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Rise of the Youpreneur: The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Building a Future-Proof Business
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Rise of The Youpreneur

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Katrina Douglas | 14 comments Mod
You begin our next book today, share your comments here :)

Katrina Douglas | 14 comments Mod
I love that an important element of being a Youpreneur is having a long-term mindset. I think it's so important to think about long-term legacy and not just short-term wins these quotes really resonated:

"building a business based on a personal brand that is focused on service to others is a sure way to succeed as an entrepreneur in the long run".

"Have a Long-Term Mindset This may sound a bit counterintuitive, especially for new entrepreneurs who feel a strong sense of urgency, but having a long-term perspective on your relationships will set you up for future success".

Katrina Douglas | 14 comments Mod
What a liberating way to grow a business, what were your initial thoughts on the Youpreneur way of building a business?

"Think Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Gary Vaynerchuk. These Youpreneurs can and DO pursue everything they’re interested in, and their communities follow along eagerly. A Youpreneur leverages the timelessness of their personality and unique experience to lead and grow with their audiences despite changing economies, shifting technologies, and uncertain circumstances".

Katrina Douglas | 14 comments Mod
This is so important to remember both as a business owner and service provider:

"...the “start” is different for everyone. Why? Because we’re all at different stages of growth".

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