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Okay XD Have you ever seen Beastly?

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okay, well i was thinking mayb the girls dad got caught up in some gan work and the gang was his daughter so he sent her away to place in the country, with some random guy to take care of her. She ignores him, keeping to herself and he tries to get her to warm up to him, then maybe eventually as we go, the gang ends up finding her and kidnaps her and he has to go save her or something?

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thats alright so characters then? could I be he girl?

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Okay :D

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Name: Chrystabel Anderson
Age: 17
Personalty: Chrystabel is exetremely stubborn and hates when when people tell her what to do. She has alwwys been a very independent girl. She has barely any faith in her father but still loves him even though she always has to get him out of trouble.

History: Her mom died when she was just a tordler and her dad has been taking care of her. Her dad was living perfectly fine until he lost his job and became an alcoholic. Chrystabel was about ten when that happened and had to learn to take care of herself andher dad. Her dad started to get money from a group of people who call themselves The Hunters. Fhrystabel found out that her dad owed them tons of money so she got a job aand started to help pay them bck, but they didnt get the money fast enough and now the grooup wants to take chrystbel. Her fqther sent her away into hiding with some random stranger and that is where she is at now.


- writing
~ music

- thunderstorms
- Being told h

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okay should we start on the first day she gets to his place?

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Chrystabel got out of the car and grabbed her bags. She sighed and turned to look at the house. She was pretty upset at the moment because she knew she could take care of her self but her dad insisted she had a 'babysitter'.

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Chrystabel shifted the bag on her shoulder and walked up to the door. She watched as the car pulled away and she frowned. "There goes my chance of escaping." She said, but smiled a little. She never would have made it out if she tried. She turned and knocked on the door.

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well that was welcoming She thought and followed him upstairs and to the room. She looked around and sighed quietly. This was going to be an interesting couple of months.

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