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North of Normal: A Memoir of My Wilderness Childhood, My Unusual Family, and How I Survived Both
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LibraryCin | 9049 comments It was the 1970s. Cea was born to a 15-year old mom at a time when her mom, grandparents, aunts, and uncle were leaving California for Alberta to live out in the wilderness. They lived primarily in a tipi during Cea’s first 5 years of life. After that, her mom, Michelle, found Karl, so they left Cea’s grandparents behind to head to BC to live in a cabin… at which time Karl mostly managed to steal things they needed (including sleeping arrangements). Michelle seemed to only be able to function when she had a man to take care of her and Cea. Oh, yeah. Also, the drugs… that includes Cea’s grandparents. And the nudity, and sex. No one cared about privacy.

Interesting story. Sure don’t agree with how they lived, and the poor girl had such a crazy life. I liked that she continued her story, though not in as much detail or in nearly as many chapters (the bulk of the book/story was her childhood), into her teen years (when she became a model) and adulthood and how she dealt with her “unusual” background. People compare her dysfunctional family life with Jeanette Walls and “The Glass Castle”. It’s been a few years since I read it, but the neglectful parents/adults sure fit the theme! Toward the end, I considered upping my rating, but decided to go with how I felt reading the majority of it.

LibraryCin | 9049 comments Thought I would add that if anyone is still looking for a book for "family drama", this one definitely fits!

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Sounds like an interesting book. Obviously we each raise our children differently but those that choose to go outside what we consider normal boundaries for family life is fascinating.

LibraryCin | 9049 comments I almost rated it 4.5 stars (and thinking back only a week later, I thought I had!). It has a bunch of 5 star ratings, as well, I think.

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