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message 1: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Szabo (pointman74250) | 7 comments I was wondering if anyone had a favorite cyberpunk game. It doesn't have to be a list or anything but most of my favorites are pretty new, and some classics.

Ruiner. (Great Top Down Action.)

Geometry Wars (All Games.)

Thumper (Not really a Cyberpunk game but something maybe a character in a cyberpunk world might play.)

SuperHot (For the aesthetics and gameplay alone, not much on story but from what story it has - yeah, it's pretty much a cyberpunk game.)

Everyone would say Deus EX and while the story and world is definitely punk (and good) I had issues with the controls. But that's just my preference.

And System Shock but also Bioshock, being that System Shock inspired it.

I can't wait for the remake of the System Shock.

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary Ballard (gary_ballard) | 27 comments The original Deus Ex, as well as the remake Human Revolution, were fantastic (haven't played Mankind Divided yet). The ending on the new one was a bit meh but otherwise the game itself was great (except the boss battles which were outsourced to another dev house and were rubbish).

There was a video game in the early '90's I think called Hell which was a cinematic adventure game that starred Dennis Hopper as the devil that had a cool premise. I unfortunately never finished it.

All 3 of the recent remakes of Shadowrun (Shadowrun Returns, SR: Dragon Fall and SR: Hong Kong) were fantastic, old school RPG's based on the original cyberpunk/urband fantasy PNP RPG's.

Syndicate was a great RTS style cyberpunk game from the '90's.

message 3: by Brendan (new)

Brendan Butts (brendan_butts) | 7 comments If you're into cyberpunk games you should check out Sindome. It's a free online text based cyberpunk RPG. Multiplayer. It's like interactive fiction. If you've never played a MUD/MOO before then there is a bit of a learning curve but they have new player friendly training videos to get you up to speed.

The game has been heavily influenced by a number of cyberpunk authors (Gibson, Stephenson, Sterling, Morgan, etc). It's been online 20 years. I can't really do it justice in a comment, I'd check out the site. You can play from your browser, phone, or a dedicated MUD client.

I found it when I got tired of the Matrix Online and I wanted some REAL roleplaying, way back in like 2003.

If you want to just jump in and play without learning anything more: Play Now.

message 4: by Joseph (new)

Joseph MacKinnon (josephmackinnon) | 8 comments Original Deus Ex was phenomenal.
Will check out Sindome, Brendan.

2. Black Ops III
3. Remember Me
4. System Shock 2

message 5: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Szabo (pointman74250) | 7 comments You know, I didn’t even consider Black Ops III. That was cyberpunk.

message 6: by Tom (new)

Tom Wood (tom_wood) | 77 comments Mod
Can you guys recommend some YouTube channels that do a good job of showing cyberpunk video games in play?

message 7: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Moore Snatcher from the FMV era. Still to this day, no other medium has ever created the cynical absurdity or dark comedic aspects of this genre like the FMV era.

message 8: by Sternenstaub (last edited Aug 09, 2018 12:54PM) (new)

Sternenstaub | 1 comments hi all, yeah i'm really into playing cyberpunk games, but as always it is quite a different experience as reading. Let me have a look at my library:

"System Shock 2" really spooked me out - an well made 1st person RPG-shooter. I never got into the first one.

I really like "Neon Chrome"! Its an top-down actionshooter-rouguelike and has an quite amusing turn at the end too - if you can ever make it to the overseer ;) great music too

The mesmerizing developing story in the action/turn-based "Transistor".. i'm always comming back to the lovely soundtrack and the story.

If you miss the artsyle from good old Tiberium sun (kind of cyberpunk too?), you can try "Brigador" an RGPish action mech-shooter. But i miss a good storydesign there. But it has definitely the feeling.

Maybe inspired by Cyberpunk are all the "Shadowrun"-games, like the first "shadowrun returns", "shadowrun: dragonfall" and "Shadowrun Hong Kong". It includes a soundtrack, story and characterdesign, which can suck you into the world for quite a time. If you like Orcs, Elves and magic in your cyberpunk future (or present?)..

omg i just forgot "SUPERHOT" - Mind is software. You really have to try that one. I would love to play that one in VR..

I never played the Deus Ex games, but i think i have to in the future. Also Ruiner, SOMA, Dex and Neurovoider..

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