city. But of course since that's not possible you can sleep five floors below us in room 102." she gave him a smug smile and flipped her attention back to the food.

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Bridgette laid on the hard floor of the hotel. She was all the way on the top floor reading a book. Life was boring the last couple of days and she had already read the book five times but there was nothing better to do.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler was doing some parcore. He jumped to the abounded hotel roof and was running on it with loud steps. He was in good shape and was a daredevil compared to the souls.

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Bridgette heard noise on the roof. Grabbing her pistol she went through the window and climbed on the roof to investigate.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler heard the noise and pulled out his 48. He was ready to go out with a bang and do some tricks.

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She saw a boy and aimed the gun directly at his heart. He had the advantage though because she was at the edge of the roof. One small mistake and she could fall over.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler pulled down his hood. He saw her easily. He spoke in Spanish. "¿Cómo te llamas?"

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She understood Spanish perfectly but didn't reply. Bridgette stared at him not moving or trying to communicate.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler sighed and pulled out his flashlight to show he was human. He looked somewhat older then his age but he done a lot a parcore and martial arts.

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((Isn't it spelled parkour?))

The moment she saw him on the roof she knew he was human so the flashlight thing was unnecessary. She didn't quite trust him but she put the gun down anyways.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments ((I really don't know))

Tyler looked around and pulled on his hat. He felt the heaviness of rain starting to pour down. He had to admit he would have to stay somewhere till the rain stopped.

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She tilted her head in the direction of the window hoping he would take a hint and follow her. Bridgette climbed down and easily slid back inside the building.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler sighed. At least it's better then being outside. He followed her in the window.

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She shook her dripping orange hair to prevent her clothes from getting wetter than they already were. Then she sat down and ate a granola bar looking at him curiously. What was he doing on the roof? She thought as she watched him.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler looked at the lobby of the top floor.
He found a knocked over postcard rack. He crouched down and looked at them. He liked postcards.

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He's weird. She shrugged and and continued to read. It continued to rain and then she heard thunder. She dropped her book and began to tremble slightly.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler watched her. He walked over to her after putting the postcards in his pocket. He used to be scared to things when he was younger.

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Her breathing increases as she saw a flash through the window followed by more noises of thunder. Still shaking she curled up in a ball and tried to calm down.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler sat down next to her. "Are you ok?" He knew what scared was but it was hard for him too.

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She instinctively grabbed his hand. Bridgette always did that when a thunder storm was going on. It helped her a little. Hoping he didn't mind or anything she noticed the nail marks she was leaving him from holding on so hard. She rested her head on her knees with her eyes shut wishing for the storm to end.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler pulled her to his lap and wrapped his arms around her. It was what his mom used to do with him when he was scared. He wanted to soothe her.

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She wrapped her arms around him tightly. Her pulse was racing and she was still trembling but her breathing began to slow down back to normal.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler rubbed her back. He could be mean and scary but he was a nice guy.

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After the storm was over she still held on to him until her pulse also went back to normal and when she could stop shaking. Bridgette was pretty sure he couldn't speak sign language so she got her whiteboard and wrote to him ✍ Thank you. And I'm sorry. I have Astraphobia.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler smiled at her. Using sign langue he said.✌You're very welcome. I'm Tyler and you are? Sign language came in handy when he first met his grandmother and found out she was deaf.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Language*

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She smiled back, happy that he could speak sign language. ✌ I'm not telling you my name yet but you can call me Gaby for now.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Tyler smiled at her. ✌I know you wonder why I was on the roof and looked at the postcards.

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I'm mute, not deaf so you can speak to me like a normal person. I just can't answer back speaking. Now tell me, what were you doing? she replied lifting an eyebrow at him.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments "Yes but I'm used to sign language. My grandmother was deaf her whole life. I was doing parkour and I collet postcards." Tyler shrugged pulling the stack of postcards out of his pocket.

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Why do you collect postcards? And I prefer you speak to me instead. She didn't like people using sign language to speak to her. It made Bridgette feel weird.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments "Well it was the last think I did with my parents before they were killed." Tyler shrugged he got a bigger stack from his bag.

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Dayum boy! That's a lot of postcards! she responded looking at his collection and giggled with no sound at all. She was happy to finally be able to communicate with another human.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments "Yea well every stop from my small town in Alabama to here." His accent showed.

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Cool. I don't collect anything anymore. She told him with a small shrug.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments "I like to look at things like they used to be before everything went to hell." Tyler shrugged and flipped through the postcards.

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Bridgette nodded and then saw an elderly woman sitting in a chair not too far from them. The old woman was watching Tyler with a smile. Bridgette shut her eyes and took deep breathes. Stop! Go away and leave me alone! she thought and opened her eyes. The old woman slowly faded until she was no longer there. Stupid ghosts. Why me?

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