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message 1: by Jenny, Poetry Pro (new)

Jenny Clark | 238 comments Mod
Same rules as last month. Any form, length and subject of poem is welcome! This will be ooen from now untill the 28th, then the 29-31 will be for voteing!

Queen_Annabelle | 18 comments there once was a man who played with a girls heart
loved her, and tore her apart.
touched her in ways you wouldn't imagine
but why do this to the face of a dragon?

message 3: by Milo, The Next In Charge (last edited May 03, 2018 10:05AM) (new)

Milo   | 772 comments Mod
I think I'll do one this month.

Falling In Love Again

I'd crept into the deepest darkest place,
Where life and love no longer saw my face.
My heart was cold, my very soul was dead.
My only solace, memories in my head.
You came to me and caught me unaware,
And unprepared, I fell into your lair.
I struggled as you crawled into my mind,
Afraid of what your loving me might find.
And as I stayed resistant to your touch you never turned away,
instead t'was such an oh so gentle nudging at my soul,
that woke me with your ever sweet cajole
'Til finally, I melted in your arms unfolding as a child would,
free from harm. I gave myself completely, so beguiled.
A whole new world had opened when you smiled.

Queen_Annabelle | 18 comments Love You Always
In the summertime, our love is delicate, like roses floating in the breeze.
In wintertime, our love is warm — it floats from hand to toes.

If skies are blue, our love is happy — two people singing in the sun.
If thunder rolls our love is broken, a refuge from the falling rain.

When spring flowers bloom, our love is bold, like orange petals on the iris.
When autumn leaves fall, our love is copper, shining bright like a harvest sunset.

From Christmas till Easter our love will continue to delight.
From season to season I love you always! My one, my only, my honey.

message 5: by Jenny, Poetry Pro (new)

Jenny Clark | 238 comments Mod

Sing me a song, dear
Of the falling rain

Sing me a song, love
Of the star's blazing light

Sing me a song, honey
Of the bee's buzz

Sing me a lullaby, my sweet
So that I may sleep

message 6: by Jenny, Poetry Pro (new)

Jenny Clark | 238 comments Mod
Your poems are good E. You capture the emotions you are trying to very well. She's probably just jealous she cant write as well.

message 7: by Jenny, Poetry Pro (new)

Jenny Clark | 238 comments Mod
You're welcome :)

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